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Toxic Workplace Reversal

Interested in running a company where employees are excited to come to work, customers are excited to buy your services, and you are making a difference in the community? Find out why our services can help your organization to succeed.  


Workplace Strategy Services… In Detail

LaConte Consulting provides the insight and tools to help you design a company that is equitable, inclusive, and accommodating to a diverse workforce. Read more about our menu of options including

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initial consult, initial consultation, strategic risk consult, strategic consultation, strategic analysis, needs analysis If you want an expert opinion about how to handle the nitty-gritty of running your business, hiring a qualified consultant is an excellent choice. Our approach is direct, honest, compassionate, and data-driven. We believe that every business has the potential to design an accommodating workplace and also generate high profits. To see if we’re a good fit, choose a time slot and fill out a brief questionnaire. I will call you to discuss where you want your business to go, what marketing methods you’re using, and what will happen if nothing changes. You are not under any obligation to purchase. Should we decide to work together, you will hear several options before we proceed with your project. Read our guarantees here.

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Family-Friendly Workplace Services

We offer an array of services for business owners who want to create a Family-Friendly environment.

Our services include:

Workplace Strategy

  • Virtual and/or on-site visit with a focus on staying in compliance with federal and state labor laws
  • Comprehensive on-site evaluation with review of policies, break times, lactation space, etc.

Program Development

  • Review and updated policies and procedures to comply with federal & state laws
  • Development of a Lactation Space program and/or Infant at Work program that fits your organization’s culture

In-Depth Toxicity Analysis

  • Staff interviews with accompanying data analysis and insights
  • Customized training for staff and managers
  • Resources and tools to reverse workplace toxicity

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Customized Projects

Every situation is unique and requires a unique approach. Following a discussion about your goals and solutions we can offer, we will design a customized package. Additional services include:

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Prior to investing in a consulting service, I encourage you to schedule a free discussion. This will allow us to talk about your business goals, challenges, beliefs, and priorities. Based on this, it will be clear whether LaConte Consulting can provide services that fit your needs. Schedule your free call so we can discuss options for getting more control in your business. Want to Know More? Why Consider Grace About YOU Choosing a Consultant How It Works