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Discussing strategic vulnerability can be, well… uncomfortable. With a Strategic Plan Review, you’ll see hidden blind spots in your organization’s governance, operations, and reputation. This process can also highlight “how-did-we-miss-THAT” areas that make you want to hide under the boardroom table.

I’m fully aware of the sensitive nature of strategic discussions. I realize that your previous experiences with strategic planning may have been Boring, Bleak, and Boardroom. Uninteresting at best, demoralizing at worst. Many of my clients discover a new appreciation for hidden talents they never realized were there—it’s as if a slumbering “Strategic Giant” awakens. One of my greatest joys is watching leaders use a big-picture view that allows their goals to become a reality.

My consulting philosophy starts with LaConte Consulting’s Core Values: Respect, Innovate, Simplify, and Elevate. I believe that organizational success depends on a strategic plan that is transparent and implementable. Strategic risk success is only possible with mutual trust and a commitment to face and overcome barriers. My goal is to make the process easy, accessible, and fun.

I offer Consulting and Speaking services, and each uses a unique progression: Frame, Explore, Design, Deliver, and Evaluate & Maintain.


The Consulting Process

In Strategic Risk consulting and Risk Intelligence program development, my priority is to understand your current situation and the driving forces behind your challenges. Find out more about my consulting process.


The Speaking Process

If you’re looking for a speaker who can deliver excellent content in a practical and dynamic way, consider inviting me to your next event. Check out my Media Kit, or read about my speaking process.


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