About YOU

Every company has an “About Us” page, but we wanted to describe who you are as well.

Who We Serve

LaConte Consulting doesn’t just evaluate toxic environments. We also provide insights into how to transform your workplace culture. We specialize in finding the root causes for staff turnover, poor engagement, and dysfunctional leadership.

Our knowledge and expertise can give your organization the tools to be more equitable, profitable, and have a lasting impact.

Here’s who we can help:



✅ Your business is service-based (offers services in-person, virtually, is a non-profit, etc.)

Annual revenue of $500K to $5 million

✅ Founded at least 3 years ago

15 or more employees

✅ You are experiencing a major change in leadership, management, or staffing

✅ You and your team are open to new ideas and honest feedback

✅ You view employee engagement as an investment



We are not able to serve clients with the following:

❌ No multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct sales  as a source of income (e.g. Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Monat, LegalShield, Younique, etc.)

❌ No quick fix (there’s no “magic bullet” to reversing a toxic workplace; it takes a commitment to face your fears and blind spots)

❌ No high-maintenance owners (you know who you are!)

❌ No solopreneurs (independent business owner with no staff)

❌ No hobbyists (services that do not generate a profit and are only for leisure)

❌ No pseudo-science practitioners (energy healers, mediums, shamans)

❌ No CBD, marijuana, cigarette, or alcohol companies (we’re not necessarily against it, we just can’t help)


Does This Sound Like You?

To provide the most value, we are extremely selective about the clients we serve. Here are the top 10 qualities of our Ideal Clients.

  1. You are confident in your abilities as a business owner.
  2. You are open to hearing unpleasant feedback about areas where your company may be vulnerable.
  3. You take full responsibility when things go wrong, instead of pointing fingers.
  4. You respect the beliefs, values, and point of view of others… even if it does not align with your own.
  5. You want to look into the future and create something that will last for years to come.
  6. You seek to truly understand why employees leave and customers are unhappy, not just guess at the real reason.
  7. You’re concerned about gaps in your workplace and want the help of a trained expert.
  8. You want to know which of your management tactics are working and which are not.
  9. You understand that reversing a toxic workplace requires you to self-evaluate your goals, management style, and philosophy… and that adjusting these may be difficult.
  10. You’re willing to take immediate action that gets results, even if it pushes you outside your comfort zone.


If the above sounds like you, let’s discuss your challenges over a virtual cappuccino. Sign up for a free 30-minute discussion today.

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