Introducing the New “Specialized Practice Niche” blog series

I’m so excited to introduce a brand-new series about healthcare providers who have chosen a niche specialization for their practice!

In this series, you will read about a variety of specializations that are available in the health services industry.

New Blog Series: “The Specialized Practice Niche”

This new series will have titles in this format:

The ___ Practice Niche

Each post will explore a niche category, such as:

  • Specialized Massage Therapy,
  • Naturopathic Oncology,
  • Digestive Health, 
  • Pregnancy & Birth,
  • Natural Fertility,
  • Medical Dog Alert Services,
  • Specialized Chiropractic Methods,
  • and many more.

I will share some background information about the niche, suggest ideas for a creative Triple Niche in that category, and give examples of practitioners from around the world who provide that type of specialty.

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You can find posts by clicking here: Practice Niche

Want to learn why a niche can make your practice more successful? Read about it here.

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Are you interested in identifying the right niche for your business? Find out more here.

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