My 2020 Business Year In Review (a Year Late)

It has taken me 14 months to finally take stock of what took place in my business. As with many owners, 2020 did not deliver the outcomes I was expecting.

The idea of re-living those disappointments felt so painful… that I decided to delay the Year In Review process until now.

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I Got Featured on the Everything Business Consulting Podcast!

Last year, in my 7th year as a traditional consultant, I started to feel frustrated. My clients were getting tremendous value from our projects, yet we didn’t work together long enough to see a long-term impact. Unexpected issues would pop up that changed the scope of the project.

If only we could discuss those hidden problems before agreeing to work together, I thought.

Was there a way to get in front of potential problems instead of finding them out too late? How could I insure my clients get the maximum benefit — and also identify potential problems with a client engagement — BEFORE we signed a contract?

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What is a Devil’s Advocate Perspective?

When we ignore contrarian thinkers and those who call out injustice, it can alter our ability to make risk intelligent decisions. This article explains the history behind a Devil’s Advocate role, where the phrase comes from (hint: it’s Catholic!), and the benefits of welcoming contrarian points of view.

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12 False Promises MLM Companies Often Make

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies use a variety of tricks designed to lure unsuspecting people into “get rich quick” schemes. Want to know which ones are the most common?

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Using the SWOT Analysis [Podcast]

This simple tool is a great way to evaluate problems in your organization through an objective lens. Grace will explain how to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, when to use the PESTEL tool, and which steps you can take to get the most out of this tool.

Keep reading for a full transcript of this episode (with bonus images and links!)

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Ideas for Adapting Your Business [Podcast]

If you are facing a crossroads, this could be a great opportunity to create a better version of your business. This episode provides 9 ways you can adapt to market changes, including how to evaluate both emotions and useful data for making risk intelligent decisions.

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6 Things I’ve Learned After Serving Non-Ideal Customers

Many of us get stuck in a bad cycle where we try to get results, but we end up feeling powerless to actually get the tasks done.

Let me share what I have learned about helping customers, and why it’s better to define your philosophy, write out policies & procedures, and expect at least a few people to be unhappy no matter what you do.

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Have You Ever Served the Wrong Kind of Customer?

I have made lots of mistakes as a consultant. Most of these happened because I didn’t know myself — my limitations, personality type, and blind spots.

A lot of business owners feel the need to convince customers they are worthy to solve their problems. But this can seem like desperation… and it results in offering too much to the wrong type of customer.

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