Business Success Consulting

As a business owner, you’d like to create stable, consistent growth. Eventually you want a significant return on investment from your hard work, right?

When I talk to owners, they say they are:

  • concerned about maximizing the value of their business for eventual sale,
  • unsure about how to “pass the torch” to a new leader,
  • working very long 60- to 70-hour weeks and overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks, and
  • hoping to retire without worrying about how the business is doing.

Unfortunately, 83% of owners who want to sell are turned away — due to an inadequate business plan, lack of systematized processes, or low valuation.

With our Next Stage Business Positioning System, we identify the profit leakage in your business, ways to increase revenue and profit margins, and exactly how you want to depart the company once the time comes.

With a defined plan, you can feel in control of how your business operates…. no matter what happens.

Become a Business Success Partner

If you are an Accountant, Bookkeeper, Financial Advisor, or other business professional and wish you could go beyond tax & compliance services — and help your clients to achieve consistent growth, then consulting could be a fantastic career option.

Our system provides a Profit Leakage Calculator, business valuation analysis, and guides you through the client discussions so it never feels like a sales call. We provide all the training, tools, and resources to offer high-end consulting services, which can easily generate 6 to 7 figures a year.

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Professional Speaking

Do you need a dynamic speaker who can energize your upcoming meeting or conference?

Grace LaConte speaks with authority on topics that impact business growth, including:

  • profit leakage,
  • risk intelligent decision-making, and
  • niche marketing strategies.

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