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When I was 5 years old, my family moved from Pennsylvania to central Italy. Once enrolled in Italian preschool (asilo), it became clear that there was something wrong with my eyes. I couldn’t see details, had trouble reading words, and frequently misjudged distances or walked into walls.

So my parents took me to an Italian eye specialist, where we discovered that my right eye was practically blind. He instructed them to cover my “good” eye with a patch, give me painful eye drops every night, and not hold out much hope that things would ever improve.

I spent a year struggling to see the world through my one eye. For the following 20 years, I tried a variety of glasses and contact lenses… but nothing really helped.

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Five-year-old Grace, just before she wore glasses with an eye patch

Eventually, LASIK surgery corrected my vision; but the years of limitations forced me to adjust in creative ways by recognizing voices, listening to words on cassette, and writing stories to express my ideas. I also learned how helpful it is to experience what others go through, because empathizing with their struggles helped me to understand my limits and opportunities as well. (Check out my series on self-imposed minimalist challenges).

Reversing Workplace Toxicity

The desire to fix problems eventually led me to the field of healthcare , where I sought to improve the patient experience in roles as a Data Analyst, Marketing Director, and Privacy and Risk Officer. Every role—from employee to manager to executive leader—opened my eyes a bit more to the fact that most organizations have inadequate communication between the leadership team and staff.

I also learned that business owners tend to feel trapped and overwhelmed. They are often unsure why employees don’t get along, why they quit, and what to do about it. Many of my clients admit they did not know how to calculate their profit margins or to maintain healthy growth.

I hated seeing businesses fail and decided to help them discover the root causes. So I developed simple tools to recognize and fix the critical business problems, including:

I offer consulting services to owners who want more clarity in recognizing the root causes of communication breakdowns in their workplace.

More About My Background and Work

I have an undergrad degree in Communications, a master’s degree in Health Information Management, and experience as a Marketing Director, Risk & Compliance Officer, and Data Analyst.

Grace LaConte, LaConte Consulting, photo of Grace LaConte, Niche Marketing, Niche Marketing Expert
Grace LaConte, Workplace Strategist

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Fun Facts About Grace

  • By the time I was 9, I had moved 10 times (mostly to and from Italy, where I lived from age 4 to 9-1/2).
  • That means I’m a Third-Culture Kid, since the majority of my childhood was spent outside my birth country.
  • As an adult, I moved 11 more times in twelve years but am now happily settled in the Pacific Northwest.

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I learned the proper #FirstNations names for our local volcanic mountains today: Mount Saint Helens (on the L) is actually “Loowit.” Mount Adams (on the R) is actually “Klickitat.” These names are significant to First Nations tribes, who lived here long before the area was discovered by explorers from the West. I have decided to start calling these beautiful mountains by their native names out of respect and honor to those who lived here first. #MountSaintHelens #MountStHelens #MtStHelens #Loowit #MountAdams #MtAdams #Klickitat #MountHood #pnw #pnwmountains #pacificnorthwest #pnwoutdoors #pacificnorthwestseismicnetwork #cascaderange #cascades #nativenames #nativelanguage #nativeland #firstnation #firstnationspeople #volcano #volcanoes #dormantvolcano https://www.oregonlive.com/travel/index.ssf/2017/02/the_native_names_of_pacific_no.html

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“I am not field personnel—I’m only an analyst!”
Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October

baldwin-red-octoberimage: Paramount Pictures

  • Favorite quote:
    Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. – Sir Winston Churchill
  • My top 5 StrengthsFinder talents: Focus, Activator, Ideation, Input, and Futuristic.
  • My Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality is INTP, which is one of the rarest types for a female.

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