LaConte Consulting is a Strategic Risk firm based in Vancouver, Washington.  Founded in 2014 by Grace LaConte, a sought-after expert and keynote speaker, the company helps Complementary and Integrative Health practitioners to find and fix organizational vulnerabilities with in-depth Consulting, one-on-one CoachingRisk Intelligence Training, and Strategic Planning Facilitation.

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A Summary of LaConte Consulting’s Strategy

To be effective, a strategic plan begins with a concise VMVOM: the Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives, and Measures that define where the organization is going, why it exists, and how everyone will know they’ve succeeded. Here is what LaConte Consulting intends to achieve.


LaConte Consulting envisions a world where every person knows their value and has a voice.


LaConte Consulting helps independent natural health practitioners to find and fix organizational vulnerabilities.


LaConte Consulting’s core Values are Communication, Action, Respect, and Empathy, which spell out the word “CARE”:

  • Communication—Create a clear message using words, images, and behaviors with the goal of shared understanding
  • Action—Design future-focused, high-value solutions that result in positive change
  • Respect—Allow everyone the option to express their opinion, even if we disagree
  • Empathy—Recognize and vicariously experience the pain of others


LaConte Consulting exists to:

  • Provide a straight-shooting, objective, and future-focused perspective on Strategic Risk
  • Support practitioners of Complementary and Integrative Medicine by enhancing their knowledge of Strategic Risk Intelligence
  • Transition Complementary and Integrative medical practices from traditional Strategic Planning into a relevant, transformative, and easily implementable process
  • Promote strategic decision-making that is ethical, empathetic, and responsible


We will know LaConte Consulting is successful when Complementary and Integrative Medicine practices around the world:

  • View the Strategic Planning process as participatory, integrated, and energizing
  • Make decisions using a high level of Strategic Risk Intelligence 
  • Demonstrate transparency, empathy, and humility as evidenced in their organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values


LaConte Consulting Services


Industries Served

Grace serves licensed Complementary and Integrative Medicine practitioner-owners including:

  • Naturopathic doctors (ND)
  • Chiropractic doctors (DC)
  • Massage therapists (LMTBCTMB)
  • Acupuncturists (certified by NCCAOM® in Acupuncture, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Oriental Medicine, or Asian Bodywork Therapy)
  • Alternative practitioners (relaxation techniques, tai chi, healing touch, hypnotherapy) and movement therapies (such as Feldenkrais method, Alexander technique, Pilates, Rolfing Structural Integration, and Trager psychophysical integration).

She can also provide strategic risk guidance for organizations that embrace outside-the-box thinking, natural health, and an empathetic approach. Other industries that have gained a high value from Grace’s expertise include:

  • Healthcare institutions (hospital systems, physician offices, surgery centers)
  • Financial and banking services
  • Technology and software support services
  • Professional membership associations
  • Service-based business owners
  • Non-profit organizations


Outcomes and Benefits

Some of the benefits experienced by Grace’s clients:

Leadership Effectiveness

  • Greater understanding of strategic vulnerabilities
  • Reduced costs due to more efficient processes
  • More effective use of executives’ time and talents
  • Heightened awareness of waste, loss, and fraud

Organizational Change

  • Faster response to strategic vulnerabilities and opportunities for growth
  • Sustainable long-term growth due to clear goals
  • Stronger support of leaders’ decisions due to a culture of mutual respect
  • Increased customer repeat business and sense of loyalty
  • More efficiency due to specific and defined priorities
  • Fewer distractions and interruptions due to a logical, practical plan

Improved Work Environment

  • Dramatically improved communication between executives, managers, and staff
  • Improved employee engagement as leaders demonstrate empathy, transparency, and trust
  • Higher retention of key employees due to rapid recognition of performance results
  • Decrease in undesirable behavior

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What Clients Say

“Grace LaConte took the time to understand our purpose and values. She drew out the points of weakness and recommended effective and achievable solutions.” – David L., Vancouver WA

“I’m so grateful for Grace’s impactful insight on using strengths to shape the future at our event.” – Kelly F., Kansas City MO

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