Consulting: What to Expect

As a Strategic Risk expert, I provide a deep-dive perspective on organizational vulnerabilities that are difficult to see. My clients consider me their trusted advisor and objective expert as we solve big problems together.


What to Expect With Grace as Your Consultant

When you decide to work with me, we’ll begin the 5 Steps of Strategic Risk Discovery: Frame, Explore, Design, Deliver, and Evaluate & Maintain.


Step 1: Frame

Initial Questionnaire

My goal is to fully understand your situation. In this form, I’ll ask questions like:

  • “What does your organization do, and what makes your services unique?”
  • “Do you use a formal current strategic planning process look like?”
  • “How often is your strategic plan updated?” (monthly, annually, every few years)
  • “What are your biggest challenges with strategic risk?” (Governance, Competitive, Operational, Financial, Reputational)
  • “If you could ‘wave a magic wand’ and make 1 Strategy related problem disappear… what would it be?”
  • “What will happen if nothing changes with your current strategic direction?”
  • “What ultimate goals do you want to achieve (Objectives)? How will you know you’re successful (Measures)? What outcomes will you enjoy (Value)?
  • “Do you know your Top 5 StrengthsFinder  talents?” I encourage all of my clients to complete 2 assessments prior to our work together: StrengthsFinder to learn your Top 5 talents, and Myers-Briggs to know your temperament.
  • Your responses will allow me to begin defining your Objectives (what needs to happen), Measures (how we know it’s successful), and Value (qualitative and quantitative benefits you’ll enjoy). Special thanks to Dr. Alan Weiss for promoting this model.
  • Once I receive your submission and decide my services are a good fit, we can schedule a phone discussion.

Clarifying Phone Call

  • I will call you to review the questionnaire responses with you in more detail.
  • Together, we will determine the goals you wish to achieve in this project (Objectives), how we’ll know it is successful (Measures), and the benefits you’ll enjoy when it works (Value).
  • Should I believe my consulting service have the potential to deliver a high ROI, I will present you with a proposal for achieving those goals.

Proposal and Project

  • I will send you a detailed proposal with several options.
  • The project begins once you select the option you’d prefer and provide payment.

Step 2: Explore

  • With the project officially launched, we will dig deeper into the root causes of your challenge.
  • I may interview key influencers in your organization, facilitate your planning meetings, or spend time with your team to find out “behind-the-scenes” info that will aid your decision-making.
  • We will keep in frequent touch, and I’ll provide regular updates in every step in the process.

Step 3: Design

  • Once I’ve gathered the needed data and have completed my analysis, I will develop a practical and easily implementable solution to the problems you’ve defined.

Step 4: Deliver

  • You will be presented with a final presentation of the data, recommendations, and immediate action steps.
  • The project will end with a review of how closely I was able to meet your Objectives, how it can be Measured, and the Value you can expect to receive as a result.

Step 5: Evaluate & Maintain

  • Your satisfaction is very important to me. Throughout the project, I will do everything possible to help you achieve your Objectives.
  • We will determine whether you would benefit from an ongoing monthly Advisory service, with unrestricted access to me as a sounding board for strategic planning decisions.
  • If you wish to provide a Testimonial, it would be most appreciated and will be shared with others on my website and in marketing materials.

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Next Step

Ready to discuss your strategic planning challenges? Fill out a Strategic Risk Questionnaire to start the process today.


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NOTICE: While my professional advice has the potential to benefit your organization, I am not a financial, legal, or mental health expert. I do not diagnose or treat conditions or guarantee any outcomes. My services are intended to complement your leadership decisions. If I believe your challenges are better served by a financial, legal, mental health, or other professional, I will recommend services that can best serve your needs.


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