How effective is your strategic plan? Do you feel confident about where your organization is headed, or are you worried that the next crisis could mean disaster?

Strategic Risk Solutions

A well-designed plan does several things:

  • Provides a compelling vision and direction
  • Improves clarity on strategic decisions
  • Establishes a framework for growth

Most executives have no idea where their organization is really headed. And many strategic plans don’t work: they do not adequately define the company’s vision, mission, and values. They may be too difficult to implement or have no bearing on day-to-day problems.

The good news is that you can become a confident, decisive, risk intelligent leader. By developing an understanding of strategic risks, you can recognize areas where your plan needs adjusted. You’ll learn to clarify objectives, create CLEAR goals, and make risk-intelligent decisions at every step in the risk management life cycle.

My services will allow you to clarify every strategic risk you’re facing right now: the ones you can see, and—most importantly—the ones you can’t. Whether you need help to evaluate your existing risk management capabilities, develop a comprehensive solution, or facilitate a strategic planning process, my services can help.

Choose from these options:

Strategic Consulting

Most organizations have a strategic plan that is missing several essential elements, making them vulnerable to loss. A well-designed framework will align your vision with your strategic risks, allowing you to make smart decisions with confidence. A Strategic Risk Analysis can pinpoint areas where your strategic plan may be vulnerable. Find out more.

Risk Intelligence Programs

Simply recognizing risk is not enough. Long-term transformation depends on managers who know how to evaluate and monitor every strategic vulnerability. A customized Risk Intelligence program will allow your team to develop rapid risk responsiveness, avoid costly mistakes, and make better decisions. Find out more.

Executive Coaching

Good leaders are fully aware of their strengths. But excellent leaders know their strategic blind spots: areas where they believe things are going well, yet where others may see persistent barriers to success. A trusted accountability coach will help you achieve dramatic profit growth and make a positive impact in your organization. Find out more.

Keynotes and Workshops

In addition to providing strategic expertise, I’m also a dynamic and compelling nationally recognized speaker. My straight-shooting views on strategic blind spots, intelligent risk, and innovative leadership will both energize and motivate your audience. Find out more.

Strategic Risk Deliverables

Here are examples of the outcomes you can expect from my services:

  • Develop a customized strategic risk framework
  • Create a Risk Map
  • Facilitate an Organizational Transition plan
  • Evaluate your current strategic plan and recommend Risk Mitigation
  • Provide a “Devil’s Advocate” perspective of your decision-making process
  • Evaluate Change Management initiatives for Risk Readiness
  • Conduct on-site Risk Investigation
  • Ongoing Strategic Risk Monitoring
  • Unrestricted support during Critical Risk Events
  • Evaluation of underlying risks in your:
    • Corporate vision and mission
    • Management workflow
    • Communication intelligence
    • Enhanced organizational culture (internally and externally perceived)
    • Increased staff engagement and decreased turnover
    • Uncover hidden fraud, waste, and loss
    • Better customer experience
    • Increased process efficiency benchmarks
    • More secure and interoperable IT communication
    • Higher levels of quality and service excellence

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