199 (Potentially Dangerous) Titles Used by MLM and Direct Sales Reps

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) products are everywhere. They are particularly common in the healthcare industry.

While some products may provide some relief when used properly, I believe the biggest problem created by the MLM industry is their blatant misuse and disregard for job titles.

Inaccuracy in Multi-Level Marketing

There are 3 significant problems caused by MLM companies:

  1. They often make false claims about the products. The National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) wrote a Position Paper on Multilevel Marketing of Health Products.
  2. Some MLM sales reps actually impersonate licensed providers such as physicians, practitioners, and mental health professionals.
  3. When licensed providers also sell MLM products, this can pose a major conflict of interest for their patients.

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In order to get more perspective on this, I decided to make a list of every job title used by Independent Contractors across the MLM universe.

Keep reading to read the full list, well as my analysis of which titles are safe and which are dangerous to use.

Job Titles as an MLM Rep

Sales representatives for Multi-Level Marketing companies are incentivized to generate high sales volume and to recruit as many new reps as possible.

This is usually very difficult due to

  • restrictions put in place by the MLM company,
  • an overly saturated market,
  • low product quality, and
  • the nominal success achieved by even the most hard-working sales rep.

One way to generate interest and to build trust with a potential buyer of MLM products is by claiming a creative job title.

As the saying goes,

“What’s in a name?
that which we call a rose
By any other name
would smell as sweet.”

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Unfortunately, the predatory nature of MLMs and the unrealistic expectations of profit (less than 5% of people earn a full-time salary) mean this business model can smell…

…quite unpleasant.

And when reps start using potentially illegal titles, that’s when things really start to stink.

Take a look at the list, or jump below to read more about the

The List of 199 (Potentially Dangerous) Titles

I promise that all job titles listed here are completely genuine.

None of them are made up; each has appeared on websites, articles, and social media posts shared by actual MLM independent sales reps.

Without further ado, I present… a

(Really Long) Alphabetical List of Titles Used by Direct Sales and MLM Distributors.

