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Words have a lot of power. We have collected an extensive list of strategic risk terms and their meanings. Find it here.

strategy, strategic risk, risk management, definitions, reference


Strategy Tools Made Easy

Check out these free tools that can help you increase revenue, profitability, productivity, and engagement in your company:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • Bubble Graph
  • Strategic Planning Framework Tool
  • Year In Review Evaluation
  • Company Culture Iceberg
  • Perfect Workplace Evaluation

…and much more! Find more here.


Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

What is holding back female business owners from succeeding at growth and success?

This research-backed series explores 25 common barriers, many of which might surprise you. You’ll also hear insights about how to overcome them and build a multi-million-dollar company.

challenges of women-owned businesses
What is unique about female business owners?


Multi-Level Marketing

We have also compiled a list of phrases that are common in multi-level marketing (MLM), as well as in-depth information about why this business model is dangerous and which companies are involved.


Ethical Standards on the Sale of Products in Healthcare

Although an increasing number of business owners choose to diversify their income streams by selling products, this is problematic for healthcare professionals such as physicians, dentists, and mental health professionals.

This page displays how the Code of Ethics from several well-known professional groups around the world clearly state that selling products could be very problematic in patient care. The list includes statements from the American Medical Association, American Dental Association, Canadian Medical Association, Australian Medical Association, World Medical Association International, and others.

Ethics of product sales



WWB 001: Introduction — What to Expect

Check out the What’s Wrong with Your Business Podcast, in which Grace examines problems that keep business owners up at night — including long-term strategies and risk management tools. Find it here. 


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