Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about my Consulting, Speaking, and Guarantees.


How Do You Pronounce Your Name?
LaConte is pronounced La-CONN-tee, with an emphasis on the second syllable.

What Types of Services Do You Offer?
In addition to Keynote Speaking and On-Site & Virtual Workshops, I also provide Strategic Risk Consulting, Risk Intelligence Programs, and Strategic Planning Facilitation.

What Do Your Credentials—MS, RHIA—Stand For?
The MS is a “Master of Science”; I received a degree in Health Information Management from The College of St. Scholastica in 2012. RHIA stands for “Registered Health Information Administrator,” a credential from the American Health Information Management Association which demonstrates in-depth understanding of managing patient health data, information systems, and decision-making.

Are You a Financial or Legal Expert?
I am a management expert specializing in strategic risk services. While my professional advice has the potential to tremendously benefit you and your company, I am not a financial, legal, or mental health expert. I do not diagnose or treat conditions or guarantee any outcomes. My services are intended to complement your leadership decisions.

If I believe your challenges are better served by a financial, legal, mental health, or other professional, I will recommend services that can best serve your needs.

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What is Strategic Risk?
Strategic Risk is an awareness of the vulnerabilities and untapped opportunities available in developing an organization’s goals. It provides a framework for finding and fixing problems. Most strategic plans leave their organization vulnerable to loss. I believe that to be most effective, leaders must welcome bad news and recognize their blind spots.

Why Strategic Risk Consulting?
I have worked in a variety of organizations and have learned that strategic planning is often done incorrectly: the wrong way, by the wrong people, using the wrong tools. I want to change the “Boring, Bleak, and Boardroom” perspective of strategic planning to one that is in SHAPE: Structured, Honest, Accurate, Participatory, and Energizing.

What Should I Expect with Strategic Risk Consulting?
When you decide to work with me, we will begin the 5 Steps to Strategic Risk Discovery: Frame, Explore, Design, Deliver, and Evaluate & Maintain.

  1. We start with a free 30-minute phone call to Frame your challenges and define the situation (see below).
    If we both decide that my services are a perfect fit for your needs, you will fill out a questionnaire, schedule the first session, and provide payment.
    Or if you prefer a Customized Project, I will define your Objectives, Measures, and the Value you would receive and will send you a proposal that spells out all the details with several options. The project begins once you select an option and provide payment.
  2. We’ll then Explore your needs using a variety of analysis methods to determine a diagnosis: What are the root causes?
  3. I will Design a final report or customized tools (depending on the option you choose) to help you implement the solution.
  4. Finally, I will follow up to help you Evaluate the process and help you Maintain the outcomes you want.
strategic risk, risk diagnostic, strategic planning, data interpretation, diagnosis
LaConte Consulting’s Strategic Risk Diagnostic Process

Who Will Implement My Plan?
As my client, you will receive the services, tools, and accountability to create and maintain a strategic plan that brings your organization closer to achieving big goals. Implementing the plan is completely up to you. You’ll decide which resources, time, and effort to invest in achieving those goals. I am committed to making sure you have the support and knowledge to get there.

How Long Does a Strategic Risk Project Last?
Each of my clients’ needs are different, but most services last 6 to 12 months. I also offer ongoing Accountability Coaching. Each project is completely tailored to my client’s needs, industry, expectations, personality, and team dynamics.

Where Are You Located?
My firm is based in Vancouver, Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just across the river from Portland, Oregon. All of my services are done virtually, although I do travel occasionally for on-site consulting and speaking engagements.

Can You Come to Our Location?
Absolutely. On-site visits give us a chance to speak in person, and for me to observe your processes first-hand. I am happy to provide on-site services depending on your needs.

Let’s start the conversation with a free 30-minute call.

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What Makes You Different From Other Speakers?

  • I specialize in Strategic Risk and offer a straight-shooting, actionable, and future-focused point of view.
  • You’ll get a refreshingly honest approach to the challenges faced by your organization.
  • I have worked as a director, analyst, and manager in hospitals, radiology and cancer centers, long-term care, and software companies.
  • I’ll invite your attendees to interact with me on social media, providing an enhanced experience.
  • My stories and examples will relate to your audience’s needs and fears.
  • Attendees will leave inspired and excited to apply the tools they’ve learned.
  • I will only agree to speak at your event if I truly believe you (and your attendees) will receive lasting results.

