What is Profit Leakage?

Money Out the Door

No matter how hard you & your staff work, money seems to evaporate as soon as it comes in. Unfortunately, there could also be several areas where your company is losing cash… and you may not even realize it’s happening.

We call this “Profit Leakage.”

Our Profit Leakage Calculator can help you identify exactly where your business is most at risk in 11 different areas:

Strategic Areas

  • 1. Personal Vision
  • 2. Business Vision
  • 3. Strategy
  • 4. Structure
  • 5. Culture

Operational Areas

  • 6. Finances
  • 7. Expenses
  • 8. People
  • 9. Systems and Processes
  • 10. Marketing and Sales
  • 11. Products or Services
ConsultX profit leakage diagram
The ConsultX Profit Leakage Calculator

Building Trust with a Success Partner

The traditional consulting approach isn’t all that pleasant. Maybe you have hired a consultant—one who:

  • sweeps into your business,
  • tells you what you’re doing wrong,
  • analyzes why you were right to hire them, then
  • comes back with a slide deck and hands you a 50-page report,
  • gets paid, and
  • leaves.

We believe that this is not an effective way to reach long-term business goals. As the owner, you know a heck of a lot more about your business than anyone else. That’s why we begin our process by learning more about you:

  • your perspective as the owner,
  • your challenges,
  • the current financial picture,
  • where you would like to be, and
  • which barriers stand in the way of your success.

All About Your Business

You have the capability to generate the wealth and success you want, on your terms. But to accomplish this, it is essential that you know which barriers are affecting your business and how to fix them.

We specialize in helping Manufacturing company owners who generate $1M to $20M in annual revenue to:

  • simplify your financial metrics so you know exactly where to spend your time & effort
  • act as a “point person” who gathers relevant, honest feedback from your team
  • identify lost profit of up to $1,000,000 and improve profit margins by 100%
  • improve system and process efficiencies by 35%
  • cut down wasted time by 50% so you can enjoy vacations again
  • create a path for a high-dollar sale, merger, or acquisition

Our system has been tried and tested in thousands of companies. Let us help you position your company for success, regardless of market shifts or unexpected changes.

During our complimentary 3-stage process, we assess:

  1. where your business is now,
  2. how much profit you could be losing, and
  3. what success could look like for you.

Since we are extremely selective about which clients we serve, our first few discussions will focus on gathering information to decide whether we can help. You will hear valuable insights about your business and receive two detailed reports, all without paying a dime.

Once we are both clear on the full picture and your specific goals, we can decide whether it makes sense to proceed with signing an agreement to work together.

Discovery Meeting

The first step in getting to know you and your company is through a Discovery Meeting. During this discussion, we will ask several deep-dive questions to find out:

  • where you are,
  • where you’d like the business to be,
  • how it operates, and
  • what you would ultimately like to achieve.
Photo of a handshake with "Discovery Meeting" title
The Discovery Meeting is to identify your vision and long-term goals for the business

Diagnostic Meeting

In our second discussion, the Diagnostic Meeting, we will identify how well your company is doing in 11 different areas using the Profit Leakage Calculator. This will show you how much profit you could be losing each month and how this may affect your company’s future growth and valuation.

Woman and man look at a laptop with "Diagnostic Meeting" title
In the Diagnostic Meeting, we measure the amount of Profit Leakage and discuss its implications

After our initial meetings, you will receive a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations — free of charge. There is no cost to you.

If both of us agree that a Business Success Program would benefit your company, we will discuss what it could look like to partner together.

Here is what it looks like to work with us.

Process of LaConte Consulting Business Success Program
Complimentary detailed reports in the Evaluation stage, Profit Boosting & rapid results in the Business Success Program stage

If you’re ready, schedule your Discovery Meeting today! Or find out more about who we can (and can’t) help.