An owner who easily connects with customers’ emotional and physical needs can often feel overwhelmed with the management side of running their business:

  • measuring staff performance,
  • designing effective processes, and
  • evaluating the finances.

They often feel frustrated with tasks like:

  • imagining the future of their business
  • setting clear goals
  • calculating which services are most profitable
  • making business decisions with certainty
  • creating boundaries and saying “no” to things that won’t benefit their business
  • deciding which customers or patients are not a good fit

An effective business depends on the ability to serve customer needs, define goals for the future, and set limits to establish control.

Instead of feeling worried about the future of your business, you can regain control by identifying the strategic risksvulnerabilities and untapped opportunities in your company’s ability to reach its goals.

You can learn to:

Strategic Risk Services

A decisive and risk intelligent leader is one who evaluates their company’s strategic risks. It’s someone who can recognize areas where their strategic plan needs adjusted, and is willing to acknowledge their part in causing the problems to occur.

My services will give you the tools and support to clarify every strategic risk your business is facing right now: The ones you can see, and—most importantly—the ones you can’t.

Whether you need help evaluating your risks for failure, developing a plan for the future, or facilitating a strategic planning process, my services can help.

Choose from these options:

Strategic Consulting

Establishing clear goals and designing a structured plan for your company’s future has tremendous value. A well-designed framework allows you to make decisions confidently and easily. With an analysis of your Strategic Risks, we can pinpoint areas where your company may be vulnerable and develop a path to create the future you want. Find out more.

Executive Coaching

Good leaders are fully aware of their strengths. Excellent leaders also know their strategic blind spots: areas where they believe things are going well, yet which are persistent barriers to their success. A trusted accountability coach will help you achieve dramatic growth in the profit, impact, and engagement of your organization. Find out more.

Risk Intelligence Programs

Simply knowing that your company is at risk is not enough. Long-term transformation is only possible when leaders know how to evaluate and monitor their strategic vulnerability. A customized Risk Intelligence program will allow your team to develop rapid risk responsiveness, avoid costly mistakes, and make better decisions. Find out more.

Keynotes and Workshops

In addition to providing strategic expertise, Grace LaConte is also a dynamic and compelling nationally recognized speaker. Her straight-shooting views on strategic blind spots, intelligent risk, and innovative leadership will both energize and motivate your audience. Find out more.

Benefits of Using a Strategic Risk Expert

Here are some outcomes you can expect after using my services:

  • Develop a customized strategic risk framework
  • Evaluate your current strategic plan and hear timely recommendations
  • Receive a “Devil’s Advocate” perspective of your decision-making process
  • Evaluate Change Management initiatives for risk readiness
  • Analyze future decisions using a Risk Map
  • Expert facilitation of your Organizational Transition planning
  • On-site Risk Investigations
  • Strategic Risk Monitoring initiatives
  • Unrestricted support during Critical Risk Events
  • In-depth evaluation of underlying risks in your:
    • Corporate vision and mission
    • Management workflow
    • Communication intelligence
    • Organizational culture (internal and external review)
    • Staff engagement and turnover
    • Uncover hidden fraud, waste, and loss
    • Better customer experience
    • Increase process efficiency benchmarks
    • More secure and interoperable IT communication
    • Higher levels of quality and service excellence

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