We provide expertise in these areas:

Targeted Strategic Risk Evaluation

We provide a rapid strategic response to critical events such as high staff turnover, an IT breach, shift in consumer behavior, or public relations disasters.

Targeted projects will include a combination of services to resolve the conflict in your organization, using such tools as:

Strategic Risk Evaluation & Implementation Program

This 2-phased comprehensive program offers a full assessment of the 5 areas of strategic risk: Governance, Operational, Competitive, Financial, and Reputational.

strategic risk, strategic planning, governance, operational, reputational

Phase 1 (Strategic Risk Evaluation) reviews all aspects of the organization’s threats and opportunities for strategic growth.

Phase 2 (Implementation) applies the evaluation findings in an easily implementable plan that is tied to the leadership team’s strategic goals.


Virtual Chief Strategic Risk Officer (vCSRO)

With a Virtual Chief Strategic Risk Officer (vCSRO), your executive team can benefit from the input of a highly trained executive-level consultant… without paying a full-time salary, benefits, or overhead costs.

This service is designed for organizations that lack a designated Chief Risk Officer or whose current CRO is unable to conduct a comprehensive threat evaluation.

A vCSRO supports your leadership team by establishing a strategic risk framework that can identify, analyze, and mitigate all internal and external threats. By combining on-site visits and virtual check-ins, the vCSRO will help you design a long-term risk mitigation strategy that aligns with your ultimate goals.

This service includes priority access so you discuss critical risk issues and emergencies as they occur.


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