Special Offer: Free “Year In Review” Coaching with a Discovery Session!

Get an Hour of Coaching When You Schedule a 90-Minute Virtual Business Risk Review

Do you wish someone could help you decide WHERE to focus your time in 2019?

Are you in need of an expert who can make sense of your company’s

  • business policies,
  • internal processes,
  • Ideal Customers, and
  • profit potential?

Grace LaConte is a Strategic Risk Expert who specializes in increasing profit margins for independent healthcare practice owners (such as naturopathic doctors, medical doctors with an emphasis in natural medicine, chiropractors, certified nurse midwives, therapists, acupuncturists, and alternative practitioners).

Her clients feel more in control of their business by getting

  • structured framework to make better decisions,
  • training to see risks before they happen, and
  • clarity about their ultimate goals and the vision for what their practice could be.

Grace uses a “Give-It-to-Me-Straight” problem-solving approach rather than the bandage method used by many consultants.

Using a variety of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approaches, she covers several crucial areas that can hold a business back including:

Book a 90-minute Discovery Session with Grace by 12/31/2018, you’ll receive a full hour of “Year In Review” coaching (a $350 value) for FREE!

To find out if this is right for you, read about the benefits of a Discovery Session.

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Curious about why you should hire Grace? Read more.

For instructions on How to Do a Year In Review, click here.

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About LaConte Consulting

LaConte Consulting is a Strategic Risk firm founded in 2014 by consultant, writer, and speaker Grace LaConte and offers future-focused business planning services. Grace provides independent natural health practitioners (such as Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Midwives, Therapists, and other licensed healers) with the tools, support, and expertise to establish healthy goals and build a financially successful business.

To find out more, visit https://laconteconsulting.com/services

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