Strategic Vision Board

A vision board is a tool used to clarify life, career, and business goals.

If you’re artistically gifted, you have no problem designing a board from picture cutouts and inspirational sayings. But if you’re looking for something less craft-heavy and more structured, a Strategic Vision Board can help.

I recommend using the Feng Shui 9-square method called the Bagua Map. This framework can give you a lot of value during your strategic planning process.

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A basic Strategic Vision Board Framework

For each of the 9 squares, list your business or professional goals that accomplish the following:

Which Square Do I Start With?

While there is no right or wrong way to complete a vision board, I recommend that you start with the Reputation square (top center) and continue in this order:

  1. Start with 9 – Reputation (element of Fire, which is Yang)
  2. Move right to 2 – Relationships (Yin Earth)
  3. Move below-left to 5 – Center (Fountainhead, which is Balanced)
  4. Move right to 7 – Creativity (Yin Metal)
  5. Move down to 6 – Journey (Yang Metal)

Then continue clockwise:

  1. Move left to 1 – Passions (Water, which is Yin)
  2. Move left to 8 – Wisdom (Yang Earth)
  3. Move up to 3 – Health (Yang Wood)
  4. Finally, move up to 4 – Abundance (Yin Wood)
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Strategic Vision Board and Essential Oils in Order


Essential Oils and the Strategic Vision Board

To get even more out of this process, I suggest using essential oils that match each of these steps.

Watch my free 9-video series to hear detailed instructions on how to use essential oils with a Strategic Vision Board.

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Next Step

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