Your business is not getting the results you want. Why? Where can you find the answers?

Fixing a Toxic Workplace

Our work environment is supposed to be energizing, supportive, and designed to get the most effective outcome for customers. Unfortunately, small changes can lead to major problems. Without a plan for tackling the root cause, these issues can result in a fractured business that results in a loss of customers, cashflow problems, and even closing its doors.

Symptoms of a dysfunctional workplace include:

  • Poor communication
  • Low staff engagement, morale, and loyalty
  • High staff turnover
  • Constantly filling staff positions
  • Broken processes and low-quality output
  • Unhappy customers
  • Low profit margins
  • Leaders who experience burnout

What’s the Answer?

To analyze the root causes of your business problems, you could:

1. Do a self-evaluation.

An evaluation can be done by you, or by assigning it to a team member.

While this is the cheapest option, it is also the least effective… because problems will continue happening unless the source of the problem is examined. This can be almost impossible by those who are close to the situation.

2. Hire new staff.

If staffing is your biggest challenge, you might decide to eliminate your entire workforce and start over from scratch. Maybe new employees will follow the rules and help your business succeed.

Unfortunately, even with new staff, the same policies and procedures, internal processes, and management style will still be there.

3. Invest in a workplace strategy expert.

Or you could bring in an objective advisor to guide the process of discovering

  • exactly where the toxicity is coming from,
  • where to focus your efforts, and
  • how to keep the business safe while making sure it has the potential to generate more profits.

This option requires a degree of commitment to recognizing possible flaws and blind spots in the way your business is currently managed. It also means that you are willing to step into the shoes of your Foundational Staff in order to hear their feedback.

Solutions for Forward-Thinking Owners

If you want a trusted guide to evaluate a toxic environment in your company, I can help.

My approach is direct, empathetic, and data-driven.

I believe that every business owner has the potential to generate a high profit and benefit their community.

Using my process, you will:

Service Options

Working with me will allow you to take a step back and see things you may have not noticed. Together, we will discuss the strategic risks your business is facing right now:  those you can see, and—most importantly—those you can’t.

Choose from these options:

Consulting Services

A workplace analysis starts with a free discussion, after which I will recommend a Discovery Session or a Customized Project.

More about Consulting

Keynotes and Workshops

As a consultant, writer, and dynamic speaker, I enjoy connecting with any audience by challenging old beliefs about communication and management. I offer a wide range of speaking topics and methods including workshops, keynotes, and seminars.

More about Speaking.

Benefits of Using a Workplace Strategy Expert

Investing in a strategic consultant has both quantitative and qualitative benefits. Here are some of the results you can expect after using my services:

  • Increased confidence and strategic awareness in your abilities as owner
  • Understand and overcome barriers to making decisions for your business
  • Develop a plan for the future that aligns with your beliefs and goals
  • Create clear boundaries in leading your team and dealing with customers
  • Identify strategic vulnerabilities that keep you from achieving healthy growth
  • Recognize potential communication blind spots 
  • Understand how your personality and temperament affect your decision-making

Next Step

Are you ready to talk about how to fix your toxic workplace? Schedule a free 30-minute discussion with Grace today.

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