Established by consultant and writer Grace LaConte in 2014, LaConte Consulting specializes in identifying areas of risk, opportunities for healthy growth, and innovative ways to increase profit margins. In 2020, ConsultX WA was launched to support accounting firms in developing consulting services for their clients using ConsultX Business Consulting Solutions.

Grace LaConte, MS, RHIA, has vast professional experience. She served as a Risk and Compliance Officer, Data Analyst, and Director of Marketing and offers an outside-the-box consulting approach. Grace is passionate about helping SME (small- to medium-sized enterprise) business owners to achieve long-term success. Her popular risk management graphics are used by executive teams, non-profit organizations, and students around the world. She is also a Managing Director of ConsultX WA.

LaConte Consulting’s Strategy

We believe that an effective organizational strategy includes a concise VMVOM: a statement of its Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives, and Measures. These serve to define where the organization is going, why it exists, and how everyone will know they’ve succeeded.

Here is what LaConte Consulting intends to achieve.


We envision a world where all business owners have the tools and knowledge to create long-term, sustainable growth.


We help business owners to recognize and improve their profit, growth, and business value.


LaConte Consulting’s core Values spell out “CARE”:






LaConte Consulting exists to:

  • Provide an honest, objective, and future-focused perspective
  • Support executive leaders by enhancing their understanding of Strategic Risk
  • Assist organizations in using a relevant, transformative, and easily implementable feedback process to engage with staff and customers
  • Promote strategic decision-making that is ethical, empathetic, and responsible


LaConte Consulting will be successful when our clients:

  • Achieve their long-term business goals
  • Develop a workplace environment that is participatory, integrated, and energizing
  • Make decisions using a high level of Strategic Risk Intelligence 
  • Demonstrate transparency, humility, and equity to their customers in alignment with their company Vision, Mission, and Values statement

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