Complete List of MLM Companies Worldwide

This page contains an extensive list of names, websites, products, and other information about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies that provide Health and Wellness products & services.
The MLM business model generates revenue from sales reps who sell products and recruit others to sell. Find out more (and other lists of MLMs not included below) in Helpful Info About MLMs here.

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Background Info

This list is focused on companies that provide Health and Wellness products and services, because I believe this is an area with the highest risk of potential harm to consumers. Many MLM products are loosely regulated, promote improbable and unproven health benefits, and use deceptive practices to lure customers into investing large amounts of money.

Categories for Health & Wellness MLM companies can include:

  • Air Filters/Air Filtration Systems
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cosmetics
  • Green/Organic/Eco-Friendly
  • Haircare/Hair Accessories
  • Health/Fitness/Wellness
  • Homeopathics
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Personal Care
  • Skincare
  • Spa Products
  • Weight Management

I have also noted whether the company:

My goal is to help shed light on companies which use a business model that is proven to be predatory. All MLM and Network Marketing companies use highly persuasive tactics targeted at individuals who are often vulnerable and financially fragile. To read more, check out Helpful Info About MLMs.

The * symbol is used to indicate a company that qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines (Exhibit 2, on page 8)

Complete List of Health & Wellness Multi-Level Marketing Companies Worldwide


1st Phorm

  • HQ: USA
  • Premium muscle building supplements
  • Products: protein powders (Phormula-1 meal replacement proteins, isolate protein), pre/intra/post workout (Alphacre HD, Megawatt V2, Projectc-1, Alphasurge DRV, Pharmula 1, Ignition); amino acids (BCAAs, Anabolic Bridge); multi vitamins (M-Factor, Micro Factor); fat burners (Opti-Core, Thyro-21, Core-21, Royal 21 King System); testosterone boosters (Primal-T, Conquest HD); stacks (Transhormation Stack, Hybrid Athlete, PR Blaster, Joy Bundle Trimester); pump products (alpha surge DRV, Alphacre HD); creatine (Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, Alphacre HD)

4Life Research*

  • HQ: USA
  • health & nutritional supplements
  • Examples: Transfer Factor Care, ShapeRite, enummi Personal Care
  • ranked #51 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $316M)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

5Linx Enterprises*

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements and health insurance (review: 5linx)
  • products: 5LINX Telemed doctor consultation discount program, CaptaVida, LAUNCH by Montavida MontaVida Coffee, MontaVida Tea, OXZGEN
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • review: 5Linx Enterprises

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Abundant Health Ltd.

  • HQ: New Zealand
  • natural health supplements
  • products: Cell-X, Bettaflex, Curcumin 95, Sytrinol, CoQsol, Acai Plus, OPC Plus, MTQ10, Cell Basics,
  • motto: “Experience the power of nature”
  • motto: “highest quality natural health supplements and personalised nutrition and supplement advice”
  • No direct marketing reference on the website


  • HQ: France
  • cruelty-free skincare, bodycare, slimming (weight loss), cosmetics
  • products: Micellar Lotion, Frizz Police eye cream, Vendome 2 Matte, Acti-Vate Shot supplement, 3D Corrector, Vesuvio Mineral Face Mask)
  • motto: “Made in France using science to get the best out of nature”



  • HQ: USA
  • water purification, filtration, and vacuum cleaners
  • products: QuietPure Compact Air Purifier, Clean Sweep Chips, Turbo Carpet Shampoo, LuxFloor Pro Naplifter Brushes
  • motto: “America’s healthy home experts”
  • motto: “Creating healthy homes for over 90 years”
  • formerly Electrolux; manufacturer of Electrolux Vacuums from 1924-2003.
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Agel Enterprises*

  • HQ: USA
  • skin care and gel-ceuticals
  • products: Gelceuticals (ABC, BRN, GSH, PRO, Ω-3, VLT, OHM, SEE, FIT, UMI, MIN, EXO, HRT, FLX, GLO, GRN), REM fast-acting gel strips, Caspi Skin Care System and Caviar Cleanser, FLXRUB topical gel
  • motto: “a triumph of good health and opportunity for personal growth”
  • mission: “Empower individuals to achieve new levels of health, financial success, and personal freedom by extending those same benefits to those around them.”
  • owned by JRJR Networks
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines


  • HQ: USA
  • healing skincare and body products
  • products: Purifying Salt Glow, Le Creme, Herbes de Provence, Breathe Balm, Tender Tulip Cream, Cuddle Rub, Sparkle Cleaner
  • motto: “Essentials for Healing”
  • motto: “the finest in organic, earth-friendly, animal and people-friendly cleansers, deodorants and toxic-free products.”

Alliance in Motion Global Inc.

  • HQ: Philippines
  • natura-ceutical supplements
  • products: OmegaLight, Ajidew, C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals, Restorlyf Longevity Formula, Choleduz Omega Supreme, Liven Alkaline Coffee, Kiddi 24/7 Nutra-Gummies,
  • motto: “Turning ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires”
  • motto: “AIM Global can help ordinary people achieve their dreams, have financial freedom and have a balanced life.”
  • Mission: “To open the doors of opportunity and prosperity by empowering our distributors to achieve financial independence and economic stability by maximizing the wealth of the market through our breakthrough products and services.”
  • Vision: “To provide unmatched innovation and quality distribution of outstanding products and services to local, regional, and global markets.”
  • “Core Values
    • LEADERSHIP: The valor to shape a better future
    • INTEGRITY: Be genuine and reliable
    • EXCELLENCE: To stand out and be known
    • PASSION: Committed by heart and mind
    • QUALITY: Revolutionary and effective products to cater the world.”
  • Sales areas include Philippines, Pakistan, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Hawaii, Ghana, Kenya, Togo, Uganda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kuwait, UAE, Papua New Guinea, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Tanzania, Japan, Hong Kong
  • also known as AIM Global
  • owns the Naturacentials brand
  • review: Alliance In Motion Global

Allysian Sciences

  • HQ: Canada
  • Premium essential oil fusions
  • Products: supplements (Mastermind, Genesis, Sinless Functional Chocolate, Omega Neptune Krill Oil, Elements vitamins, SmartKids); Rise coffee crystals with Neurofactor, Symphony Pu-erh tea, Allysian Essentials premium oils
  • motto: “Redefine Possible.”
  • mission: “To maximize human potential through advanced science and education, enabling people to become the best at whatever they choose to be.”

Aloe Vera of America – see Forever Living

Aloette Cosmetics

  • HQ: USA
  • corrective “Farm to Jar” skincare and makeup
  • products: Time Repair Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Advanced Eye Recovery Pro, Intensity Stretch Lash-Lengthening Mascara, Ultra Finish Foundation, Hand and Body Silk, Visible Aid Skin Restoring Cream, Hand Couture Anti-Aging Crème, Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Alphay International

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements, lifestyle products, coffee & tea
  • products: Zhi Cell, Royal Blend Tea, Miss Ying Collection, Gemsoles, Alphay Café
  • motto: “knowledge base of the Lingzhi mushroom, also known as the Herb of Longevity.”
  • originally founded in China in 2002
  • ranked #62 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $222M)

Amare Global

  • HQ: USA
  • “gut-brain axis” (GBX) wellness supplements
  • products: FundaMentals Gut-Brain Axis Nutrition (MentaBiotics, MentaFocus, MentaSync), MentaTherapeutics (Reboot+, Energy+, Mood+, Sleep+, Relief+), MentaEssentials (VitaGBX, OmMega)
  • mission: “to create a holistic mental wellness platform”
  • motto: “the mental wellness company”

Amazon Herb Company – see TriVita

Améo – see Zija International

AmorePacific Corporation

  • HQ: South Korea
  • botanical and nanotechnology skincare products
  • products: a total of 33 health, beauty, and personal care brands including Etude House, innisfree, Laneige, Lolita Lempicka, and Annick Goutal.
  • ranked #35 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $681M)

AMS Health Sciences* – see Saba For Life


  • HQ: USA
  • health, beauty, and home care products
  • Holding company Alticor includes Amway, Amway Global, Fulton Innovation, Amway Hotel Corporation, Hatteras Yachts, and Access Business Group
  • US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, son of Amway’s founder and former CEO (1993-2002).
  • ranked #1 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $8.60B)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Amway Earnings Disclosures
  • review: Amway


  • HQ: USA
  • bovine colostrum health, weight loss, and anti-aging
  • products: Colustrum6, LeptiTrim6, Limuz and OxyQuest anti-aging, Flex6 Fitness Formula
  • motto: “Life changing products, life changing business”


  • HQ: India
  • Health drinks specializing in noni juice
  • Products: Pure Noni Juice, Mix Herbal Noni Juice, Noni Capsules, Noni Toothpaste, Noni Powder, Noni Soap, Noni Face Wash, Noni Enzyme
  • ranked #53 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $296M)

AquaSource UK

  • HQ: United Kingdom
  • High-quality nutritional, wellness, and beauty supplements
  • products: AquaSource Wellness line, Algae Liquid, Fatty Acid Complex, Liquid Gold Complex, Maca Power, Call Safe, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Moon Rise Cream, Manuka Honey line, Soladey Eco Toothbrush
  • also known as AquaSource Algae Group plc

Apriori Beauty

  • HQ: USA
  • skincare and anti-aging
  • products: Celloxylin line, Lifeoxylin Cellular Defense Elixir, Pure Perfectcing Veil Sheer Foundation, ViViD Hair Therapy
  • motto: “Making life beautiful!”
  • mission: “Make Life Beautiful through innovative health and beauty products, passionate people and personal success.”

Arbonne International*

  • HQ: USA
  • beauty, health, wellness, essential oils
  • products: Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra ultrasound device, Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution, RE9 Advanced line, Rescue & Renew Pure Essential Oils, Rescue & Renew Detox, It’s A Long Story Mascara, Energy Fizz Sticks, Arbonne Essentials Body Cleanse, Fit Chews, Lustre Fortifying Shampoo, ColorLast Hair Spray
  • ranked #40 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $553M)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Arbonne Compensation Summaries
  • review: Arbonne

Ardyss International

  • HQ: Japan
  • body shapers, nutrition, and skin care
  • Products: shapewear (Abdo Men, Abdo Women, Angel Bra, Body Magic, Corselette Luxe, Slim Shaper, Diva Shaper), nutrition (Fiber Active, Green 29, Le’Vive Slim, Nutrishake, Omega 369, Shanthi Balance), fruit juice blends (Coral Calcium, Cran Aloe, Le’ Vive Green, Le’ Vive Red, Multiplus, Pure Noni), healthy coffee (De León Café line)
  • also known as ArdyssLife


  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements, skincare, weight loss, and water purification system
  • products: Nutrifii, Slenderiiz, Puritii, Reviive, Priime, Jouvé, Nucerity
  • motto: “The opportunity company”
  • ranked #78 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $178M)

Arsoa Honsha

  • HQ: Japan
  • health supplements, macrobiotics, cosmetics, water purifiers
  • products: Arsoa Queen Silver, Amuny AP, Amuny M, Saussurea, Nuquor R, Livest’s
  • Cosmetics division of Osho Corp, founded in 1972.

