Logistics Checklist

I want your event to be a huge success. In order to make sure we’re on the same page, I’ve prepared this Logistics Checklist that lists everything we’ll need prior to and during the event.

  1. Industry and Background. In addition to the information you provide in my online Questionnaire, please send links (or e-mail attachments) of the following info about your organization’s people, customers, and the event itself:
  • Company history and primary officers
  • Recent newsletters and industry publications
  • Marketing materials for your primary services or products
  • Brochure or program for this event
  1. Handouts. I will provide you a digital copy of my handout materials, which should be made available to audience members prior to the event. If you wish, we can coordinate a high-quality printed version to be supplied to each attendee at the event.
  1. Introduction. I will provide a Speaking Introduction for the event, to be used when introducing me to the stage. Please select an introducer who has a clear voice and provide the Intro to him/her in advance.
  1. Speaking Platform. If your group is 200 or more, I will be more visible on a raised platform (12 to 18 inches). This will allow all attendees to see and enjoy my presentation. Please have steps placed in the front, if possible.
  1. Podium. I prefer an open stage so I can move around. I may invite members of the audience up front during the session. A podium and any tables should set to the side or back of the stage during my presentation, if possible. Please also provide a room-temperature bottle of water.
  1. Microphone. I prefer to use a hands-free microphone, either headset boom or clip-on wireless lavaliere so I can move around and interact with attendees. Please also provide a hand-held microphone for use during audience interactions.
  1. Stage Layout. Since I will be moving around the room and engaging with audience members, please make sure the stage is free of obstacles and that all surface cables are securely taped.
  1. Presentation Format. If your event requires the slide deck to be pre-loaded into the system, please specify your preferred file type (PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) and aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3).
  1. Audio/Visual. In order to assure your audience receives the most benefit from my presentation, please provide the following:
  • Headset boom microphone or wireless lavaliere
  • Wireless laser remote with fresh batteries
  • LCD projector (minimum 1000 lumens) with HDMI and audio connectors
  • Front screen appropriate to the room and audience size
  • Table at back or outside the room for meet-and-greet (if needed)
  • Tech setup 30 minutes prior to the presentation
  • Tech support on call throughout the event
  1. Travel Specifications. I am based in the Portland, OR metro and fly out of Portland International Airport (PDX). I request that reasonable travel expenses be reimbursed as accrued, including:
  • Business-class airfare and fees to and from event
  • A 3-star or better hotel
  • Meals & tips for entire event, from evening prior to the final day
  • Rental vehicle or personal vehicle mileage (if pickup is not available)
  • Mileage at IRS business rates for events within driving distance
  • Highway tolls to and from airport or event location, if applicable
  • Valet parking or garage charges, if applicable
  • For locations outside driving distance of Portland, in lieu of a rental vehicle, you may provide ground transportation between airport to hotel and event location.
  1. Ground Transportation. If you will be arranging ground transportation to and from the airport, please let me know who will be meeting me and at what time they will arrive.

I don’t nickel-and-dime my clients, so you’ll never get an invoice for any “added fees.” If I am booked for multiple events on the same trip, I will pro-rate my travel expenses and pass on the savings to you.

Want to discuss your upcoming event? Fill out a Detailed Speaker Questionnaire. Or if you haven’t yet planned the event, fill out a Basic Speaker Questionnaire.

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