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customer testimonial, Nancy Morelli, Overall Office Solutions

“Working with Grace was easy. She taught me how to take ownership of my business. I had been allowing myself to be run ragged from not knowing the proper way to run it.

With Grace’s coaching, I have gained a whole new level of confidence and no longer feel like my business is consuming me. Now it is more profitable, and I have a better balance between work and personal life.”

– Nancy Morelli., Owner of Overall Office Solutions, Seattle WA


Lynn Moses - Orchards Curves

“Grace knows her stuff! She is so wonderful to work with and has helped my staff better understand our personal strengths and how we can use them in our jobs.”

– Lynn Moses, Business Owner, Vancouver, WA


Joseph Sztapka

“It has been my pleasure to meet and get to know Grace. She has a passion for helping people develop their strengths and talents. Her commitment to growth is outstanding!”

– Joseph Sztapka, Regional Director, Sioux Falls SD


“Grace’s services helped me to clarify my goals and identify where to start in prioritizing my business needs. She is a very good listener and was able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in my business – which in turn have helped me become more successful as I learn how to set myself apart. I’m so grateful for her help!”

– Colleen S., Clinical Social Worker, Sioux Falls SD


“Conversations with Grace are so valuable. My office is undergoing some fairly significant changes, and it’s not always easy for patients to say they are dissatisfied. Grace took the time to find out what isn’t working, and gave me an opportunity to learn new techniques about running my practice more efficiently.”

– Lisa S., Naturopathic Doctor, Portland OR


Jacob Ewing - WHCA

“I have worked with Grace on behalf of the Washington Health Care Association. Grace used personal and real life examples to help drive points home. She was very open to feedback and adjusted her presentations to meet our members’ needs.”

– Jacob Ewing, Healthcare Membership Manager, Tumwater WA


Kelly Fast - Missouri Western

“I’m so grateful for Grace’s impactful insight on using strengths to shape the future at the MoHIMA Annual Meeting. Not only was she helpful during the planning process and involved in the meeting itself, she also was pivotal in helping students, establishing dialogue with our vendors, and providing guidance. I can highly recommend Grace to help take any group to the next level.”

– Kelly Fast, University Professor, Kansas City MO


David Lawson

“Grace LaConte took time to understand our purpose and values, identified and interviewed the key influencers in our organization, drew out the points of weakness, and recommended effective and achievable solutions. I would recommend Grace to anyone seeking advice and assistance with organizational communication.”

– David Lawson, Executive Pastor, Vancouver WA


Joe Evenson

“I really appreciate what Grace accomplished with the Strengths development workshop. Looking back, it was a great experience. It really helped me to think differently about my own personal strengths and also helped me to reluctantly identify my weaknesses.”

– Joe Evenson, Program Services Director, Sioux Falls SD


“Grace has truly ‘visionary’ abilities to assist already capable business leaders and management teams seeking to take things to higher levels.”

– Duane B., Executive Consultant, Sioux Falls SD


“I enjoyed your talk; straightforward approach to workflow improvement. Good examples.”

– Quincy F., Health Information Technologist, Bend OR


 “Very informative. I liked the experience-based stories used as illustrations.”

– Mary S., Medical Administrator, Eugene OR


“I thought your presentation was well laid out and easy to follow. I liked your tie-in with your own healthcare story to present the hierarchy of needs, rights, and fears. I look forward to your future topics and webinars.”

– Kenneth R., Healthcare Manager, Seattle WA


“Thanks for the info about our strengths and the reminder that we don’t all think alike. Very timely for an issue I’m dealing with.”

– Julie B., Healthcare Manager, Portland OR


“A true analyst of people. Grace has the ability to assess how the people at a business have historically gotten things done and walk them through improving inefficiencies and solving specific problems.”

– Ian D., IT Security Entrepreneur, San Francisco CA


“Really enjoyed hearing your presentation about building a team that is efficient, productive, and also has fun.”

– Sandy A., Privacy Officer, Bend OR


“I wanted to take a moment again to let you know how much I enjoyed, and identified with your keynote presentation. I also grew up as a self-described ‘nerd’ and worked hard to learn to love myself for all the things that make me unique.”

– Amanda P., HIM student, Kansas City KS


“I plan to pull some of your ideas for a presentation at my company’s annual meeting. Thank you!”

– Carla R., IT Manager, Bend OR


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