Find out more about my speaking services and reasons to hire me.

What are Your Most Popular Presentations?
My most frequently requested topic is The Uniqueness Factor: How to Recognize Your Strategic Risk Strengths. In it, I describe the barriers that keep executive leaders from achieving their organization’s goals. Attendees often share stories of how this talk inspired them to radically transform and see immediate results.

Another popular topic is Hidden Risk Opportunities in the Digital World. This is challenging, humorous, and inspiring message is full of practical tips to identify ways to increase value, minimize loss, and create meaningful communication.
More speaking topics

Will You Customize Your Presentation For Our Group?
Absolutely. Each of my topics is meticulously crafted using extensive research of your industry and topic. I will ask you to complete an online Speaker questionnaire, which allows me to understand your goals and create a stellar presentation.

Where Will You Provide the Most Value at Our Conference?
I’m a versatile speaker. Use me as an energetic keynote to kick off your event and set the tone, or as an end-of-day keynote to wrap up your conference and leave attendees on a high note. If you need a hands-on workshoptraining program, on-stage interviewee or panel contributor, I’m happy to serve in those capacities as well.

How Will We Benefit From Your Presentation?
That all depends on what outcomes you want to achieve. Here are some of the benefits mentioned by my clients:


  • feel inspired and motivated to change their behavior
  • recognize their personal strengths
  • improve their ability to connect with their team members
  • learn how to use strategy and management tools
  • develop new skills, and deepen their knowledge of communication


  • create more authenticity and trust with customers
  • increase revenue and service quality
  • clearly define their vision and mission
  • maximize their interaction with attendees
  • hear positive feedback for months after the event

Discover other benefits, or read client testimonials.

What Do Attendees Say About Grace?
Frequent adjectives I hear after events: “Visionary,” “Passionate,” “Dynamic.” Participants regularly say they enjoy my Give-It-To-Me-Straight speaking style, as well as the practical way I explain complex strategy concepts. Event organizers love how easy it is to work with me.

Attendees’ comments:
“I identified with your keynote!”
“It helped me think differently about my own strengths.”
“Your presentation was well laid out and easy to follow.”

Organizers’ comments:
“Thoughtful presenter.”
“Met our needs.”
“Wonderful to work with.”
“Highly recommend!”

Read more testimonials here.

Which Audiences Best Fit Grace’s Expertise?
My topics are a great fit for managers, especially executive leaders of professional service industries. Audiences who will get the most benefit from my presentations include:

  • Organizations struggling with a breakdown in communication
  • Organizations undergoing a culture change or management transition
  • Non-traditional healthcare, financial services, and law firms
  • Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources departments
  • Annual association and board of directors meetings

Check out my Speaker One-Sheet and Speaker Media Kit.

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Do You Offer a Guarantee?
The quality of my work is 100% guaranteed. My priority is to understand your needs and the goals in improving your organization’s condition. I do this by gathering the necessary data with a questionnaire:

Your responses will help me to develop a solution that best matches your goals.

Should I fail to meet your objectives within the agreed-upon time frames, I will refund your fees. Although you may postpone and/or reschedule, our contract is non-cancelable. If you have any questions about this Guarantee, please contact me.

Do You Offer Refunds?
My highest priority is to provide you with the most value possible. If you have any concerns during the course of our time together, please let me know so I can make immediate adjustments.

If at any point you feel that my services are not a good fit, contact me within 30 days of purchase, and I will refund any remaining services.

Are There Any Risks to Using Your Services?
There is absolutely no risk to working with me. My three-point guarantee is:

  1. You can try before you buy. I offer free articles, videos, and tools so you can sample my style and methods.
  2. You get my Instant-Exit Promise, which means you can leave at any time with no further obligation. However, I do not offer refunds for unused prepaid services.
  3. I carefully screen my clients and only accept those for whom I truly believe my services will provide tremendous value. In the event you are turned away, I will direct you to trusted professionals who can better assist in reaching your goals.

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Ready to discuss your organization’s risk challenges? Start by scheduling a free 30-minute phone call.

Want to talk about your upcoming event? Fill out a Detailed Speaker Questionnaire. If your event is in the early stages, fill out a Basic Speaker Questionnaire.

Contact me with any questions at laconteconsulting@gmail.com or 360-984-4630.

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