Why Consider Grace

What Sets Grace Apart as a Strategic Risk Consultant?

When clients hire me as a consultant and speaker, they do it because I am unique in 5 distinct ways:

  1. Specialized Expertise. Instead of offering generic management consulting services, I specialize in one area: Strategic Risk. Business owners who hire me get a straight-shooting, reliable, and future-focused evaluation from two points of view: an external perception of the company, and an internal review of any weak or leaky processes. As a strategist and growth facilitator, I provide leaders with the tools to identify potential vulnerabilities and enhance their degree of risk intelligence.
  1. Management Background. I have a proven track record of helping organizations to identify strategic barriers, align priorities, and achieve rapid transformation. My clients benefit from a practical approach to evaluate options. Together, we integrate stakeholder feedback and develop an implementable plan for lasting change.
  1. Give-It-To-Me-Straight Approach. I was born on the East Coast and grew up in northern Italy, so my communication style is direct and to the point. I’m able to uncover potential weakness that most cannot see. Although respectful of your position and personality type, you will hear honest feedback and receive ongoing accountability—something few consultants provide. I encourage every client to complete 2 assessments: StrengthsFinder to learn your Top 5 talents, and Myers-Briggs to know your temperament.
  1. Woman-Owned Business. As a female with experience in healthcare and technology sectors, I have a unique perspective on strategic planning, communication styles, and organizational leadership. My services are designed to help you accomplish 4 things: expand your understanding of risk, adjust your response to risk, support your ability to achieve goals, and enhance the trust of your people.
  1. Multicultural Perspective. My childhood was spent in Europe, I taught English to refugees in high school, earned an undergrad in Communications and a master’s in Health Information Management, and moved over twenty times to 7 US states and 2 regions in Italy. These experiences gave me the opportunity to learn from people of all cultures, languages, and beliefs. I provide the same level of respect and cultural appreciation to my clients and their shareholders. (Read more about my Values)

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