Healthcare practice owners are incredible. I call them healers, because they have a unique combination of knowledge, training, skills, and personality to relieve suffering.

Practitioners can diagnose complex conditions, provide treatment, and manage a full schedule of client visits every week. But the one thing most practitioners absolutely hate… the thing that keeps them up at night and makes them feel overwhelmed and nervous about the future… is Marketing.

Marketing is the art and a science of attracting and serving customer needs. It’s not taught in school, and learning it on the fly as a new practice owner can lead to some unfortunate outcomes. In fact, inadequate marketing is the #1 reason why small businesses close their doors each year.

How to Fix Your Marketing

You can solve marketing problems in a variety of ways:

  • teach yourself new marketing techniques, and Do It Yourself (DIY);
  • pay someone to do your marketing (web design, SEO, social media, blog content, videography, podcasting); or
  • hire in-house staff to manage your marketing.

All of these are great options… if you already know where your business is headed.

But most practitioners skip the step of creating a marketing plan. They jump right into using a variety of marketing tactics, trying as many as possible with the hope that it will result in lots of new patients and more money.

Instead of growing the business a “wait and see” marketing approach often fails. Owners without a plan will spend a lot of money, time, and energy on marketing… but not see any meaningful results.

What’s the Answer?

I call it Marketing Strategy.

When you start with a big-picture view of where you’re going, what you want to achieve, which tactics are working, and how effective those tactics are, your marketing will be a hundred times more successful.

Once you identify what is working, you can increase your focus on those tasks and see results almost immediately.

For a healthcare practice owner, this involves:

  • establishing a niche focus,
  • working with Ideal Patients,
  • emphasizing word-of-mouth referrals, and
  • building relationships with physicians and professional collaborators.

Solutions for Healthcare Practice Owners

If you want an expert opinion about how to handle the nitty-gritty of running your business, I can help. My approach is direct, honest, compassionate, and data-driven.

I believe that every healing practitioner has the potential to create a high profit and achieve their version of success. 

I specialize in teaching independent business owners with the tools and expertise to evaluate their own marketing. Because of my unique background in healthcare management and enthusiasm for the natural health space, my primary focus is on helping licensed healers.

This includes:

Practice owners are often extremely skilled at connecting with their patients’ emotional and physical needs… but they may feel overwhelmed with business tasks like planning, selling their services, measuring profit, and managing internal processes.

With my training and tools, you can:

  • visualize the future of your business,
  • set clear business goals,
  • evaluate the good and bad of your past year,
  • calculate which services are most profitable,
  • identify risks in your company culture,
  • create boundaries and saying “no” to things that won’t benefit their business, and
  • decide which customers or patients are not a good fit.

An effective marketing plan will give you the ability to define your goals for the future, serve patient needs most effectively, and set limits around what you will and won’t do.

As a Marketing Strategist, I can review your marketing tactics and recommend ways to get you closer to your goals. I offer a free discussion to see whether my approach is the right fit for your needs.

Strategic Risk Services

My services provide you with the clarity, direction, and support to see strategic risks your business is facing right now: both the ones you can see, and—most importantly—the ones you can’t.

Whether you need help to evaluate your marketing plan, set business goals, or get accountability to stay on track, my services can help.

Choose from these options:

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Discover how to evaluate your marketing results, visualize your goals, and decide which patients to serve. We start with a free discussion, after which you can can sign up for a virtual Discovery Session, monthly 1-on-1 Coaching, In-Depth Analysis, Strategic Risk Program, or a Customized Project.

Find out more about Consulting services here.

Keynotes and Workshops

As a Marketing Strategy expert and dynamic speaker, Grace can captivate any audience to rethink their perspective on marketing. She offers a wide range of speaking topics and methods including workshops, keynotes, and seminars.

Read more about Speaking services here.

See a full list of services.

Benefits of Using a Marketing Strategy Expert

Here are some of the results you can expect after using my services:

  • Build confidence and strategic awareness as an owner
  • Identify strategic vulnerabilities that keep you from achieving healthy growth
  • Understand and overcome barriers to making risk-intelligent decisions
  • Develop a plan for the future that aligns with your beliefs and goals
  • Create clear boundaries in your business processes
  • Understand how your personality and temperament affect your decision-making
  • Recognize potential communication blind spots 
  • Enjoy guilt-free financial success

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