Executive Coaching

You’re a leader, which means you’re under tremendous pressure to “move the needle forward.” Many people depend on you to make the right decisions. But what happens when you doubt your abilities to see the situation objectively? Who can you turn to for straight-shooting advice?

A strategic risk expert can provide the perspective shift you need. Like many executive leaders, you may feel stuck and unable to get the results you want. My approach will help you step back, see the problem from a big-picture perspective, and RISE to achieve your professional goals.

I have a unique background: Executive healthcare and technology manager; corporate Privacy, Compliance, & Risk Officer; and strategic innovator. I’ve helped corporate leaders in medical centers, IT services, and professional associations around the country to develop a future-focused plan. My recommendations are direct (I was born on the East Coast and grew up in northern Italy), practical, and guaranteed to help you stay on track to achieving your professional goals.

Developing a Strategic Risk mindset isn’t easy, but it works. Leaders who are willing to face their risks head-on have higher confidence, more self-awareness, and powerful decision-making abilities. My clients say that although the process can be uncomfortable, the results far exceed their investment.


The Value of Executive Coaching

Benefits you can expect from the perspective of a strategic risk coach:

  • Improved support of executives’ decisions by managers and staff due to higher confidence
  • More effective use of executives’ time and talents
  • Stronger support of leaders’ decisions due to a culture of mutual respect
  • Improved collaboration among departments due to a focus on common goals
  • Clearly identified objectives and priorities

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Executive Coaching Focus Areas

  • StrengthsFinder Evaluation
  • Risk Intelligence Leadership Training
  • Goals & VMVOM discussion
  • Accountability Check-Ins


Coaching Expectations

I am very selective about executive coaching clients and only agree to help individuals who I truly believe will benefit from working with me. In order to be accepted as a coaching client, you agree to:

  1. Accept full responsibility as a professional
  2. Be completely honest and transparent about what is holding you back from success
  3. Mentally “step into” the perspective of staff, peers, and customers with empathy and humility

Before we begin, I recommend taking the StrengthsFinder assessment. Based on your results, I will be able to provide an in-depth analysis and recommendations specific to your unique talents.


In addition, my coaching clients agree to be held accountable for reaching their goals. At each meeting, we review “What Went Well” and “What Didn’t Go Well” in order to pinpoint barriers and recalibrate goals. Meetings can be on-site or virtual.


Next Step

If you are looking for an objective expert who will keep you accountable to reaching your professional goals, I’d like to discuss your challenges. Fill out a Strategic Risk Questionnaire to get started.


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