ASEA Global

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements, skincare, and anti-aging
  • products: Redox Cell Signaling Supplement, Renu Advanced Skincare, Renu 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel
  • motto: “A Breakthrough in Cell Signaling”


  • HQ: South Korea
  • skincare
  • products: Color Food VitaminC, Alaska E Omega 3, HemoHIM, AQUA 3 Set, Mild Bubble Cleanser, Healthy Glow Base, Hand Therapy, Dish Detergent
  • operating in Korea, USA, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippine and Malaysia; plans to expand to Mexico, Vietnam and Thailand.

Ava Anderson – see Pure Haven Essentials

Avalla* – see BeautyCounter

Avon Products, Inc.*

  • HQ: USA
  • health, beauty, clothing, household, and personal care products
  • products: Anew Skincare, Foot Works, Glazewear Lip Gloss, Skin-So-Soft
  • ranked #2 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $5.70B)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Avon Earnings Disclosures

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  • HQ: USA
  • Enhanced supplements
  • Products: ELEV8 performance product, Acceler8 Detox and Sleep Duo-Pack
  • Motto: “ultimate performance capsule”
  • Motto: “The most advanced health & wellness products around the world”
  • parent company is R&D Global (dba B-Epic)

Basic Reset

  • HQ: USA
  • preventive health and healing
  • products: Vibrant all-natural healthy energy drink, Primo Java healthy coffee, Ionyte electrolyte with organic plant nutrients, pH-FX alkaline structured water, Dino-Min natural prehistoric humates, Energy FX Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Protection Jewelry
  • motto: “It’s time to give yourself a… Basic Reset”
  • quote: “Are you facing challenges with your health that seem impossible to overcome? Do you have aches and pains and have just accepted them as part of the aging process?”


  • HQ: USA
  • bath & beauty items with customized scents
  • products: [all products are developed by the consumer using a custom scent selection process] Hydrating Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrub, Salt Scrub, Dead Sea Salts, Replenishing Body Lotion, Body Butter, Body Crème, Coconut Lemongrass Lip Scrub, Aroma Reed Diffuser, Air Mist and Linen Spray, Scent Sachets


BearCeréju/ BearCere Ju

  • HQ: Japan
  • cosmetics & nutritional supplements
  • products: Ecolo Safe Cleaner, Hogaraka Geenki Drink, EcoloSafeCleaner KONERUP, Iichoshi, Tomei Kibijin, Harito Horo, Sea Field Fiber, SOD Water, Acellag Tea, Tonic Essence II BB-T Regular hair treatment, Dental Herb Essence toothpaste, Cream Essence WH Whity blemish reducer
  • motto: “Say no to chemical and carcinogenic toothpastes!”
  • ranked #82 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $169M)

BeautiControl – see Youngevity


  • HQ: USA
  • safer skin care and cleaner cosmetics
  • products: Countersun skin defense line, Flawless in Five beauty line, Clean Swap skincare line, Countermatch advanced hydration and age prevention
  • motto: “We create safer, high-performing products for the whole family, because we believe you never need to compromise your health in the name of beauty.”
  • motto: “Join our movement, lend your voice.”
  • mission: “to get safer products into the hands of everyone”
  • partnered with non-profit Healthy Child, Healthy World
  • acquired Nude brand in 2016
  • partnered with Mousse Partners Limited in 2018

Beauty Society

  • HQ: USA
  • skincare & cosmetics with refillable containers
  • products: skin care (Set Me Free pore clearing cleanser, Crystal Ball microdermabrasion treatment, Youth Accelerator apple stem cell age reversal serum, Anytime Anywhere time-release moisturizer, Easy Going gentle crème cleanser); age defying (Fake ID glycolic rejuvenating serum, All Nighter age-defying night resurfacer, Drama Free repair serum, True Salvation AHA/BHA serum); sunscreen (Making Shade); men’s collection (Clean Shave face wash and shave gel, Face Stuff moisturizer, Fix It eye cream)
  • motto: “Discover your best Skincare Routine
  • brand promise: Highest Performing Anti-Aging Ingredients Skincare, Cosmetics and Fragrance from a company with a conscience. We offer completely cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free products that are backed with a money-back guarantee and eco-friendly initiative.”

beCAUSE Cosmetics

  • HQ: USA
  • products: Max Volume Mascara, Prep & Smooth Eye Primer, Spotlight Highlighter, Hydrating Liquid Foundation
  • motto: “Makeup on a mission”
  • motto: “Steal the spotlight”
  • beCAUSE promotes social involvement by contributing funds to a non-profit, “empowering women to make an impact,” and inviting people to join their movement in 3 ways: Shop (“high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices”), Share (host a party), and Enroll (“become an affiliate, build your brand, make a difference”)
  • This website was interesting, because it doesn’t display any products unless you select a Brand Affiliate first.
  • They have several levels of distributors: Affiliate, Verified Affiliate (Level 1, 2, 3), Silver Ambassador, Gold Ambassador, Platinum Ambassador, Diamond Ambassador

Become Beauty International

  • HQ: Australia and USA
  • skincare & cosmetics
  • products: Reveal Enzyme Peel, Become Clear Exfoliating Face Wash, Proton Pill vitamins
  • Motto: “Beautiful inside and out”
  • also known as Become International, Inc.
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: United Kingdom
  • healthy hair care
  • products: Amino Care Conditioner and Shampoo, Healthy Hair Protein Supplements, Heat Shield Mist,
  • motto: “Professional haircare you can trust”
  • mission:
    • 1. To make the best haircare products that science can offer;
    • 2. To educate women about Healthy Hair;
    • 3. To build a people focused business;
    • 4. To make a difference
  • also known as Beever Haircare


  • HQ: USA
  • all-natural, fresh-poured soy candles, melts, and home scents
  • products: Soy Pearlz, Kidz Zone, Poo’Parfum, Pet Candles, Beer, Denim, and Tabac & Leather Best Dad Scents


  • HQ: Peru
  • cosmetics, skincare, perfumes
  • products: Collagenesse 3X Intensive, Dermo Clarité PM PT 30, Nocturne Eyes, Libertage Serum, Concentré Total, Divine Sophistique Dual-Use Compact Powders, Precis Eyeliner, perfumes (Colonia M3 Mar, Brises De Vie, Émouv, Devos Magnetic), Ésika by L’Bel cosmetics line
  • also known as L’Bel
  • ranked #21 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.14B)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: Germany
  • premium nutrition made in Germany
  • products: nutritional gel (Aktiv, Aloe Elixir of Life, Berry Dark Fruit Blend, Bjuti Inside Out Beauty, Cal+, Lyné Shape Intense, Pulz Keep the Beat, Yumi Cell Energy, B.En Natural Energy, B.En premium drink with Palatinose, Acti Nuts, Vegan Pro 35 Organic Protein Mix, Vegan Pro 40, ActiFlakes, Berry.En and Pycnogenol skin care

Best World International Limited

  • HQ: Singapore
  • skincare, nutrition, and wellness products
  • sub-brands: Avance health (LB-30, Bifimax, Borage Seed Oil, Super EPA 2000, PhosChol 565, CardioZyme, SangoCal, V-Propolis, ImmuGain, Nonicaps, Broculin, LiquiCal/Max, Dors, i-Care, GLO Caps, HA Jelly); CellSpa therapy; DR’s Secret and Aestier by DR’s Secret skincare, OpTrimAx enzymatic weight management (Jelly Delite prebiotics and green tea, VG Mix, Zyme, Slow Juicer); Miraglo microfibers; PentaLab wellness and body (Intimeds hygiene wash, SatinHeels, BodyCream, Balancing Oil)
  • ranked #61 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $237M)

Beyond Organic – see Youngevity

bHIP Global

  • HQ: USA
  • energy juice, shakes, and skin care

Big Planet* – see Nu Skin

BioHeal Colombia

  • HQ: Colombia

Black Box Cosmetics

  • HQ:

Bod·ē Pro

  • HQ:
  • nutritional supplements

Body By Vi – see ViSalus

Body Wise International*

  • HQ: USA
  • nutrition and weight loss products
  • motto: “pharmaceutical grade nutrition and enhanced bioavailability”
  • Settled with the FTC for deceptive claims of “curing” cancer, HIV, cholesterol, and weight gain.
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines


  • HQ:
  • natural cosmetics

Bud Star

  • HQ: Canada
  • (only available in Canada)
  • marijuana products

The Body Shop At Home

  • HQ:
  • bath, body & gifts

Brain Abundance

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Cambridge Weight Plan

  • HQ:
  • keto weight loss products
  • formerly Cambridge Diet

Carico International

  • HQ: USA
  • health products, air and water filters, and sleeping systems
  • products: Ultra Tech Silver Collection Sleep System (“eliminates harmful EMF radiation”), Nutri-Tech Air Purification System, Nutri-Tech JuiceMaster, Carico Water Filtration System, Ultra-Vac Food Storage System, Ultra Tech II Cookware
  • founded in 1967
  • motto: “Helping people live longer, healthier lives!”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Celadon Road

  • HQ:
  • high-quality, natural, eco-friendly everyday products
  • products


  • HQ: Germany
  • liquid nutritional supplements


  • HQ:
  • skincare sprays

Chews-4-Health International

  • HQ:
  • nutritional supplements


  • HQ:
  • hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Cocoa Exchange

  • HQ:
  • premium chocolate products


  • HQ: Malaysia
  • skincare, cosmetics, household products, food, apparel
  • recently launched “eCosway” in the US
  • ranked #11 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $2.05B)

Country Scents Candles

  • HQ: USA
  • handcrafted soy wax candles and aromatherapy
  • associated with Country Suds (bath products)

Country Suds


  • HQ: South Korea
  • consumer health appliance rental & service of water and air purifiers
  • ranked #79 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $178M)

Crunchi Cosmetics and Organic Bunny

  • HQ: USA
  • safe, toxin-free cosmetics

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Daisy Blue Naturals

  • HQ:
  • hand-made, small-batch “green” body care

Demarle At Home

  • HQ:
  • cooking workshops

Diet Magic Symmetry

  • HQ:

Dioné Cosmetics

  • HQ: Canada
  • professional, cruelty-free cosmetics


Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics

  • HQ: Germany
  • Synthesis of natural active ingredients and state-of-the-art high-tech
  • Products: Aloe Vera Biokosmetik, Anti-Aging Care, Decollete and Breast Care, Facial and Eye Lifting, Hair care, Body Care, Night care, Natural cosmetics from the sea, Patches & Masks, Sunblock, Lashes and Eyebrows

Dudley Beauty Corp.

