How’s Your Business Doing?

When we talk to business Owners, here’s what they say:

“Running a business is so much harder than I expected!”

“My revenue is erratic, and it’s hard to plan for the future.”

“The money that comes doesn’t match the effort and time I put into it.”

“It actually costs me money to run this business.”

“I feel overwhelmed and can’t get things under control.”

“I feel isolated; there’s nobody to talk to about what I’m facing.”

“My business has a lot of potential, but I don’t know how to take it to the next level.”

“I’m afraid my business wouldn’t be worth much if I tried to sell it.”

Money Out the Door

If your company is doing OK but money seems to evaporate once it enters the door, this is called “Profit Leakage.” With our Profit Leakage Calculator, we can help you identify exactly where your business is most at risk.

ConsultX profit leakage diagram
The ConsultX Profit Leakage Calculator diagram

Position Your Business for the Next Stage

We know that every business Owner is capable of gaining control and building generational wealth. But to do this, you need to know where your business is losing money and how to fix it.

With our Next Stage Business Positioning System, business Owners get expert guidance in so they can

  • set a vision and long-term goals,
  • identify areas of profit leakage,
  • develop optimized systems,
  • offload tasks so they can enjoy time out of the office, and
  • measure progress to reach their long-term goals (including a management handoff, merger, acquisition, or sale).

Our system has been tried and tested in companies of all types and offers a structured framework to

position your company for success when you decide to leave.

We offer a comprehensive Discovery and Diagnostic process to assess where your business is now and what success could look like.

Photo of a handshake with "Discovery Meeting" title
The Discovery Meeting is to identify your vision and long-term goals for the business
Woman and man look at a laptop with "Diagnostic Meeting" title
In the Diagnostic Meeting, we measure the amount of Profit Leakage and discuss its implications

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