Case Study: Workflow Management Training at Healthcare Conference


I was invited to speak at a state conference for healthcare leaders on the topic “Easy Strategies to Improve Healthcare Workflow.” Attendees were highly involved during the presentation and came away with new tools to improve the workflow in their facility.

Grace LaConte conference speaker and strategist


OrHIMA (Oregon Health Information Management Association) held a Fall Institute event in November 2015. This meeting provides Health Information Management (HIM) leaders with useful and practical education. The OrHIMA organizers invited me to provide a 1-hour session on workflow management, which is of particular interest to members.

The Challenge

My audience was a diverse group of HIM professionals in need of practical advice on how to implement workflow strategies in their organization. They were especially interested in hearing examples and step-by-step solutions.

My Solution

I designed a presentation with visual examples, real-life case studies, and personal experiences as a manager with experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Most importantly, I explained that the #1 problem in healthcare is a lack of communication because the flow of information is incomplete or inadequate.

My presentation helped to define the purpose of workflow analysis, strategies to increase productivity and decrease errors, and methods to better engage employees. I also demonstrated the SWOT analysis, Swimlane Diagram, KPIs and Dashboards. In conclusion, I provided several case studies to demonstrate these strategies in action.

OrHIMA tweet
“Easy Strategies to Improve Healthcare Workflow” session Tweet


The audience showed incredible interest in the topic and actively participated during the entire session. Feedback cards revealed a very positive experience, with comments such as:

  • “Interesting topic; I’m excited to draw out my “As Is” & create a “To Be” (Stacy)
  • Enjoyed your talk—straightforward approach to workflow improvement. Good examples. (Quinn, Bend OR)
  • “Very informative. Liked the experience-based stories used as illustrations.” (Mary, Grants Pass OR)
  • “Enjoyed it. I plan to pull some ideas together for a presentation at my company’s convention.” (Carla, OR)
  • “Excellent presentation. Engaging and provided a lot of insight.” (Ashley, Salem OR)

Based on the success of this seminar, I have been invited to share the “Workflow Strategies” topic at several other conferences and leadership events.

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Speakers at the OrHIMA Fall Institute

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