  • HQ: USA
  • cosmetics, skincare & fragrances
  • products: Total Control Edges & Ends, Hi-Brow Vanishing Creme, PCA Moisture Retainer
  • motto: “In Partnership with the Professional Cosmetologist”
  • motto: “Changing Lives By Changing Faces”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

DXN Global

  • HQ: Malaysia
  • natural and raw health supplements, food, cosmetics, household products, water treatment
  • products: DXN MycoVita, Gnocelium (GL), Reishi Gano (RG), DXN Reishilium Powder, DXN MycoVeggie, DXN Zhi Café, DXN Cordypine, DXN Ganozhi, DynaCleen detergent, DXN Vegi Cleen, DXN Energy Plus Water System
  • also known as DXN Holdings Berhad and DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • ranked #22 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.10B)

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  • HQ: United Kingdom
  • home, health & cleaning products
  • subsidiary of Wikaniko


  • HQ:
  • nutrition, weight loss, and “smart coffee”

Elk River Soaps

  • HQ:
  • bath & body

Engage Global

  • HQ: USA
  • body fortification supplements
  • products: Micro Daily, Protein Daily

Enagic/Enagic Kangen Water

  • HQ: Japan
  • alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines
  • motto: “realizing true health around the globe”
  • review: Enagic Kangen Water

Energetix Bingen

  • HQ: Germany
  • Magnet-based products
  • products: magnetic wristwear (Link, Energy, Classic, Connect, Move, Kids and Teens), necklaces (Clip, Join), ear jewelry (Creole Plus), SportEx by Joey Kelly, wellness products (MagnetHeart, MagnetStrip, MagnetMassage, MagnetPebble, MagnetStick, WaterQuartet, MagnetComfort, MagnetBandage, MagnetRelax, Insoles, pet jewelry)
  • also known as Energetix GmbH & Co. KG
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Enersource International

  • HQ:
  • nutritional supplements


  • HQ: Australia
  • cleaning products

Eniva Health

  • HQ: USA
  • Wellness and nutrition products
  • products: VIBE multivitamins, Efacor High Potency EPA/DHA, Digest-EZ, Lean PM, ResVante
  • Motto: “high quality, safe and effective wellness products”
  • Motto: “Your partner in wellness & wellbeing”
  • Associated with Vision International Cyprus

Enzacta USA

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements
  • products: alfa PXP Royale, alfa PXP Forte, alfa Yakunaah, alfa PXP Pet Formula, Undew Skin Care,
  • motto: “Life. Rebuilt.”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

ERINA Co. Inc.

  • HQ: Japan
  • nutritional supplements and skin care
  • products: Beta Ginsen series, Slim & Trim, Elina Beauty, Vital Care Bead Blessing, Point Care Ellina Plus

Essanté Organics

  • HQ:
  • toxin-free health & wellness products

Essens Europe

  • HQ: Czech Republic
  • personal care and nutrition
  • products: Lactoferrin tablets and ointment, aloe vera supplements and cosmetics, home perfume, ESSENS Sun Care, Colostrum supplements and cosmetics, Home Pharmacy Slim

Essentially Yours Industries*

  • HQ: Canada
  • natural weight loss
  • product: CALORAD “the magic liquid”
  • tagline: “proven by science, powered by nature”
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Evanescence Network, LLC

  • HQ:
  • health & wellness products

EVER Skincare

  • HQ: USA
  • botanical skincare
  • products: skincare (Luminous, Rebalance, Reveal Biomimetic Peel Pads with LSR10, Quattro Peptide), makeup (Whiplash Speed Volumizing Mascara, Out The Door palette, Flash Power Plumping Lip Gloss)
  • motto: “Clean Beauty, Powerful Results”
  • a Stella & Dot family brand


  • HQ: USA
  • health & wellness products and charity
  • Evolv LifeBar, Evolv Daily, Evolv Immūn, Evolv Shake, Evolv Fix, Evolv Fuel, Evolv Limitless, cPrime, EvolvHealth Reboot
  • promotes “Aid Projects” with a “Social Business 3.0 model” that sustainably funds a “Buy 1, Nourish 2 giving initiative”
  • motto: “Change Your Life, Change the World”
  • mission: “Eradicate childhood malnutrition by enabling millions to Reboot their health with our proprietary line of products.”

Evomel Bee Life

  • HQ: Brazil
  • Natural foods and supplements
  • Products: Linha Evohair, Chas Mistos, Linha Evr, Nutricosmeticos, Vida Saudavel, Evomel Life, 3E Power, Linha Mel, Beleza Natural, Dr.Evomel, Material De Apoio

ExFuze – see KZ1

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Fashion Scents

  • HQ:
  • aromatherapy jewelry

First Fitness Nutrition*

  • HQ:
  • health & wellness
  • also known as First Fitness International
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines


  • HQ: USA
  • weight loss, health & supplements

FM World

  • HQ: United Kingdom
  • fragrances, personal care, cosmetics, home goods, foods
  • affiliated with Smart Clean, Golden-Tulip, My Pure Perfume, Utique, Nutricode

For Every Body Candles

  • HQ:
  • candles, warmers, and green cleaning products

ForDays Co. Ltd.

  • HQ: Japan
  • nucleic acid nutritional products
  • ranked #48 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $383M)

Forever Living Products

  • HQ: USA
  • aloe vera and bee-based nutritional drinks, supplements, and cosmetics
  • acquired Aloe Vera of America
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • review: Forever Living Products

ForeverGreen International*

  • HQ: USA
  • natural organic products, energy drinks, chemical-free whole food
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Four Leaf Japan Co./Forifu Japan

  • HQ: Japan
  • dietary supplements

Fragrant Jewels

  • HQ: USA
  • Candles and bath products with hidden jewel inside
  • Products: Jewel Candles, Bath Bombs, Spa Collection

FreeLife International*

  • HQ:
  • nutritional supplies & goji berries
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Frutaiga* – see RhodiGandha

FuXion Biotech

  • HQ: Peru
  • nutraceutical products and beverages
  • ranked #90 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $141M)

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Gano Excel

  • HQ: Malaysia
  • nutritional supplements & coffee
  • products: GanoCafé beverage line (Tongkat Ali, Schokolade, C’Real, Rooibos Tea), GanoDaily (GanoSoap, Gano Fresh with Ganoderma lucidum extract, supplements including Cordyceps, Sakanno, Excellium, Ganoderma)
  • motto: “Let your day begin with a new opportunity every day”
  • also known as Gano Life
  • review: Gano Excel/Gano Life


  • HQ: Canada
  • Non-toxic, vegan friendly, cruelty-free, latex-free gel nail polish
  • products: GelMoment Classic, GelMoment30; skin care (Kasmiri, Mirage, Eclipse, Aurora, Plume)
  • motto: “Fast, easy, durable, safe, eco-friendly, beautiful gel polish”

Gemstra Boutiques

  • HQ:
  • cosmetics, candles, bath & body, jewelry, home décor
  • acquired JewelScent, Pulse Cosmetics, and Lucie + Pompette (vegan, cruelty free, paraben free beauty products).

Genesis Pure

  • HQ: USA
  • weight loss, nutritional supplements & skincare
  • also known as LivePure
  • CEO Robert Lindsey Duncan charged with fraudulently using physician credentials (see article and lawsuit).


  • HQ: Thailand
  • personal care, cleaning products, health and wellness and nutritional supplements
  • “founded by a team of Thai medical doctors and pharmacists”
  • products: Sea Min Drink, Crystal Air Foundation, Herbal Fresh Alcohol Mousse, Five Elements perfume, Royal Crown Coffee
  • also known as Giffarine Skyline Unity Co.
  • ranked #76 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $179M)

Global Health Trax*

  • HQ: USA
  • digestive heath products
  • products: ThreeLac, FiveLac, Active Digestive Enzymes, Colostrum, Coral Complete, Oxygen Elements Max
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

GNLD / GNLD Neolife* – see NeoLife International


  • HQ: USA
  • essential oils, biominerals, and wellness products
  • formerly Green Organics International

Gold Shield Elite

  • HQ:
  • Personalized nutritional health supplements

Greenleaf International

  • HQ: China
  • personal care and cleaning products
  • products: Kardli, Sealuxe, and iLife
  • also known as Greenleaf Science and Technology Group
  • ranked #70 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $201M)

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H2O At Home

  • HQ: France
  • personal care, aromatherapy, and home cleaning
  • products: La Chiffonnette cleaning products, Floor Cleanser, Cleaning Clay, Netpur stain removing soap, Oxypur bleach alternative, ceramic fragrance disc, aromatherapy line (Breathe, Strengthen, Relax, Purify), Micellar Water skin cleaner, Pouponnettes Kit child products
  • motto: “It’s simple, it’s safe, it works!”
  • motto: “Efficient, Eco-Friendly, Easy-to-Use”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)



  • HQ: USA
  • Air filters
  • products: the FilterQueen System includes two products: Majestic Surface Cleaner and Defender Room Air Cleaner
  • a division of HMI Industries Inc.
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Healthy Joint Skin

  • HQ:
  • joint discomfort relief and anti-aging

Healthy Life Science

  • HQ:
  • weight loss and supplement pills
  • products include Healthe Trim/Healthy Trim

Healthy Peach

  • HQ: Australia
  • nutrition & weight loss products and health & life coaching
  • founded by Chani Thompson
  • Product: The HealthStyle Emporium online holistic health & wellness program
  • Not to be confused with HealthyPeach – the UK’s Leading Health Retailer (.net, versus this Australian MLM which is .com)

HempWorX – see MyDailyChoice

Herbalife International*

  • HQ: USA
  • nutrition supplements, weight management, sports nutrition and personal care
  • products: Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake, SKIN Collagen Beauty Booster, Herbal Aloe Concentrate, Prolessa Duo 30-Day Program, Herbal Tea Concentrate, Cell-U-Loss, Total Control supplement
  • supported by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (she acted as Herbalife’s business consultant and brand ambassador)
  • ranked #3 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $4.40B)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Herbalife Income Disclosures
  • review: Herbalife

HTE Americas

  • HQ: Taiwan
  • health equipment and nutrition
  • products: SOQI Bed (with Multiple Energy Approach), Chi Machine Therapeutic Massager, Ceramic Heater (with Far Infrared Rays), Advanced ARE foot massager, E-Power (Negative Potential Energy with High Frequency Energy), (Grande) FIR Pad, FIR Waist Support, SOQIBiotics, SOQIZyme Plus, Go Green, BetaLoe, SOQI-Zyme, CircuGo,
  • motto: “A lifestyle of wellness and wealth”
  • subsidiary of HTE International Group
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Hualin International

  • HQ: China
  • infrared products and food supplements
  • ranked #37 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $577M)

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  • HQ: Brazil
  • nutrition, personal care, makeup, perfume
  • products: Protein Plus, Detox Tea, Luvas De Silicone, i9Skin line, i9Smile, LipoReductor, i9Make cosmetics; fragrances (Fabulous, Sunny, Imprint, Mode-On)
  • motto: “Your body better defined”


  • HQ: China
  • Chinese medicinal tea
  • also known as Ideality Technology Group
  • parent company Longrun Group
  • ranked #88 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $143M)


  • HQ:
  • personalized, customized vitamins and supplements
  • motto: “Healthy simplified.”