  1. Abundance Guide
  2. [brand/product] Addict
  3. Advisor*
  4. Advocate
  5. Affiliate
  6. Alternative Wellness Consultant
  7. Ambassador*
  8. Aromatherapist*
  9. Artist*
  10. Associate
  11. Beautician* [despite a lack of formal training]
  12. Beauty Advisor
  13. Beauty Therapist* [requires a license in New Zealand]
  14. Boss* [or terms like “Gloss Boss,” “Fitness Boss,” etc.]
  15. Boss Babe [a potentially exploitative and demeaning term]
  16. Boss Chick [a potentially exploitative and demeaning term]
  17. Boss Girl [a potentially exploitative and demeaning term]
  18. Boss Lady
  19. Boss Mama
  20. Boutique Owner*
  21. Brand Ambassador
  22. Brand Influencer
  23. BroBoss
  24. Business Coach*
  25. Business Developer
  26. Business Entrepreneur*
  27. Business Girl [a potentially exploitative and demeaning term]
  28. Business Mom
  29. Business Owner/ Savvy Business Owner
  30. Business Woman/ Businesswoman
  31. Businessman
  32. Buyer*
  33. CEO* [Chief Executive Officer]
  34. Certified (fill-in-the-blank) [despite a lack of recognized formal training]
  35. Coach/ Health Coach/ Wellness Coach*
  36. Career Coach
  37. Confidence Consultant
  38. Consultant
  39. Contractor/ Independent Contractor
  40. Cosmetologist** [despite being unlicensed]
  41. Creative Entrepreneur/ Creativepreneur
  42. Dad Boss
  43. Dadpreneur [“dad” + “entrepreneur”]
  44. Day Spa Owner** [despite being unlicensed]
  45. Dermatology Clinic Owner** [despite being unlicensed]
  46. Design Consultant
  47. Detox Specialist**
  48. Digital Marketer
  49. Digital Nomad
  50. Direct Sales Associate
  51. Direct Sales Diva
  52. Direct Sales Mommy
  53. Direct Sales Representative
  54. Director
  55. Distributor/ Independent Distributor
  56. eCommerce Business Woman
  57. Educator**
  58. Enthusiast
  59. Entrepreneur*
  60. Entrepreneuress [female entrepreneur]
  61. Essential Oil Expert
  62. Esthetician [despite being unlicensed]
  63. Executive Coach
  64. Executive Consultant/ Executive Director
  65. Expert
  66. Fashionpreneur [“fashion” + “entrepreneur”]
  67. Female Entrepreneur*
  68. Female Founder
  69. Fempreneur/ Femtepreneur [“female” + “entrepreneur]
  70. Financial Advisor**
  71. Fitness Coach*
  72. Founder**
  73. Girl Boss [a potentially exploitative and demeaning term]
  74. Global Wellness Coach
  75. Goal Digger
  76. Goal Getter
  77. Guide
  78. Hairstylist* [despite a lack of formal training]
  79. Health and Fitness Advisor*
  80. Health and Wellness Consultant
  81. Health and Wellness Expert*
  82. Health Educator**
  83. Health Professional** or Healing Professional*
  84. Health Promoter
  85. Health Trainer*
  86. Health/ Health and Wellness Coach*
  87. Holistic Health Coach*
  88. Holistic Health Practitioner [despite being unlicensed]
  89. Home Business Dad
  90. Home Business Entrepreneur*
  91. Home Business Mom
  92. Home Business Owner*
  93. Home Spa*
  94. Home-Based Business Owner*
  95. Hostess
  96. Hustler/ Girl Hustler [a potentially exploitative and demeaning term]
  97. Image Consultant
  98. Independent Advisor
  99. Independent Beauty Guide
  100. Independent Consultant
  101. Independent Coordinator
  102. Independent Marketing Director
  103. Independent Marketing Partner
  104. Independent Promoter
  105. Influencer
  106. Inspirator
  107. Instablogger [“Instagram” + “blogger”]
  108. [brand/product] Junkie
  109. Ladypreneur [“lady” + “entrepreneur]
  110. Laptop Business Owner (do they sell laptops…?)
  111. Laptop CEO
  112. Life Coach
  113. Lifestyle Coach
  114. Lifestyle Entrepreneur*
  115. Local Small Business Owner*
  116. Makeup Artist* [despite a lack of formal training]
  117. Manager
  118. Manicurist** [despite being unlicensed]
  119. Market Partner
  120. Marketing Expert*
  121. Medical Expert**
  122. Member/ Club Member/ Team Member
  123. Mentor
  124. Mindset Coach
  125. Mom Boss/ Mum Boss
  126. Momager or Mumager [“mom” + “manager”]
  127. Mompreneur or Mumpreneur [“mom” + “entrepreneur]
  128. Multi-Level Movement Advocate
  129. Multipreneur [“multiple” + “entrepreneur”]
  130. Network Marketer/ Network Marketing Pro*
  131. Network Master
  132. Nurture Boss
  133. Nutrition Coach*
  134. Nutrition Educator*
  135. Nutrition Expert*
  136. Nutrition Specialist*
  137. Nutritionist** [despite being unlicensed]
  138. Online Business Owner*
  139. Online Entrepreneur*
  140. Online Trainer
  141. Opportunity Creator
  142. Owner*
  143. Party Host
  144. Party Planner
  145. Personal Consultant
  146. Personal Trainer*
  147. Pharmacy/ Pharmacy Clinic** [despite being unlicensed]
  148. Preferred Customer
  149. Presenter
  150. Promoter/ Product Promoter
  151. Reading and Education Specialist** [despite a lack of formal training
  152. Recruiter/ Sponsor
  153. Referral Agent
  154. Reseller*
  155. Results Getter
  156. Sales Ambassador
  157. Sales Consultant
  158. Sales Executive
  159. Sales Representative
  160. Sales Trainer*
  161. Self Employed
  162. Sex Therapist**
  163. Sexpert
  164. Sexual Health Educator**
  165. Side Hustler/ Side Hustle Pro
  166. Skin Care Clinic Owner** [despite being unlicensed]
  167. Skin Care Executive*
  168. Skin Care Specialist*
  169. Small Business Owner*
  170. Social Marketing Expert/ Social Marketer
  171. Social Media Marketer
  172. Solopreneur* [“solo” + “entrepreneur”]
  173. Soulpreneur [“soul” + “entrepreneur”]
  174. Spa Owner** [despite being unlicensed]
  175. Spapreneur [“spa” + “entrepreneur”]
  176. Spiritual Coach/ Spiritual Psychologist ** [despite a lack of accredited training]
  177. Sponsored Athlete
  178. Startup Woman
  179. Stylist
  180. Success Coach
  181. Supervisor
  182. Team Leader
  183. Trainer*
  184. VIP Member
  185. Virtual Franchisee [see Juice Plus+]
  186. WAHM/ WAHD (Work-at-Home Mom/ Dad)
  187. Weight Loss Coach
  188. Wellness Advocate
  189. Wellness Blogger
  190. Wellness Business Owner*
  191. Wellness Educator**
  192. Wellness Specialist*
  193. Wellness Warrior
  194. Wellpreneur [“wellness” + “entrepreneur”]
  195. Wholistic Health Practitioner** [despite being unlicensed]
  196. Woman Business Owner*
  197. Woman In Biz
  198. Woman Who Hustles
  199. Work-At-Home/ Work-From-Home/ Working Mom (Mum) or Dad

bold = Roles that are truthful and legitimate MLM titles
* = Roles that misrepresent a true occupation
** = Roles that dangerously impersonate a true occupation

Which Title Should I Use?

