As a business owner, you may feel overwhelmed and nervous about the future. You may think…

“If things continue at this rate, I’ll have to close my business.”

Maybe your current schedule is unsustainable:

I can’t keep going at this pace.”

Or you may even feel ashamed at all the effort, money, and time you’ve invested:

“All this work, yet there’s nothing to show for it.”

Recognizing Vulnerabilities

Many owners feel isolated when it comes to discussing their business problems. Although you work hard and put in the effort, hidden weaknesses could be keeping you from reaching your ultimate goals.

The good news is: You can choose to recognize the root causes of problems.

By understanding where your company is headed, which unique strengths and core beliefs, and the influences that shape your business decisions, you can move past the barriers and build a company that is balanced and successful.

An analysis of your company’s vulnerabilities allows you to:

  • know which tasks to prioritize and which to set aside
  • see potential problems before they happen
  • feel more confident about your decisions
  • learn from failures instead of “feeling like a failure”
  • And, best of all, find balance both professionally and personally.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed, you can enjoy a business that is profitable, efficient, and in SHAPE: Structured, Honest, Accurate, Participatory, and Energizing.

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Solutions for Business Owners


If you are overwhelmed by how to prioritize your business, you’ve come to the right place.

I specialize in providing independent business owners with the tools and expertise to evaluate areas of risk. Because of my unique background in healthcare management and enthusiasm for natural health practices, my primary focus is on helping licensed healers including:

  • Naturopathic physicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Midwives
  • Mental Health Therapists
  • and other service-based business owners.

Practice owners are often adept at connecting with their patients’ emotional and physical needs, but they may feel overwhelmed with behind-the-scenes management tasks such as planningprofitability, and managing internal processes.

They could result in feeling frustrated:

  • imagining the future of their business
  • setting clear goals
  • calculating which services are most profitable
  • making business decisions with certainty
  • creating boundaries and saying “no” to things that won’t benefit their business
  • deciding which customers or patients are not a good fit

To be effective, your business depends on your ability to serve customer needs, define goals for the future, and set limits to establish control.

Rather than worrying about the future of your business, you can regain control by identifying the strategic risks: the vulnerabilities and untapped opportunities in your company’s ability to reach its goals.

With my help, you can:

Strategic Risk Services

My services provide you with the clarity, direction, and support to see strategic risks your business is facing right now: both the ones you can see, and—most importantly—the ones you can’t.

Whether you need help evaluating your risks for failure, developing a plan for the future, or facilitating a strategic planning process, my services can help.

Choose from these options:

Strategic Consulting

Discover more effective ways to get clarity and direction in your company with an initial Discovery Session, monthly 1-on-1 CoachingIn-Depth AnalysisStrategic Risk Program, or Customized Projects. Find out more here.

Keynotes and Workshops

As an expert in strategy topics and a dynamic speaker, Grace will inspire your audience to take action. Her range of speaking topics including strategic risk, managing change, and planning for the future. Find out more here.

See a full list of services.

Benefits of Using a Strategic Risk Expert

Here are some outcomes you can expect after using my services:

  • Develop a customized strategic risk framework
  • Evaluate your current strategic plan and hear timely recommendations
  • Receive a “Devil’s Advocate” perspective of your decision-making process
  • Evaluate Change Management initiatives for risk readiness
  • Analyze future decisions using a Risk Map
  • Expert facilitation of your Organizational Transition planning
  • On-site Risk Investigations
  • Strategic Risk Monitoring initiatives
  • Unrestricted support during Critical Risk Events
  • In-depth evaluation of underlying risks in your:
    • Corporate vision and mission
    • Management workflow
    • Communication intelligence
    • Organizational culture (internal and external review)
    • Staff engagement and turnover
    • Uncover hidden fraud, waste, and loss
    • Better customer experience
    • Increase process efficiency benchmarks
    • More secure and interoperable IT communication
    • Higher levels of quality and service excellence

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Here are some of the results you can expect after using my services:

  • Build confidence and strategic awareness as an owner
  • Identify strategic vulnerabilities that keep you from achieving healthy growth
  • Understand and overcome barriers to making risk-intelligent decisions
  • Develop a plan for the future that aligns with your beliefs and goals
  • Create clear boundaries in your business processes
  • Understand how your personality and temperament affect your decision-making
  • Recognize potential communication blind spots 
  • Enjoy guilt-free financial success

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