  • HQ: USA
  • premium CBD Products & E-liquids
  • grown and harvested in the USA, triple lab tested, and legal in all 50 states
  • products: Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures, CBD Capsules


  • HQ: Canada
  • high-quality, scientifically based nutrition and wellness
  • products: Immunocal Optimizer, Xtra Sharp, Cogniva with SYNPA-PS50, Contralenta, Probio 3+, K-21
  • motto: “the science of living better”
  • also known as Immunotec Research, Inc.
  • ranked #98 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $102M)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Immunotec* – see ImmunoDirect

India Hicks Inc.

  • HQ: USA
  • cosmetics, apparel, and jewelry
  • products: Unexpected Beauty skincare (Indispensable Cleanser, Uber Mist, Perfecting Polish + Mask, Supreme Cream, Lovely Balm, Fragrance Beads
  • motto: “spirited lifestyle brand”
  • mission: “to give entrepreneurs the tools to run their own business, from their own home, on their own term [sic]”
  • also known as India Hicks London-Harbour Island
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Infinitus Global

  • HQ: China
  • health products with extracted natural plant essences using traditional Chinese herbs with modernized Chinese herbal philosophies
  • products: Infinitus Health, Beautrio Skin Care, Vitabelle Skin Care, Phytocare Personal Care, Homemate Household Products, Benelife Health Maintenance Products
  • also known as LKK Health Products Group
  • ranked #5 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $3.92B)

innov8tive nutrition

  • HQ:
  • nutritional supplements

Integris – see Youngevity


IT Works Global/ IT Works!

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Jafra Cosmetics International

  • HQ: USA
  • skin care and beauty products
  • products: skincare (Advanced Dynamics, Beauty Dynamics, Brightening Dynamics, Gold Dynamics, JAFRA PRO, JAFRA Sun, JAFRA Teens. Matte Dynamics, Royal Jelly, Royal Jelly Remedies); makeup (Girl Squad, Wanderlove, JAFRA Beauty, The Pretty Collection); bath & body (Botanical Expertise, Epic, Force Magnétique, JAFRA Daily, JAFRA Foot Care, JAFRA Spa, JF9, J-Sport, Legend, Navîgo)
  • motto: “Freedom to be you”
  • a division of Vorwerk
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


Jeunesse Global

  • HQ: USA
  • youthfulness, health & fitness products
  • product: “Instantly Ageless” skincare
  • acquired MonaVie (açai juice) in 2015
  • ranked #18 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.30B)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • MonaVie Income Disclosures
  • review: Jeunesse


  • HQ:
  • bath and body items

Jimon International

  • HQ: China
  • Chinese medicine and health food
  • also known as Hebei Jimon Pharmaceutical Group
  • ranked #93 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $118M)

John Amico

  • HQ: USA
  • haircare and personal care
  • products: Amico Essentials Fragrance-Free Shampoo, Bio-Vita-Tin Step 1, Casablanca Shampoo, Chlorimed Shampoo, Bio Complex Repairing Creme, Biominoil Leave-In, BioFormula Drops of Silk, BiovitaShine, Bio-Vitamins Superfood Powder, Men’s Beard Oil, VitaShine
  • motto: “Share the Wealth”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Jordan Essentials

  • HQ: USA
  • cosmetics, skincare & home products for adults and children
  • products: Lotion Bar, Magnesium Plus Stick, Shea Body Butter, Dead Sea Salt Soaks, Pucker Up Panda Lip Tube, Sunless Tanner, cosmetics (Natural Cheek Tint, Essential Mineral Makeup System, Lip Butter Lipstick)
  • motto: “Healthy Skin, Healthy Life”
  • motto: “Life, on YOUR Terms”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: China
  • healthcare related products
  • products: AlphaMeta nutrition, JMS3 Sleep Solution, AlphaSpin holistic wellness tool, Angels Secret negative ion feminine hygiene care, Hozenn Aqua Technology
  • also known as JM, JM Top, JM China, and JoyMain International
  • ranked #12 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.58B)

Juice Plus+

  • HQ: USA
  • dietary supplements with fruit and vegetable extracts
  • products: Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blend capsules, Complete By Juice Plus+ nutrition bars, Orchard and Garden Blend Chewables
  • motto: “Inspiring healthy living around the world”
  • motto: “Grow good health”
  • motto: “The next best thing to fruits and vegetables”
  • The founder of Juice Plus+, Humbart “Smokey” Santillo, claims to have a “Doctor of Naturopathy” degree from the “Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy.” However, this institution is not a real school; it is actually a fraudulent, non-accredited diploma mill based out of a private residence in Renfrew, England.
  • ranked #32 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $730M)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • review: Juice Plus

Jusuru International Nutraceuticals – see Modere

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  • HQ: China
  • professional grade household supplies
  • products: kitchen scales, egg beaters, cutlery, dinner set, knives, forks, gas grills
  • also known as Guangdong Kangli Household Products Co., Ltd.
  • ranked #80 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.77M)


  • HQ:
  • CBD supplements and hemp oil products


  • HQ: China
  • healthcare products, functional foods, and health management products
  • products: protein powders, nutritional supplements, teas, and cosmetics.
  • Motto: “share the joy of health with all.”
  • a subsidiary of Tasly Group of China
  • It looks like Kasly-JU has disbanded due to anti-MLM pressure in China. The parent company Tasly Marketing continues to operate out of Malaysia with limited activities in China.
  • ranked #97 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $104M)

Keep Me Safe Organics

  • HQ:
  • Cosmetics

KK Assuran

  • HQ: Japan
  • cosmetics and personal care
  • products: Assuran Foamy Wash, Mellow Mask, Luster Lotion, Gold Cap Essence, Remake Jel, Skin Cover, Advance S-C, Physical Jel, Hair Shampoo, Hair treatment
  • motto: “beautiful communication”
  • ranked #69 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $205M)


  • HQ: United Kingdom

Kyäni, Inc.

  • HQ: Greece
  • skincare, supplements, and nutritional products
  • products: Kyäni Triangle of Health (Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Sunset, Kyäni Nitro); Fleuresse line (Fleuresse, Day Brightening Crème, Night Crème, Serum, Boosting Cleanser, Eye Crème); Potato Pak (charity donation of nutrition supplements to under-served people)
  • motto: “The Power of Nitro Nutrition”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • review: Kyäni


  • HQ: USA
  • nutrition & health products
  • formerly ExFuze

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L’Bri Pure n’ Natural

  • HQ: USA
  • Aloe vera based skin care, cosmetics, and wellness
  • Products: skin care, body care, home care, sun care, Believable Finish Blush, AloePlus+ Juice Drink
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Lady Godiva Beauty

  • HQ:
  • cosmetics & skincare

Le Reve

  • HQ: Canada
  • perfume, aromatherapy & skincare

Lemongrass Spa

  • HQ: USA
  • bath & beauty products
  • products: facial mist (Hydrating, Clarifying, Prebiotic); skin care (Gentle Face Crème, Face Crème with Botanicals, Pomegranate Face Polish, Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Mask, Hydrating Eye Crème); cosmetics (Sheer Minerals BB Crème); lip (Healing Elements Balm, Vegan Lip Balm)
  • motto: “Products with a purpose”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: USA
  • health, wellness & weight loss
  • product: 8-week THRIVE Experience

LG Household & Health Care

  • HQ: South Korea
  • products: su:m37 Secret Eye Cream, Babience, Isa Knox skin creams, Sooryehan herbal medicine, Lacvert, RE:BLOSSOM, and HOMME RE:CHARGE skincare solutions, Beyond Phyto Aqua Cream, Elastine hair products, Saffron fabric softener, Pongpong eco-friendly detergent, Toddien infant skin protection
  • ranked #54 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $292M)


  • HQ:
  • aronia berry products

LifeForce International*

  • HQ: USA
  • athletic performance vitamins and food supplements
  • products: BodyBalance, FlexeoPlus, OsteOmegaCare
  • motto: “Products That Work as Hard as You Do”
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Lifestyles International*

  • HQ: Canada
  • innovative health and wellness solutions
  • products: Intra, Nutria, FibreLife
  • also known as Lifestyles International Holdings Corporation
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines


  • HQ: USA
  • wellness, nutritional supplements, & skin care
  • products: Protandim Dual Synergizer, Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, AXIO Smart Energy, TrueScience Beauty System, PhysIQ System, Petandim for Dogs
  • motto: “biohack your body”
  • previously LifeLine Therapeutics, Lifeline Nutraceuticals, and Yaak River Resources, Inc.
  • ranked #73 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $200M)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: US but founded in Ireland
  • nanotechnology patches and wellness products
  • products: WinFit Body Shaping System, Alavida skin care, Theta One, Theta Activate, Corsentials, Nirvana Mood Enhancer System, Y-Age Patches, AcuLife Patches, IceWave Patches, Silent Nights Patches, SP6 Complete Patches
  • includes the AcuLife product line
  • promoted by Suzanne Somers
  • potentially fraudulent claims (Worldwide Scam report)

LimeLight by Alcone

  • HQ:
  • all-natural skin care and personalized cosmetics
  • founded in 1952

Limu Company*

  • HQ: USA
  • seaweed-based vitamin supplement drinks
  • products: Limu Original, Blu Frog, Limu Lean Shakes, Limu Lean Burn
  • motto: “The best tasting superfood ever”
  • motto: “We’re in the business of changing people’s lives. And business is good.”
  • also known as The LIMU Company
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

LipSense – see SeneGence

Liv International

  • HQ: USA
  • health, energy, and mental sharpness
  • products: Blox, Clenzt, Crave, Go Nitrimax, Green2O, Liv Smart, Liv Sxinney, SereZen, Sxinney Mist, and Zing
  • mission: providing “products and information that rapidly improve and maintain excellent health and energy, attractive appearance, sustained mental acuity and financial prosperity.”
  • motto: “Liv Life Well”

LivElite International

  • HQ: USA
  • nanotechnology health and wellness, fuel additive & car products, travel club
  • products: Awaken Holistic Hemp Water, XFT, WoTaBu, Freezpoint,
  • motto: “Redefining Life. Revolutionary Science.”
  • also known as MySyntek


