What are the Benefits of Understanding Strategic Risk?

So you’ve decided that your strategic plan needs a tune-up. My services are designed to help you achieve dramatic long-term results. You can expect many benefits from strategic risk consulting, training, and facilitation.


Consulting Outcomes

Here are some benefits my clients enjoy after using my consulting services:

Leadership Effectiveness

  • Greater understanding of strategic vulnerabilities
  • Improved support of executives’ decisions by managers and staff due to higher confidence
  • Reduced costs due to more efficient processes
  • More effective use of executives’ time and talents
  • Clearly articulated performance expectations
  • Heightened awareness of waste, loss, and fraud

Organizational Change

  • Faster response to strategic vulnerabilities and opportunities for growth
  • Sustainable long-term growth due to clear goals
  • Optimized results due to alignment of people, processes, and strategic priorities
  • Stronger support of leaders’ decisions due to a culture of mutual respect
  • Increased customer repeat business and sense of loyalty
  • More efficiency due to specific and defined priorities
  • Fewer distractions and interruptions due to a logical, practical plan
  • Reduction in conflicts, grievances, and lawsuits because of a healthy response to risk

Improved Work Environment

  • Dramatically improved communication between executives, managers, and staff
  • Improved collaboration among departments due to a focus on common goals
  • Clearly identified objectives and priorities
  • Improved employee engagement as leaders demonstrate empathy, transparency, and trust
  • Higher retention of key employees due to rapid recognition of performance results
  • Decrease in undesirable behavior
  • Fewer arguments due to an understanding of root causes


Event Outcomes

The benefits of inviting me to your event are many. Here are some outcomes your organization will enjoy:

  • Risk-intelligent and informed attendees
  • Higher enthusiasm and motivation to take action
  • Greater revenue for your organization
  • Increased participation and membership
  • More sales prospects for your vendors and sponsors

Your event’s Attendees will receive:

  • Hands-on testing environment
  • Opportunity to share thoughts and ideas during the session
  • Live demonstration of tools and resources
  • Handouts available prior to the session
  • Social media involvement live during the event
  • Plenty of time for Q&A
  • Post-event discussions and engagement


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