10 Reasons Grace is Different

Your organization has unique challenges. Maybe you’ve made a lot of changes to attract and keep employees. Or you hired an HR expert who advised you to take extreme measures (but which ultimately didn’t work).

I’ve been there, too. And I want to tell you what makes me different.

How Grace Stands Out

  1. Experience. I’ve worked as a Risk Management Officer, healthcare director, and data analyst, and gleaned tremendous insight in roles from entry-level to executive leadership. You will benefit from my first-hand knowledge of a variety of industries and toxic environments.
  2. Transparency. My approach is honest and direct. I ask the questions that need to be asked, but I’m also empathetic to experiences and respectful of your point of view.
  3. Results-Focused. I only work with clients whom I believe will benefit from my services and are certain to gain a high ROI (Return on Investment). Although I can’t guarantee results, I do everything possible to make help you achieve success.
  4. Value-Based. My projects are based on the total value you’ll receive including quantitative (increased revenue, reduced waste, decreased spending) and qualitative (higher engagement, better communication, more confidence). Read more Benefits
  5. Implementable. How many times did you invest in an expensive expense that wasn’t work the investment? My primary goal is to make sure your company avoids threats by providing an unbiased view of potential workplace risks.
  6. Minimalism. Fancy flowcharts and folders of planning materials are nice to have, but at the end of the day… your organization will benefit the most by hearing from your own staff. I prefer to set aside the non-essentials and focus instead on solving root problems.
  7. Secure. I’m passionate about making sure my clients are safe from loss, fraud, and waste. Our discussions are confidential, and every project will result in a strong return on your investment.
  8. Trustworthy. A consulting relationship depends on mutual respect and trust. I do not accept a client unless I truly believe my services will result in tremendous value.
  9. Action Packed. Yes, the process will be enjoyable at times; but it can also be intense and even painful. My clients get the best results when they implement the recommendations I suggest. Our meetings will finish with logical next steps so you and your team can continue moving toward your goals.
  10. Responsive. I am committed to helping you and your team to discover the root causes of toxicity, not just fixing the symptoms. We will be in close contact during the course of the project. And the quality of my work is 100% guaranteed.

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