  • HQ: USA
  • organic, whole food supplements and natural Certified Vegan skincare
  • products: The Ultimate Elixir, Ultimate Shrooms, Camu skincare, EyeLuminate eye treatment
  • motto: “wellness & beauty from the inside out”

Livinity* – see Youngevity

Living Fresh

  • HQ:
  • sleep products and detergent


  • HQ: China
  • cosmetics, household cleaning, personal care, health care, and pet care
  • founded in 1986
  • products: SuperBKlean magnetic energy panty liner, Brightening Hand Cream, Alkaline Cup, Body Wash, Berry Oil, Arthro SupReviver, Bamboo Black Soap
  • ranked #24 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.00B)

LR Beauty & Health

  • HQ: Germany
  • beauty & health products
  • a

LTS Neutraceuticals

  • HQ: USA

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  • HQ:
  • Customized magnetic jewelry made in Italy and the UK

Makeup Eraser

  • HQ:
  • chemical-free skincare & cosmetics


  • HQ: USA
  • weight loss, glyconutrient dietary supplements & personal care
  • products: Catalyst, PhytoMatrix, Ambrotose, CardioBalance, MannaBears, GI-ProBalance, GlycoSlim, Uth Moisturizer, OsoLean, Emprizone, PhytAloe, PhytoBurst, NutriVerus, BounceBack
  • motto: “transformational products”
  • supported by Ben Carson (he gave testimonials and speeches at sales events)
  • ranked #81 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $176M)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Mannatech Income Disclosures
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Mary Kay Cosmetics*

  • HQ: USA
  • skincare & cosmetics
  • products: TimeWise Miracle Set 3D, TimeWise Repair, Lash Intensity Mascara, NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss, Satin Lips, Satin Body, Satin Hands, MK Men, Clear Proof Acne System, Botanical Effects Skin Care
  • ranked #6 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $3.25B)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines due to recent activities such as “channel stuffing” and internal product consumption for increased volume.
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics Income Disclosures
  • review: Mary Kay Cosmetics

MaskCara Beauty

  • HQ:
  • Cosmetics

Max International*

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional and weight management supplements
  • products: Cellgevity, MaxATP, MaxN-Fuze, MaxOne, MaxGXL, Max357, Meta-Switch Supplement Capsules, Meta-Switch Be Fiber & Protein Bar
  • mission: “global leader in Glutathione enhancing products”

Max & Madeleine

  • HQ:
  • eco-friendly, all-natural organic skincare

Medifast – see OPTAVIA


  • HQ: USA
  • health & home products
  • products: Renew Hand Cream, Mela Power Laundry Detergent, Sol-U-Mel, Sol-U-Guard Botanical, Pain-A-Trate, MelaMagic,Body Satin Hand Cream
  • motto: “The Wellness Company”
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Melaleuca Income Disclosures
  • review: Melaleuca

Menard Japan Cosmetics

Merro International

  • HQ: China
  • chemical medicine, biological medicine, Chinese traditional medicine and herbal medicine
  • products: fungal polysaccharide health products
  • also known Dalian Merro International Biological Co., Ltd., Melo International Group, Jilin Merro International Biotechnology Incorporated Company, and Meiluo International Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.
  • ranked #75 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $192M)


  • HQ:
  • skin care

Mi Lifestyle

  • HQ: India
  • dietary supplements
  • also known as Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited


  • HQ:
  • organic skincare and beauty products

Miki Corp.

  • HQ: Japan
  • nutritional products, skincare, and household detergents
  • ranked #41 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $535)

MOA Nutrition

  • HQ:
  • nutritional drink
  • a

MOBU Herbals

  • HQ:


  • HQ: USA
  • personal care, weight loss & household solutions
  • products: Lean Body Sculpting System, The M3 Body System, Liquid BIocell Life Chews, Tria Energy, M3 weight loss system, Activzyme seaweed extract
  • also knows as Modere Collagen Sciences
  • merged with Neways International* in 2013
  • acquired Jusuru International Nutraceuticals in 2017
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: India
  • Wellness, skin, laundry, and personal care items
  • Products: skin care (Essensual, Fruit of the Earth (Fote), Schloka), Urban Color cosmetics


  • HQ:
  • essential oils, home fragrances & cleaning products

MONAT Global

MonaVie – see Jeunesse

Morinda Inc.

  • HQ: USA
  • Hair care, nutritional supplements, skincare, noni juice
  • products: Tahitian Noni Juice, Temana Skincare, Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush, AGE Defense, TeMana skincare, TruAge, HIRO Energy Drink
  • subsidiary of Morinda Holdings Inc.
  • formerly known as Tahitian Noni International and Morinda Bioactives
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Motives Cosmetics


  • HQ: US
  • water filtration and drinking water systems
  • products: Aqualuxe, Aquaperform, Aquaversa, Aquadome, Aquamini, Aquasource, Aquashower

My Butterfly Beauty

  • HQ: USA


  • HQ:
  • health products with cannabinoid (CBD) oil


  • HQ: USA
  • hemp oil products
  • merged with HempWorX in 2017


  • HQ: USA
  • financial services, travel, vitamins, & homeopathic products
  • “The Personal Finance Success Company”

MySyntec – see LivElite International

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Naris Cosmetics

Natura Cosmeticos SA

Naturacentials – see Alliance In Motion Global

Natural Health Trends Global

  • HQ: USA

Naturally Plus

Nature Direct

  • HQ: Australia
  • essential oils

Nature’s Sunshine Products*

  • HQ: USA
  • dietary supplements and wellness products
  • products: Probiotic Eleven, LBS II, ALJ, Nutri-Calm, Tei-Fu Essential Oil, Proactazyme, HistaBlock, NaxiousLess, Bifidophilus Flora Force
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • ranked #49 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $342M)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Nature Unleashed

  • HQ:

Neal’s Yard Remedies

  • HQ:
  • health & beauty products

Nefful International

  • HQ: Japan
  • negative ion clothing, undergarments, joint supporters, socks, and neck warmers
  • products: Neoron, Nefflon, Nature’s Clean and Newell
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

NeoLife International*

  • HQ: USA
  • wellness, weight loss products & skincare
  • “global health and wellness company”
  • motto: “based in nature, backed by science”
  • also known as GNLD (Golden Neolife Diamite International)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Nerium International

  • HQ: USA
  • anti-aging skincare
  • products: VIP Skincare Collection, VIP Wellness Collection (Prolistic Pre and Probiotic Plus Vitamins), EHT Brain Formula, Youth Factor Complete Vitality Complex and Superfood & Antioxidant Boost Powder
  • motto: “Look better. Feel better. Live better.”
  • motto: “A holistic approach to anti-aging”
  • motto: “Today’s the day for natural chemistry”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • review: Nerium

New Earth Life Sciences

  • HQ: USA
  • micro-algae nutritional supplements
  • product lines: Wild Essentials, Edge, and Give
  • formerly Simplexity Health and Cell Tech
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

New Era

  • HQ: Japan

New Era Health

Neways International* — see Modere

New Image Group

New Vision* – see Vemma

New Vision Body

  • HQ: USA
  • products: a variety of meals
  • motto: “online meal plans delivered fresh weekly to your door”
  • motto: “Lose weight, save time”
  • 20% commission for each friend who you refer
  • also known as New Vision Nutrition
  • Does not seem to be associated with New Vision (acquired by Vemma in 2011)

Neways – see Modere

NHT Global

  • HQ: USA
  • premium quality personal care, wellness, and “quality of life” products with an emphasis on skin care
  • Beauty Line: Skindulgence 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift System, Time Restore Essence and Eyecream, Biocell Mask, Soothe, Floraeda, 24K Renaissance, Valesce, NHT Homme, BioCell SC. Lifestyle Line: La Vie, Twin Slim Diet Jelly, Alura Lux by NHT Global, Valura Lux. Wellness Line: Premium Noni, Trifusion Max, ReStor Vital, ReStor Silver, FibeRich, Energin, Triotein, Cluster X2, HerBalance, MemoryBurst, OcuFocus, StemRenu, BeautyGlo, CurcuMore. Herbal Line: Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4, LivaPro, Purus, CogniMax, RespFactor. Home Line: PurAir, AquaPur.
  • also known as Natural Health Trends Corp.
  • ranked #74 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $198M)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: USA
  • magnetic technologies, air filters, sleep aids, nutrition, and skincare
  • products: Jade GreenZymes, Kenzen Bergisterol Capsules, Kenzen Ten4 Energy Drink Mix, OsteoDenx, MagCreator, Nikken Sport Socks, Kenko PetPad, True Elements Marine Organic Skincare, Kenko PowerBand Neck magnet
  • motto: “Empowering you to live your best life”
  • motto: “Health + Independence = Happiness”
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Noble8Revolution/ N8 Revolution

  • HQ: USA
  • Product: Life Mastery Academy
  • Read more about the cost structure
  • motto: “Global charity through philanthropy”
  • This is a recruiting scam that convinces people to pay a membership fee and recruit 3 people to do the same, under the guise of charity.
  • review: Noble 8 Revolution

Noevir USA*

  • HQ: Japan
  • skincare, cosmetic and nutritional products
  • products: Neurogic Body Milk, EXTRA Skincare, 105 Skincare, NHS Skincare, 808, 505 Skincare, 99 Plus Skincare, Clear Control, N Raysela UV Shield, Tokara Body Care, Tokara Hair, N5 Liquid Foundation, Vie delight Skincare
  • motto: “Discover the Noevir Difference”
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • ranked #59 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $250M)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: China and South Africa
  • GI and detox products using Chinese ingredients
  • ranked #68 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $207M)


  • HQ:
  • organic cleaning products

NSpire Network

  • HQ: USA
  • natural feminine sanitary napkins and supplements
  • products: Cherish Sanitary Napkins, Empower Testosterone Booster Plus, Max Life Prostate Care Plus, Total Recall Memory Booster, Taboo For Him, Sweetest For Her
  • motto: “Mission. Driven. People.”

