I Got Featured on the Everything Business Consulting Podcast!

Last year, in my 7th year as a traditional consultant, I started to feel frustrated. My clients were getting tremendous value from our projects, yet we didn’t work together long enough to see a long-term impact. Unexpected issues would pop up that changed the scope of the project.

If only we could discuss those hidden problems before agreeing to work together, I thought.

Was there a way to get in front of potential problems instead of finding them out too late? How could I insure my clients get the maximum benefit — and also identify potential problems with a client engagement — BEFORE we signed a contract?

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Introducing the New “Specialized Practice Niche” blog series

I’m so excited to introduce a brand-new series about healthcare providers who have chosen a niche specialization for their practice!

In this series, you will read about a variety of specializations that are available in the health services industry.

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