Executive Planning Facilitation

Are you having trouble developing an effective strategic plan? Personality conflicts may be hampering progress; and no matter how hard you try, there’s still a gap between where the organization is now, and where you want it to be.

An expert facilitator can serve as your objective, results-focused compass point. By relying on this person to guide discussions and recommend a response to hidden dangers and opportunities, your team will communicate clearly, make decisions efficiently, and feel confident at every stage in the planning process.


The Value of Executive Planning Facilitation

Inviting an experienced facilitator into your planning process provides many benefits, including:

  • Greater understanding of strategic vulnerabilities
  • More effective use of executives’ time and talents
  • Faster response to strategic vulnerabilities and opportunities for growth
  • Sustainable long-term growth due to clear goals
  • Fewer distractions and interruptions with a logical, practical plan
  • Dramatically improved communication between executives, managers, and staff
  • Clearly identified objectives and priorities

Discover other benefits

Before we begin, I recommend every team member to complete the StrengthsFinder assessment. Based on your results, I will be able to provide an in-depth risk analysis and recommendations specific to your team’s combination of unique talents.


Executive Planning Facilitation Focus Areas

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Strategic Plan Process
  • Executive Team StrengthsFinder Analysis
  • Interviews with Key Influencers and Team Communication Assessment


Ready to discuss your strategic planning challenges? Fill out a Strategic Risk Questionnaire to get started.


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