Nu Skin Enterprises*

  • HQ: USA
  • skincare, personal care, and dietary supplements
  • products: ageLOC LumiSpa, Powerlips Fluid, ageLOC, Spa Systems, Epoch Essential Oils, AgeLoc, Pharmanex anti-aging
  • motto: “Discover the best you”
  • also known as Big Planet and Phamanex
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • ranked #9 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $2.28B)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Nu Skin Income Disclosures
  • review: Nu Skin


  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements, personal care, and health foods


  • HQ: Australia and New Zealand
  • skincare, body care, home products, cosmetics & supplements


  • HQ: USA
  • vegan, non-GMO, plant-derived digestive enzymes & probiotics
  • products: B-Lite, B-Max, B-Lite|Xtra, B-Free, B-Safe, B|Pro
  • motto: “Free to feel good again”

NYR Organic

  • HQ: United Kingdom
  • ethical, organic natural health and beauty
  • products: Bee Lovely, Deluxe Frankincense Collection, NYR Men, Remedies To Roll essential oils
  • motto: “Calling all therapists: Grow your business the natural way”
  • motto: “Make an income while making a difference to people and our planet”
  • also known as Neal’s Yard Remedies
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

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  • HQ: Mexico
  • dietary supplements, skincare & soft drinks


  • HQ:
  • Wellness


  • HQ: USA
  • weight loss products & meals
  • changed name from Medifast in 2017
  • subsidiaries: Take Shape for Life, Inc. (TSFL), Jason Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Jason), Jason Enterprises, Inc., Jason Properties, LLC and Seven Crondall, LLC
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • ranked #56 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $257M)
  • Take Shape for Life (Medifast) Income Disclosures
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Orenda International

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements
  • products: Ultimate Immune, Ultimate Female, Ultimate Male, Ultimate O-Tropin, Ultimate Eaze, Orenda Burn, Orenda Shape,
  • motto: “The. Ultimate. You.”
  • vision: “Orenda will have the most profitable Marketing Partners in the Network Marketing industry.”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Organo Gold

  • HQ: USA
  • personal care, weight loss, coffee and tea products made with Organic Ganoderma mushrooms

Oriflame Cosmetics

  • HQ: Sweden
  • skincare, personal care, and fragrance
  • ranked #13 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.53B)

Oud Essentials

  • HQ: Switzerland
  • 100% pure, organic, high-quality skincare that is sustainably sourced, ethically produced and certified by CITES
  • Products: Perfume Pens, Handmade Agarwood Bracelets, Dual-Phase Oil, Eye Serum, Regenerating Serum, Oud Active+, Oud Blanc Lightening Cream, Pure Oud Oil
  • Parent company is The Real Oud Company


  • HQ: USA
  • safe, natural, environmentally friendly products

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  • HQ: USA
  • Customized pet nutrition
  • Motto: “Sit. Stay. Be Social.”
  • Motto: “celebrating the unconditional love between pets and pet parents”
  • Motto: “PawTree practices a holistic, natural approach to pet healthcare. Instead of offering mass-manufactured low quality pet foods that are packed with artificial fillers, poultry by-products, added sugars, or artificial colors and preservatives, PawTree provides only natural, meat, poultry, or fish-based foods.”


  • HQ:
  • Wellness products

Perfectly Polished

  • HQ:
  • nail designs & care

Perfectly Posh

  • HQ:
  • beauty & skincare

Pharmanex* – see Nu Skin


  • HQ:
  • health, nutrition, and skin care

Pink Papaya

  • HQ:
  • Natural home spa and beauty products made in the USA

Pink Zebra

  • HQ: USA
  • Reed diffusers, spa candles, home fragrances, and kitchen products

Plexus Worldwide

  • HQ: USA
  • gut health probiotics and weight loss products
  • ranked #39 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $562M)
  • review: Plexus


  • HQ: Germany
  • wellness products, nutrition, and cosmetics
  • products: FitLine weight management and sports products, BeautyLine Ultimate Young products
  • motto: “Simple. Successful.”
  • Motto: “The Wellness Company”
  • Also known as PM International Nutrition and Cosmetics
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • ranked #36 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $632M)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Poofy Organics

  • HQ:
  • wellness and personal care products


  • HQ: Japan
  • counseling-based cosmetics, skincare, personal care, and nutrition
  • founded in 1929
  • ranked #19 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.22B)

Prime My Body

  • HQ: USA


Prüvit/ Prüvit Ventures

  • HQ: USA
  • wellness, weight loss, and nutritional ketone supplements
  • products: Keto//OS and Keto//KREME 2.0
  • motto: “better fuel. better you.”
  • motto: “Prüvit is proud to lead the ketone revolution.”
  • ranked #67 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $214M)

Pulse Cosmetics – see Gemstra

Pure Haven Essentials

  • HQ:
  • skincare, essential oils, and cosmetics
  • formerly Ava Anderson


  • HQ:
  • essential oils
  • formerly Simply Aroma


  • HQ:
  • Mediterranean wellness shakes


  • HQ:
  • wellness and weight loss products

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  • HQ:
  • lifestyle wellness products
  • formerly QuestNet, GoldQuest, QI Limited

Quanjian Natural

  • HQ: China
  • high quality teas, packaged foods, skincare products and cosmetics using traditional Chinese medicinal traditions
  • Also known as Quanjian Natural Medicine Science and Technology Development Company
  • ranked #29 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $786M)

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Rain International

  • HQ: USA
  • black cumin and other seed-based nutritional products


  • HQ: USA
  • Home cleaning systems
  • products: Rainbow Cleaning System, The Power of Water® water-based cleaning system,
  • motto: “wet dust can’t fly”
  • parent company is Rexair (in business since 1936)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

RBC Life

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements and skincare
  • products: 24Seven vitamins, 7-Day Reset Program, MagCal Plus, OliViva, HydraCel, PurePro Base whey protein, Protivity, Sango Coral Calcium, Triple FX Energy Shot, FirstFood Colostrum, VitAloe, TrueAloe, NeuroBright, Colo-Vada Plus cleanse
  • motto: “Better nutrition for better health”
  • motto: “Nutrition around the clock”
  • motto: “A pure approach to normal”
  • Also known as RBC Life Sciences
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Real Time Pain Relief

  • HQ:
  • pain relieving creams & lotions

Real Water

  • HQ: USA
  • premium, drinking water with 8.0 pH that utilizes the proprietary E2 Technology
  • Products: Real Water bottles and Real Water Concentrate using E2 Technology
  • Also known as Real Water Corp

Red Aspen

  • HQ:
  • false lashes


  • HQ:
  • pure organic foods and supplements
  • formerly Regeneration USA

Reliv International*

  • HQ: USA
  • cutting-edge nutritional supplements
  • motto: “nutrition for a healthy, active lifestyle”
  • motto: “The Nutritional Epigenetics Company”
  • products: FibRestore, Innergize!, ProVantage, 24K energy shot, SoySentials, GlucAffectc, ReversAge dietary supplement, CardioSentials, Reliv Delight, LunaRich X, Fit3 Active
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Rena Ware

  • HQ: USA
  • cookware, juicers, and water purifiers
  • products: Aqua √ Nano Water Filtration System
  • motto: “A passion for quality”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


Revital U/ Revital U Brew

  • HQ: USA
  • coffee for weight loss
  • products: revital U Coffee, Coffee Sticks, Smart Caps
  • motto: “Smart coffee for smart people!”

Rexair – see Rainbow


  • HQ: USA
  • all-natural beverage from Rhodiola Rosea (rose root; found in Russia), açai berry (found in the Amazon), Georgian Pomegranate (found in Northern Africa and Caucasian Mountains), ashwagandha, Caucasian bilberry, and blueberry leaf
  • also known as RhodiGandha and Natural Healing
  • formerly Frutaiga and Natural Healing
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines


  • HQ:
  • Asian animal placenta and stem cell technology

Rodan and Fields/ Rodan + Fields

Rolmex Technology Co. Ltd.

  • HQ: China
  • kitchen wares, cleaning products, cosmetics and nutritional products
  • subsidiary of Luomai Technology Group
  • also known as Beijing Rolmex Technology Group
  • ranked #45 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $459M)

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Saba For Life*

  • HQ: USA
  • weight loss, nutrition, and cosmetics
  • products: Skinny 5000, Saba 60, ACE (Appetite Control Energy)***
  • acquired by AMS Health Sciences, LLC*

Sanki Global

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements
  • products: BelAge Rree Radical Scavenging Formula dietary supplement, Inner7 Concentrated and Purified Ocean Water, Kronuit Fire dietary supplement
  • motto: “I live my dreams!”
  • motto: “Japanese science within your reach”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: USA
  • wickless scented candles, laundry fragrance, essential oils
  • products: Dryer Disks, Laundry Liquid, Scent Soft, Washer Whiffs, Clean Counter spray, Kitchen Soap, Scentsy Fresh spray
  • ranked #44 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $468M)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Seacret Direct

  • HQ: USA
  • Dead Sea skin care
  • M4 Mineral-rich Magnetic Mud Mask, Dead Sea Bath Salt, Age Defying REGAIN Eye Cream, Recover Day Masque
  • Motto: “a unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals and the latest scientific technologies in the skincare world.”
  • also known as Secret Spa
  • ranked #72 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $200M)

Secret – see The Secret

SeneGence International

  • HQ: USA
  • skincare and cosmetics
  • products: LipSense, LinerSense, SenePlex skincare and anti-aging, EyeLuminator, SeneSerum-C, Ooops! Remover, Fooops! Remover, LipVolumizers, MakeSense® Foundations, BlushSense, MakeSense® Silk, BrowSense, EyeSense, ShadowSense, LashSense, UnderSense, SeneDerm SeneSun SPF 30 SunScreen, Abundance Parfums, SeneDerm® Solutions
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ:
  • spa products

Shakeology – see Beachbody


  • HQ: USA
  • nutrition supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Shine Cosmetics

  • HQ: USA

Simply Aroma

  • HQ:
  • essential oils

Sisel International

  • HQ: USA
  • powerful, safe, effective nutrition
  • products: SiselRIPT, 4Restore, UltraMaxx, The A.G.E Pill, FuCoyDon® Intensified, SpectraMaxx, TS-X, Sisel® Kaffe Instant, Encompass 360, Inner-Chi, Vital Vision, SupraDetox, InFLUence, Asepti-Clean, SupraShine, Transfusium, Exfolium. Sisel® Firming Facial Cleanser, Vanquish, Actify 6000, Sisel® Rapid Repair, SkinDu

Skinny Body Care

  • HQ: USA
  • All-natural weight loss supplements
  • products: P4 Protein Shake, Skinny Body Max, HiBurn8, E3, Skinny Fiber, Instant Youth, Ageless
  • mission: “Our mission is to provide our customers and distributors the highest quality products, tools, systems, resources, and everything they need to maximize their results, both physically, and financially!”