Our words are important.

We use words to communicate our thoughts, to create trust, and to establish credibility with potential buyers.

A job title conveys a lot of information:

  • the type of work we do,
  • our position in the company, and
  • the authority we have to make decisions.

After reviewing the nearly 200 titles common in the MLM world (above), I discovered that they fall into 3 categories:

  • titles that are Accurate,
  • those which Misrepresent, and
  • those which Impersonate a qualified professional.

Titles That are Accurate

Several titles are completely accurate; they describe exactly what a Multi-Level Marketing rep does.

Each of these titles are accurate and descriptive of the work they do, so I encourage MLM reps to use them.

In the list above, truthful and legitimate MLM roles are marked with bolded font.

Titles That Misrepresent

MLM reps routinely use creative titles to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, some of these titles insinuate a level of expertise and qualifications that misrepresent the true nature of their role.

Here are some job titles used by MLM reps but which misrepresent their qualifications:

Although these titles could be used in a variety of settings, they are often misconstrued by MLM reps. Without the qualifications and training to call oneself a director, artist, or therapist, using these titles could lead to confusion.

In the list above, roles that misrepresent a true occupation are marked with a single asterisk *

Titles That Impersonate

Some ICs use titles that actually border on illegal, by impersonating legitimate and vital occupations. These are extremely dangerous, both because they can create harmful outcomes to the unsuspecting public, and because it cheapens and demeans an entire occupation.

Examples of job roles that should be used only by legitimate professionals:

Each of these roles should only be used by legitimate, trained professionals.

When an occupation requires years of training, education, testing, and experience, such a person depends on the trust of those who use their services. The use of that term should be reserved only for those who truly deserve it, not by an impersonator who just wants to sell their product.

In the list above, roles that dangerously impersonate a true occupation are marked with a double asterisk **

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are at least 199 ways to describe MLM Sales Representatives.

Sadly, when we misrepresent ourselves by using titles from established fields—especially those that require prerequisite years of study and testing—this is misleading at best, and unethical or even illegal at worst.

Using a title that you do not earn in order to promote and sell products is a disservice to everyone who actually earned the right to use it.

As an advocate for licensed integrative health practitioners, I am especially concerned about MLM sales reps who falsely claim to possess healthcare and medical qualifications. By using professional titles, this places unsuspecting victims at huge risk of using fraudulent and harmful products without proper guidance—which can result in permanent physical, emotional, and mental health damage.

The moral of this story is:

  • Use caution when selecting a job title.
  • Make sure it accurately reflects your qualifications and the true nature of your work.
  • And above all, be wary of people who pose as “Experts” but are really just contracted sales representatives in disguise.

Can you think of any other MLM titles that aren’t on this list? Comment below or send me a message!

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Grace LaConte is a business consultant, writer, workplace equity strategist, and the founder of LaConte Consulting. Her risk management tools are used around the globe, and she has successfully reversed toxic work environments for clients in the healthcare and non-profit fields. Grace specializes in lactation law compliance & policy development, reducing staff turnover after maternity leave, and creating a participatory work culture.

Find more at laconteconsulting.com, or connect with her on Instagram and Twitter @lacontestrategy.

Grace LaConte is a profitability expert, writer, and speaker. She is the founder of LaConte Consulting, which provides business owners with practical ways to improve their company's profit, growth, and value. Grace also shares her thoughts about marketing strategies and the dangers of predatory tactics used by MLM (multi-level marketing), which you can find at https://laconteconsulting.com/blog. She is based near Houston, Texas.

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  1. Love this list! Been looking for something this for a long time. Mary Kay, aka MKult, uses “Independent Beauty Consultant.” Just another variation of the same word jumble garbage.

    I’d love to see an article about something closely associated to all the titles MLM’s use: The cover names the “industry” uses, e.g. Direct selling, Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Referral Marketing, Inline Marketing, Dual Marketing, Consumer Direct Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Seller Assisted Marketing, Home-based Business Franchising… or my favorite:

    Peer-to-peer interactive vertically aligned retail cooperative.

    Whatever they are calling it this week, it’s all the same: PYRAMID SCHEME.

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