10 Reasons Grace is Different

Your organization has unique strategic planning challenges. Maybe you’ve already tried to update your plan, and it gave you headaches. Or you hired an “expert” who advised you to buy an expensive (and ultimately useless) software or training material. I’ve been there, done that too. And I want to tell you what makes me different.

How Grace Stands Out

  1. Experience. I’ve worked as a healthcare director, data analyst, medical transcriptionist, and in many other roles… all of which provide a multitude of “lessons learned” stories. You’ll benefit from my first-hand knowledge of a variety of industries, at every role between entry-level and executive leadership.
  2. Transparency. My “Give-It-To-Me-Straight” attitude is refreshingly honest and objective. I ask questions that need to be asked, but I’m also respectful of your comfort level and point of view.
  3. Results-Focused. I only accept clients who I truly believe will benefit from my services, so you can be assured of a high ROI (Return on Investment). Although I can’t guarantee results, I will do everything possible to help you achieve success.
  4. Value-Based. My rates aren’t by the hour and never will be. Instead, I charge based on the total value you’ll receive: quantitative (increased revenue, reduced waste, decreased spending), and qualitative (higher engagement, better communication, more confidence). Read more Benefits
  5. Implementable. How many times have you decided to invest in an expensive software system that ends up being more of a pain to run than it’s worth? My primary focus is to make sure that your strategic plan will get you CLEAR results.
  6. Minimalism. Fancy flowcharts and folders of planning materials are nice to have, but at the end of the day… how will your organization benefit? I prefer to set aside non-essentials and focus on solving the root problems.
  7. Secure. I’m passionate about keeping my clients safe from loss, fraud, and waste. Our discussions are confidential, and you can feel confident about getting a strong return on your investment.
  8. Trustworthy. Consultant relationships must be built on mutual respect and trust. I won’t accept you as a client unless I truly believe my services will provide you with tremendous value.
  9. Action Packed. Yes, I’ll make your strategic planning process fun, but I will also keep you accountable to take action. Every meeting will end with a logical next step so you and your team can achieve the organization’s goals.
  10. Responsive. I am committed to helping you and your team to discover root causes of strategic challenges, not just fixing the symptoms. You will receive a quick response. And the quality of my work is 100% guaranteed.

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