Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

It’s quite easy to launch a business in the US, but that doesn’t mean that every company is successful. While millions of women have launched their own companies, most will not create significant wealth for themselves and their families.

In fact, less than 20% of female business owners generate annual revenues over $50,000 or higher, and only 1.9% get their company to the million-dollar mark.

Here are the facts about what it takes to be a female owner, who they are, and what could be holding them back. This is a multi-part blog series called 25 Surprising Challenges and Opportunities for Women-Owned Businesses,

challenges of women-owned businesses
What is unique about female business owners?

Below is a summary of the topics that are covered in this series.

Part I: Characteristics of Female Business Owners

female business owner characteristics
Who are female business owners, what makes them stand out in the business world, and what makes them unique?

1. Significant Increase in Female Business Ownership

2. The Strong Impact of Female-Owned Businesses

3. Female-Owned Companies Launch Faster Than Average

4. Women of Color are Launching More Companies

5. Half of All Female-Owned Businesses are Founded by Women of Color

6. Majority of Female Owners are Gen X and Boomers

7. Women Excel at Multitasking and Creativity, Struggle with Confidence and Risk-Taking

Part II: The Challenges of Being a Female Business Owner

woman business owner, business challenges
What are some difficulties women face as business owners?

8. Marketing, Capital, and Recruitment

9. Decline in Women-Owned and Black & Latinx/Hispanic Owned Businesses Due to Pandemic

10. Impacted but Not Stopped by COVID

11. Women-Owned Enterprises Smaller and Have Lower Profit

12. Females Less Optimistic About Future Success

Part III: Financial Facts About Women-Owned Business

financial facts, women owners, low revenue
How much money does the average female-owned business make, and why is it so low?

13. Women-Owned Companies See Lower Revenue

14. High Initial Revenue for Female-Owned Firms In 3 Industries

15. Women Have Less Access to Venture Capital

16. Female Owned Million-Dollar Companies are Rare

17. Women-Owned Employers Saw Significant Decrease in Revenue

18. Women-Owned Companies Earn Less Revenue Than Male-Owned

Part IV: Important Ways Female Owners Can Plan for the Future

female business owner, retirement planning
What can a woman business owner do to prepare for retirement?

19. Women are More Likely to Become Caregivers

20. Women Owners Aren’t Sure When They Can Retire

21. Women are Leading Family-Owned Business

22. Most Business Owners (Including Women) Do Not Create a Succession Plan

23. Female Owners More Likely Than Men to Retain Financial Advisor

24. Female Owners Achieve Higher Income and Net Worth Than Employees

25. Women Want to Increase Their Business Value

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