Minimalist Manager Challenge Part 8: Meditate 3 Times

My 8th task in the #MinimalistManager Challenge was to meditate three times in a day.

How hard could it be? Does meditating really make a difference?

Keep reading to find out how this task went, which meditations I picked and why, and whether it changed my perspective (hint: it did!)

A Little Background…

The Minimalist Management philosophy is based on reducing our reliance on unneeded things and increasing our appreciation of the world around us.

I believe there are 4 main focus areas to make this successful:

  • Care for Self
  • Organize Surroundings
  • Prioritize Time
  • Help Others

I will be examining this task with a Post-Mortem Evaluation, which will show you some root causes that could be affecting your ability to reach goals as a business owner.

A Post-Mortem is composed of 4 parts:

  1. what happened
  2. what went well
  3. what didn’t go well, and
  4. how we can adjust for the future

Check out my first post to find out the reasons why I started this challenge.

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Autumn is here, and it’s time for a new #minimalistmanager challenge! I’ll be experiencing tasks that get me closer to business goals, even if it’s uncomfortable… like eating #nosugar (tomorrow’s objective) 🍭🛑. Want to join me? Here’s how: . . . Pick 9 activities that feel slightly uncomfortable but move you toward your goals in four areas: • Care for Self • Organize Surroundings • Prioritize Time • Help Others If you own a business, consider ways to stretch yourself as an owner. Set aside a period of time to work on your challenge (I recommend 9 to 15 days). Write down your challenge tasks. Each day, pick one card out of a hat 🎩. [I scheduled 15 days with 9 activities; the extra days are to recognize and celebrate growth, or consider why it didn’t go so well.] I’ll be posting updates about my challenge here: Join me, and let me know what you learn about yourself!

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The full list

Watch a vlog about this task:

So what happened?

Part 8 of My Challenge: Meditate 3 Times

For this task, I wanted to:

  1. Complete a meditation of 15 minutes and do this 3 different times.
  2. Experiment with a variety of meditation types and instructors.
  3. See whether this made a difference in my work productivity.

Essential Area

I found that this task fit into one primary category:

  • Care for Self
  • Organize Surroundings
  • Prioritize Time
  • Help Others

Although meditation can affect all aspects of life, in this case it provided me with some internal changes and a chance to stop thinking All. The. Time. For those of us who are constantly solving problems and intuiting, meditation is like hitting the “pause” button in our brain.

Post-Mortem Evaluation

Here is a summary of how this task went.

1. What happened

For this task, I used an app called Insight Timer ( and selected three different 15-minute meditation sessions that looked interesting.

The 3 meditations I picked were by these instructors:

Insight Timer, Insight Timer app, meditations, Manoj Dias, Lou Redmond, Nicole Bayliss, Minimalist Manager, meditation challenge

    • Insight Timer meditations


2. What went well

This challenge surprised me for a few reasons. Since I had never meditated more than once in a day before, my expectations were that

  • my mind would feel calmer
  • it would help me concentrate
  • I would feel less anxious and more relaxed

These things did happen; but there were additional results that I wasn’t expecting:

  • My mind also let go of negative thoughts that had been plaguing me.
  •  I focused on what was happening in my body RIGHT NOW, instead of concentrating on results I wanted in the future.
  • It allowed me to step into fears and discomfort by focusing on breathing.
  • I found myself able to approach stress with serenity for many hours afterwards, rather than reacting in anger or frustration.

3. What didn’t go well

Obviously, I would love to only share the best parts of my challenges. But because it’s important to be totally transparent, you should know that I didn’t really expect this particular challenge to go well.

I got through the first meditation (by Manoj Dias) and felt great. His soothing voice and the 3 types of breathing he presented were just what I needed.

Once it was time for meditation #2, I wasn’t feeling as confident. It felt like an imposition in my schedule… like it was wasting my time. But I completed the Prayer of St. Francis and really enjoyed the guided meditation by Lou Redmond.

By the time I got the reminder to start meditation #3, it was even harder to get motivated to quiet my mind again.

Nicole Bayliss provided some great advice in “There is a Solution to Every Problem,” She taught me that no matter how difficult something seems, you will be able to find a way through it… although sometimes it involves stepping back and receiving help (from your intuition, from other people, or from allowing the situation to unfold) rather than actively running to solve the problem.

For more on this topic, check out Yin and Yang Approaches to Management.

yin and yang, balance, management, leadership approaches

4. How I can adjust for the future

Meditating more than once in a day completely changed my perspective. To be honest, I really was not expecting to feel so calm and serene. But now that I can see how much it benefited me, I’ve decided to incorporate a scheduled meditation into my weekly routine… even though it is incredibly uncomfortable sometimes.


This task was tough for me because it forced me to slow down. Unlike previous experiments where I just redirected my energy (like No-Sugar Day or Leftie Day), this challenge left me nowhere to hide.

I had to confront my thoughts and to redirect the fears, anxiety, and discomfort by receiving wisdom from my own mind, from nature, and from God.

Discomfort is not something to avoid; it’s just a sign that growth is happening.

Learn more about this in my post, What Happens When We Avoid Pain in Decision-Making?

pain, pain avoidance, avoid, avoiding, decisions, decision-making, management, risk management


If you want to discuss some practical ways to move your business toward your goals, let’s talk.

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Stay tuned for my final task in this challenge, where I worked in a different location.


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Grace LaConte is a business consultant, writer, workplace equity strategist, and the founder of LaConte Consulting. Her risk management tools are used around the globe, and she has successfully reversed toxic work environments for clients in the healthcare and non-profit fields. Grace specializes in lactation law compliance & policy development, reducing staff turnover after maternity leave, and creating a participatory work culture.

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