Soul Purpose

  • HQ:
  • Bath and beauty

Soy L Scents

  • HQ:
  • Premium soy-based wax candles with botanical oils

Sozo Global

  • HQ:
  • coffeeberry products

Sportron International*

  • HQ: USA
  • wellness “FoodMatrix Science”
  • motto: “targeted nutrition”
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

SPX Nutrition

  • HQ: USA
  • weight loss and nutrition
  • products: NutriThin, Nutri-Biotix, Xtreme Cardio

Stanley Home Products

  • HQ:
  • personalized home care products

Steeped Tea

  • HQ:
  • Loose-leaf tea, kitchen and food accessories

Sun Hope

  • HQ: China
  • health, skincare, household, and personal cleaning products with a focus on preventative medicine
  • motto: “spreading beauty and health”
  • also known as Sun Hope International, Sun Hope China, Sun Hope Indonesia
  • the original website is broken; the Sun Hope International Corporation website has limited info.
  • ranked #14 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.53B)

Sunrider International*

  • HQ: USA
  • health, beauty, food, and household goods
  • products: SunTrim Shake, Smart Gummies, SunFit Pack, Oi-Lin skincare, VitaTaste, Fitness Brigade Exercise System, Evergreen dietary supplement, VitaDophilus, SunTrim Plus, SunBar, Dr. Chen Youth Masque, Dr. Chen Youth Emulsion
  • motto: “Spring into a Green routine”
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Sweet Minerals

  • HQ:
  • All-natural, mineral-based cosmetics and skin care

Swissjust Corp.

  • HQ: Switzerland
  • natural Swiss-made products for body and mind
  • products: 31 Herbal Cream, Deo Intim Cleansing Gel, Echinacea & Ginseng Bath Essence, San’ Activ Bath Salts, Comfrey Gel, Arnica Creamy Gel, Eucasol, Jackfruit Cream, Vital Just skincare,
  • motto: “Connect with yourself and the world naturally around you”
  • started in 1930
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Symmetry Corporation*

Synergy Worldwide*

  • HQ: USA
  • products: Biome Actives, Biome DTX, ProArgi-9+, Elemence Body Care, Trulūm Skin Care, Metabolic LDL, Mistica, VitaZone, SLMSmart supplements, Trulum skincare
  • motto: “Unlock elite health”
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

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Tahitian Noni International*

  • HQ: USA
  • wellness juice
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Take Shape for Life* – see Optavia

Tasly Group

  • HQ: Malaysia
  • Also known as Tasly Marketing

Tealightful Inc.

  • HQ: USA
  • finely crafted tea products from all over the world
  • products: loose-leaf tea, My Easy Matcha (for natural energy, Zen balance, and mindful wellness), iced tea blend, food mixes, teapots,
  • motto: “Real People. Real Tea.”
  • Also known as Tealightful Treasures
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Team Beachbody – see Beachbody


  • HQ: USA
  • tea for weight loss, detox, and wellness
  • products: Teami 30-Day Detox, Teami Skinny, Teami Colon Cleanse, Teami MIXit, Teami Profit Tea, Green Tea Detox Mask and Scrub, MatchaMi Matcha Green Tea
  • motto: “It’s not just tea, it’s a lifestyle”
  • also known as Teami Blends

The Maira Co. Ltd.

  • HQ: Japan
  • herbal and non-surgical rejuvenation
  • products: Rose Mist, Beauty Bath Sonic, Maira Sonic Beauty T-win, Zakuro Collagen Jelly

The Secret

Thrive – see Le-Vel


  • HQ:
  • high quality freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, food storage, and emergency supplies


  • HQ:
  • Wellness supplements

Tianshi Health Products Inc.*

Tiber River

  • HQ: Canada
  • bath, essential oils & gifts

Tiens Group

  • HQ: China
  • wellness products and dietary supplements
  • also known as Tianshi Engineering and Tiens Biotech Group USA
  • ranked #93 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $118M)

Total Life Changes

  • HQ: USA
  • weight loss, detox, nutritional supplements, and skin care
  • products: Iaso Tea, Iaso HCG, NutraBurst and Iaso Gano
  • review: Total Life Changes

Touchstone Essentials

  • HQ:
  • wellness and weight loss products


  • HQ:


  • HQ:
  • Air purifiers


  • HQ: USA
  • wellness, nutritional supplements & essential oils
  • products: Nopalea, Slow Dissolve Super B-12, MyoHealth™ Essential Amino Acid Complex Lemonade Powder, MyoHealth™ Essential Amino Acid Complex Vegan Capsules, NeuroShine, Omega3 Prime, HCY Guard, VisionGuard, Adaptuit, Cholesteria, Rainforest Treasure Tea, ProDigest, GlucoManage, Adaptuit Sleep, Fiberzon, Prometric 95, Sangre de Drago, Zamu Protect, Uña de Gato, Leanology Herbal Cleanse Tea, MyFloraDaily,
  • Amazon Herb’s motto: “miracle herbs and botanicals from the Amazon rainforest”
  • Acquired Amazon Herb Company in 2012
  • Amazon Herb Company qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Tropic Skin Care

  • HQ:
  • skin, bath & cosmetics

TRUTH Niagara

  • HQ: Canada
  • handmade luxury bath and body products

TruVision Health

  • HQ: USA
  • supplements, weight loss & essential oils

TS Life

  • HQ:

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Unicity International*

  • HQ: USA
  • nutrition and personal care
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines

Unilever Network

  • HQ: Thailand and Philippines
  • Product: Aviance Premium Skin Care
  • Also known as Aviance/ Aviance Shop


  • HQ: USA
  • nutrition and weight loss
  • products: 206 Complete, Aloe Gold, AloeDophilus, Ultra Protein, RegeniFREE, ClariCor Omega, EnzyDigest, Femme Vitale, Florasterol, GoVera, Hilltop Gardens body products, km Kaps, L’initié® W389 line, MetaGreens, PQ Café, RegeniCARE, RegeniPET (pet health), Rhythmatix, Solanyx, Xperia, Xtra Concentrate, Xtra RTD MINIs
  • motto: “Experience renewal”
  • motto: “Move effortlessly! Play fearlessly! Feel phenomenal!”
  • also known as Univera Life Sciences
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

USANA Health Sciences Inc.*

  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional, weight loss & personal care
  • products: nutrition (CellSentials with Intelligence, Vita Antioxidant, Core Minerals, BiOmega, Proflavanol C100, CoQuinone 30, Hepasil DTX, Visionex, PhytoEstrin, Usanimals, BiOmega Jr, Proglucamune, Prenatal CellSentials); skincare (Celavive line, Sensé line, Be Beautiful line)
  • motto: “Health comes full circle”
  • Two of Usana’s officers misstated their academic credentials: director and spokesperson Denis Waitley (did not receive a master of arts from the Naval Postgraduate School as he’d stated) and executive vice president of research and development Timothy Wood (master’s and doctorate degrees in Forestry, not in Biology as he’d sated)
  • supported by Mehemet Oz (USANA sponsored his show’s Daytime Emmy)
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • ranked #23 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.05B)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Usana Income Disclosures
  • review: USANA

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  • HQ: Austria
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Products: Vabo-N Essentials, Apex Body Optimizer
  • Motto: “Optimal care. Every day.”


  • HQ: USA
  • supplements & weight loss products
  • review: Valentus


  • HQ: USA
  • personal wellness

Vemma Nutrition Company

  • HQ: USA
  • energy drinks, nutritional beverages, weight loss, and dietary supplements
  • Vemma acquired New Vision* in 2011.
  • supported by Mehemet Oz (he was featured on Vemma’s sales calls)
  • New Vision International received an FTC complaint in 1999 for deceptive practices.
  • The FDA cited Vemma in 2012 for neglecting to conduct customer complaint investigations or pursue follow-up action.
  • Vemma is banned in Italy after being exposed as a pyramid scheme.
  • It is also under investigation in Austria.
  • Vemma Income Disclosures
  • Review: Vemma

Vestige Marketing

  • HQ: India
  • premium cosmetics, health and personal care products
  • ranked #92 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $127M)

Vida Divina

  • HQ: USA
  • tea & supplements specializing in mushrooms
  • ranked #85 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $153M)


  • HQ: USA
  • weight management nutritional products, dietary supplements and energy drinks
  • product: Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge
  • review: ViSalus

Vision for Life International*


  • HQ:
  • stainless steel waterless cookware


  • HQ:

Vitality Extracts

  • HQ:
  • essential oils, diffusers & essential oil jewelry

VIVA Life Science, Inc.*


  • HQ: USA
  • Water optimization, air purification, and nutraceuticals
  • products: LaundryPure 2.0 washing system with ActivePure Technology, Re:Move stain lifter, SteadyPower Conditioning System, SafeHearth Radiant Heater; water optimization (LivingWater, H2Fuel); air purification (FreshAir Surround, FreshAir Everest, FreshAir Cube, FreshAir Mobile, FreshAir Focus, FreshAir Personal, ClassicAir); nutraceuticals (Essentials for Life, Perfect Start, Re:Absorb, Re:Balance, Re:Build, Re:Charge, Re:Claim, Re:Coupe, Re:Duce, Re:Flex, Re:Gain, Re:Inforce, Re:Lease, Re:Mind, Re:Place Soy, Re:Place Whey, Re:Plenish, Re:Sist, Re:Sults, Re:View, Re:Vive, Royal Essentials)
  • motto: “Making dreams a reality with rewards you can earn from home”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Vorwerk Worldwide

  • HQ: Germany
  • vacuums, kitchen & royal jelly beauty products
  • ranked #4 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $4.19B)

Votre Vu Botanically

  • HQ: France
  • Activated skincare and cosmetics


  • HQ:
  • wellness products
  • products: socks with VoXX HPT technology

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  • HQ: USA
  • highest quality, all-natural anti-aging
  • products: Healthy Aging Formula, MegaDefense, Natural Cellular Defense, Superior Fiber Blend
  • motto: “rediscover your dreams”

Wakaya Perfection

  • HQ: USA
  • Detox and weight loss, wellness, & essential oils
  • Products: Kava Capsules, Qele Deep Detox BulaBOOSTER, Fiber FuelBOOSTER, BulaFIT Warrior Workout, BulaFIT KetoFUEL, Bula INSULATE bobble, TaLei skin care
  • Motto: “The Keto Lifestyle Company”
  • “Our BulaFIT Ketogenic Lifestyle is helping thousands of people to lose fat, get fit and stay healthy.”

