Check Out My Guest Post About Doctors Who Sell Multi-Level Marketing

I was recently invited to share a guest post for The Anti-MLM Coalition, a team of writers who reveal the truth about multi-level marketing.

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Founded in 2017, the Coalition is a group of volunteer activists from around the globe who want to shine a light on what is actually going on in the MLM industry.

Since we share a common goal to warn people about how MLMs have infiltrated every level of society (including healthcare), I was invited to write a guest article that describes the ways in which patients are vulnerable if their physician becomes an MLM distributor.

Here’s the link: What to Do if Your Doctor Promotes Multi-Level Marketing.



To read more about The Anti-MLM Coalition, check out:

Twitter: @antimlmwriters
Facebook: AntiMLMwriters


Grace LaConte is a Strategic Niche Marketing Expert who helps healthcare practice owners to develop a high-profit specialization in a crowded market. Using her experience as a Risk Officer and Marketing Director for hospitals and IT services, Grace shares a refreshingly honest approach to uncover hidden risks and opportunitiesLearn more at, or connect with her on Twitter @lacontestrategy.

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