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I’m passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

My interest in healthcare started when I was 5 years old. After we relocated to central Italy, my parents discovered that the vision in my right eye was so bad that I was practically blind. An Italian eye specialist strongly urged them to cover my “good” eye with a patch; but he warned that things were unlikely to improve.

For nearly a year, I navigated the world with half my vision gone.

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Grace before she wore glasses and a patch

I later worked for an eye surgeon, who told me that I was a perfect candidate for LASIK surgery. My vision improved dramatically to 20/40 in the right eye (average) and 20/10 in the left (excellent).

Modern medicine is wonderful. I have spent my career working in hospitals, surgery and cancer centers, physician offices, and IT services to help patients receive the best care possible. At the other end of the spectrum is Alternative Medicine, which asserts that the body can heal itself; that natural herbs, movements, breathing, and mental calmness can provide healing just as often as surgery and pills.

I believe that modern medicine and alternative treatments should co-exist as Complementary and Integrative Medicine:

  • A healthy respect for both conventional methods and natural ones…
  • using an evidence-based scientific approach…
  • in a way that provides the best possible outcome for the patient.

This belief comes from a series of painful and emotionally damaging medical experiences, where my voice was not heard.

  1. Horrific Pain as a Teenager. Starting at age 12, my monthly cycles caused so much pain that I couldn’t get out of bed for 2 days a month. Years later while delivering my first baby , I commented that the contractions were exactly the same intensity as those I’d felt as a teenager. Unfortunately, no gynecologist had taken me seriously, so I had suffered in silence for years.
  2. Home Birth. While pregnant with my first baby, my obstetrician refused to review my Birth Plan. He assured me that “all my patients get an episiotomy even if they don’t want one; you’ll thank me later.” Instead of continuing at his practice, at 31 weeks pregnant I hired a home birth midwife. All three of my children were born peacefully at home.
  3. Artificial Food Dye Sensitivity. One of my children became extremely hyperactive, and a friend recommended I eliminate all synthetic and artificial food dyes. A week after removing all petroleum (Red 40, Yellow 5, Caramel Color, etc.), my daughter’s behavior completely improved. My daughter later told me that her “brain shakes” when she eats those foods. I have serious concerns about the safety of artificial food ingredients. (Read more in this Forbes article).  Food is fuel. The closer we get to the original source, the healthier we’ll feel.
  4. Naturopathic Insights. Sometimes, conventional medical practitioners cannot see all the pieces of the puzzle. Many of my family members have greatly benefited from the help of naturopathic physicians, who generally spend twice as much time with patients (40 minutes) than conventional practitioners (17 minutes) . Naturopaths tend to look for big-picture issues that could be causing symptoms, rather than just diagnosing a quick solution. 
  5. Chiropractic miracles.  As a recipient of chiropractic care after a car accident and again after a sport-related IT band injury, I believe in the miraculous effects of spinal manipulation, especially when combined with therapeutic massage. One of my children suffered from nightly bedwetting for many years. As a last resort, I sought the help of a pediatric chiropractor. She immediately found a subluxation in the lower spinal column; and within just a few sessions, the bedwetting problem was solved. Alternative therapy can solve problems that conventional medicine cannot. 

Read the 10 Reasons Naturopathic Doctors are Awesome.

A Bit More About Me

I have an undergrad degree in Communications, a master’s in Health Information Management, and have worked in over 30 job roles. I endured several career transitions and job losses, was in preterm labor while finishing a master’s degree, and relocated 5 times in less than 4 years.

My desire to improve the patient experience led me to the healthcare field, where I worked as a Data Analyst, Privacy and Risk Officer, and served on several corporate leadership teams. Read more on my LinkedIn profile (and add me as your contact while you’re there!)

Seeing organizations from the bottom and top gave me access to the entire scope of executive decision-making. After working with leaders across the world, I am convinced that strategic planning is often done the wrong way, by the wrong people, using the wrong tools. Most managers find their strategic plan confusing and difficult to implement. I hated seeing great practitioners suffer from a lack of clarity. So I developed simple tools to recognize strategic vulnerabilities.

Communication Strategist, Professional Speaker, and Management Innovator

In 2014, I launched LaConte Consulting to give Complementary and Integrative Medicine practitioner-owners the tools to recognize and respond to risk. My clients come to me when they’re struggling with cashflow, feel trapped in their own practice, or have trouble making the right strategic decisions.

I specialize in  in-depth Consultingone-on-one CoachingRisk Intelligence Training, and Strategic Planning Facilitation. Unlike some consultants, I don’t believe in using a “bandage approach” to solving problems. Instead, my services provide practice owners with a structured framework to make better decisions, see risks before they happen, and achieve their ultimate goals.


Fun Facts

baldwin-red-octoberimage: Paramount Pictures

“I am not field personnel—I’m only an analyst!”
Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October

  • Favorite quote: “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Sir Winston Churchill


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