Watkins Online Incorporated

  • HQ:
  • health remedies, baking products & household items

WBC Group

  • HQ: USA
  • cruelty-free skincare regimen with an emphasis on teen skin
  • motto: “global Force For Good”
  • motto: “better-for-you beauty products”
  • products: HY+5, Born to Glow Skin Elixir, Do Over, willa (teen skin line) Start Fresh and Peel Away
  • also known as Willing Beauty
  • willa has partnered with Origami Owl
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Wellstar International

  • HQ: Germany
  • beauty and wellness
  • products: Sensation Face Lifter, Perfection Body Lifter, BYAS XLR8 Caps, BYAS Body Forming Gel, BYAS Transformation Shake


  • HQ:
  • Natural gourmet foods
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

willa – see WBC Group

Willing Beauty – see WBC Group


  • HQ:
  • healthcare and wellness

Women’s Wisdom Circle

  • HQ: Mexico
  • motto: “community and support for all women”
  • motto: “A [sic] interconnected web of wise women accessing their crone energy.”
  • review: Women’s Wisdom Circle

World Global Network

  • HQ: USA
  • wearable technology, cellular devices, and VOIP communications app to improve wellness and achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • Products: Helo LX, Germanium, Bands, BioZen, PLUS, LUMINA smart glasses, Infolio Shield-Activated SmartPhone
  • Motto: “Get ready to improve your life”
  • Also known as WOR(l)D Global Network and World GN
  • subsidiaries include WOR(l)D Global Mobile Network (also known as GMN or World GMN) and World Media & Technology
  • ranked #83 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $165M)

Wynlife Healthcare, Inc.*

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  • HQ: USA
  • mangosteen beverages
  • products: XANGO Juice, XANGO Reserve, Glimpse Topical Skin Nutrition, XANGO 3SIXTY5 multivitamin, Eleviv supplement, Juni hair-care and body-care, XANGO Meal Packs
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • XanGo Earnings Disclosures


  • HQ:
  • tamarind-based weight loss


  • HQ: USA
  • health and wellness products specializing in chocolate
  • products: Xe Energy Drinks, BeyondMe
  • also known as BeyondMe, Beyond, Well Beyond, Xocai Corp
  • review: Xoçai

Xooma Worldwide

  • HQ:


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Yanbal International

  • HQ: Peru
  • fragrance, cosmetics, and jewelry
  • products: Arty Femme cosmetics, Hydra-Lip Lipstick, Ccori Rosé perfume, Liberatta perfume, Ohm men’s cologne and aftershave
  • motto: “Much more than a world-class jewelry and beauty company. We are committed to empowering women, that is why we give them outstanding products and the best business Opportunity.”
  • acquired LuLu Avenue (jewelry products) in 2016
  • ranked #26 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $971M)


  • HQ: China
  • nutrition and cleaning products
  • ranked #30 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $740M)


  • HQ:
  • hair extensions

Yofoto Health Industry Co. Ltd.

  • HQ: China
  • natural personal care, foods, and household products with focus on regenerative medicine and cell & gene therapy
  • also known as RepliCel
  • ranked #34 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $696M)


  • HQ:
  • nutritional supplements

YOR Health

  • HQ: USA
  • plant-based nutritional supplements and essential oils
  • products: YOR Muscle Energy, Bare Oils line, Bare Living body care, YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Essential Vitamin, YOR Fiber Plus, YOR Muscle Energy, YOR CompleteBurn, YOR Probiotics Ultra, YOR Repair Ultra, YOR Shake, YOR Super Slim, YOR SuperGreens
  • motto: “GREAT-ful plant-based products”
  • motto: “Maximum Nutrition Delivery”
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Young Living

  • HQ: USA
  • essential oils and nutritional supplements
  • products: Thieves line, YL Seedlings baby line, KidScents, Animal Scents pet care, LavaDerm After-Sun Spray, Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream, Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, Thieves Essential Oil Infused Cough Drops, Ningxia Red nutrition, Slique weight loss management, Savvy Minerals cosmetics
  • motto: “Seed to Seal”
  • motto: “The World Leader in Essential Oils”
  • also known as Young Living Essential Oils and YoungLiving
  • ranked #15 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $1.52B)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Young Living Income Disclosure Statements

Youngevity International

  • HQ: USA
  • nutrition and healthy lifestyle solutions
  • motto: “technologically-advanced nutritional company”
  • motto: “Powerful products that restore health and build vitality, in addition to having a powerful business opportunity that transforms lives.”
  • products: Adaptogenix, Biometics, Botanical Spa, Escape International, GOFoods, Healing America, Heritage Makers, JavaFit, Livinity, Mineral Makeup Collection, ProJoba International, PureWorks, Soul Purpose, True2Life, Vitalagy (DrinkACT), Youngevity Healthy Chocolate, CLR Roasters (Cafe La Rica, JavaFit Line of Healthy Coffees)
  • BeyondOrganic products: Transform Your Temple rebalancing program, GreenFed, SueroViv 3-day cleanse
  • BeyondOrganic motto: “Change your diet. Change your life. Change the world.”
  • Youngevity changed its corporate name from AL International to Youngevity International in 2013
  • acquired Livinity* in 2012, BeyondOrganic in 2014, Integris Global in 2016, and BeautiControl in 2017
  • Livinity* qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines
  • ranked #89 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $142M)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: USA
  • skincare & cosmetics, fashion accessory, clothes, jewelry
  • products: Younique Touch pressed powder, Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ Lash Enhancer, Moodstruck Precision pencil eyeliner, Touch Mineral foundation, Beachfront Bronzer, Royalty skincare line
  • motto: “Nature is the inspiration behind our science”
  • motto: “Heal the one. Protect the many.” (Younique Foundation against sexual abuse)
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • review: Younique

YTB International

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  • HQ:
  • tea and accessories

Zepter International

  • HQ: Russia
  • Medical, cosmetic, and home products
  • light therapy (Bioptron, Medolight), air purifiers (Therapy Air), cosmetics (Deo Fresh, Bamboo Exfoliating Gel, Zepur cream)

Zermat International

  • HQ: USA
  • skincare, body care, and cosmetics
  • products: Naturalezza body care, BodyBreeze, Secret Selection scents, eau d’amour body care, Body Evolution cosmetics, Kiwi personal care,
  • motto: “Luxury within your reach”

Zija International

  • HQ: USA
  • health, wellness & weight loss
  • sub-brands include (high-quality essential oils), Core Moringa supplements, GenM Personal care, and RIPSTIX Fitness Supplements
  • Core Moringa products: XMProtein, XMBurn, XMam, XMpm, SmartMix, SuperMix, XM + Energy Mix, Morclēr Water Purification System
  • Améo Essential Oils products: Gest-Calm, Life Unlimited, Muscle Mend, Pür Vie, Soothing Aire, Améo Gene Expression (AGX)
  • RIPSTIX Fitness Supplements products: Ripstix Fuel, Hydrate Glacier, Ignite, Limitless, Recover
  • GenM Personal Care products: 2 Month Miracle Gel, Arctic Cool Comfort Cream, Mangosteen PeriCarp Oil
  • Motto: “life unlimited”
  • acquired XanGo in 2017
  • review: Zija

Zika International

  • HQ:
  • nutrition, beauty, and natural health products


  • HQ: USA
  • CBD oil


  • HQ: Sweden
  • nutritional supplements, weight loss & skin care
  • products: Viva, Xtend, BalanceOil, Protect, LeanShake, ZinoBiotic, Zinzino Skin Serum, BalanceTest blood-spot diet analysis
  • motto: “active nutrients from nature to fight the imbalance of our modern lifestyle”
  • associated with Zinzino Nordic AB
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: USA
  • liquid nutritional supplements, wellness & skincare
  • products: wellness (Amalki superfruit juice, Rise quick brew performance coffee, Achieve weight management shake, Accell energy and metabolism booster, Smart Omega-3 Optimal Strength, Purify Total Cleanse dietary supplement, Daily AM and PM Radiant Health supplements); skincare (ZriiNew skincare line)
  • motto: “Fuel your lifestyle”
  • motto: “Welcome to better”
  • motto: “Live without limits”
  • supplements are approved by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, founded by Deepak Chopra
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)


  • HQ: USA
  • nutritional supplements & weight loss
  • ranked #100 in 2018 DSN Global 100 (2017 revenue of $94M)

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The * symbol is used to indicate a company that qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines (Exhibit 2, on page 8)

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MLMs That Have Been Shut Down

2xtreme Performance International*

  • nutritional supplements
  • (shut down by FTC as pyramid scheme)


  • Headquarters: USA
  • all-natural botanical and clinical skin care
  • no longer in business; website down

Assured Nutrition Plus

  • Meal replacement shakes
  • Website is no longer active.

Foru International*

  • Founded in 2008 as GeneWize Life Sciences. Acquired in 2012 by Capsulas Corp; the name was changed to Foru International.
  • In 2014, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) challenged the claim that products were customized based on DNA testing results. Foru settled with the FTC out of court. (source: FTC)
  • Original website ( is no longer active; no references to DNA-based products on current Foru International website (which focuses on aqua culture solutions)

Doctor Trusted*

  • Parent company SmartClick Media settled with the FTC over fraudulently using “Doctor Trusted” health seals on websites.
  • The products were never evaluated for safety or effectiveness by any physician.
  • The company also promoted its own website ( as independent and unbiased advice on health products, but instead advertises specific health products. Read FTC article
  • review: Doctor Trusted

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract*

Equinox International*

  • water filters & vitamins
  • (shut down by Federal Trade Commission)


  • This was the first company to offer personally customized nutrient supplements based on the assessment of an individual’s DNA. Parent company was GeneLink BioSciences, Inc.
  • Fraud complaint against GeneLink Inc. was filed by the FTC in 2014
  • Neither company seems to be active; websites not available.

GoldShield Elite*

  • Was associated with Achievers Unlimited, Changes International, Golden Pride, and W.T. Rawleigh Company.
  • Exposed as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines.
  • Website no longer active.

HealthyLife Sciences*

  • Settled with the FTC over fraudulent claims of its diet products called Healthe Trim (“High School Skinny”). (read FTC article)
  • (review: HealthyLife Sciences)


  • Headquarters: Austria
  • Shut down as an “illegal pyramid scheme” in Norway (Source: no)
  • review: Lyoness

Maëlle Beauty

  • beauty products
  • (out of business due to lawsuit from Younique)


  • Defaulted
  • Sold to Jeunesse

Neways International*

  • personal care, nutrition & household cleaning
  • merged with Modere in 2013
  • formerly Images and Attitudes
  • motto: “A Perfect Blend of Science and Nature”
  • In 2002, Neways founders and owners Thomas and Leslie DeeAnn Mowers and corporate attorney James Thompson were found guilty of conspiracy and tax evasion. They all served time in prison.
  • In 2003, the Mowers pleaded guilty to a felony count of “illegally distributing a product containing human growth hormone” (the BioGevity product). The owners took a plea bargain to pay a fine and forfeit the $1.25 million in profit.

Purists Choice

  • coffee and health products
  • also known as Sales Slash
  • (shut down)

Royal Tongan Limu

  • seaweed extract products
  • (shut down)


  • Spa for the home
  • motto: “Enhances the senses and refresh the soul”
  • Website is operational, but store is not working and all products are “Out of Stock”

Stemtech Health Sciences Inc.*

  • Out of business
  • qualifies as a “Product-Based Pyramid Scheme” per the FTC’s guidelines


  • skincare & cosmetics
  • (MLM Division has been closed)

United Sciences of America

  • nutritional supplements
  • (shut down)

Vemma Nutrition Company*

  • dietary supplements
  • (banned in Italy as a pyramid scheme; under investigation in Austria)


  • organic foods
  • (discontinued by parent company Nutrient Foods in 2016)

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