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Inspire Your Team to Add Business Value

Grace LaConte is not a typical business consultant. She blends her experiences as a healthcare risk officer, strategic planning executive, and marketing director to support business growth.

Her knowledge of communication methods, risk management, and profitability tools combine to bring meaningful experiences for groups of all sizes. Grace brings a fresh perspective to businesses whose owners want to achieve stability, security, and a significant impact on the world.

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Grace (third from right) leads a discussion about strategic communication

Speaking Topics

Grace connects with attendees with highly inspiring, thought-provoking, and memorable messages including:

How to Identify the Best Marketing Niche for Your Business

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Why Fear Stops Us From Reaching Business Goals, and How to Fix It

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How to Evaluate Risk: A Devil’s Advocate Perspective to Solving Business Problems

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Speaking Formats

A variety of formats and settings are available to meet your virtual or on-site event — including Webinars, Workshops, Seminars, Breakout Sessions, Keynote Addresses, and Panel Discussions.


Your event will benefit in a number of ways once you invite Grace to speak. Here are the outcomes you can expect as a result of her involvement:

  • Risk-intelligent and informed attendees
  • Higher enthusiasm and motivation to take action
  • Greater revenue for your organization
  • Increased participation and membership
  • More sales prospects for your vendors and sponsors

Depending on the event goals, your Attendees will also receive:

  • Opportunity to share thoughts and ideas during the session
  • Live demonstration of tools and resources
  • Handouts available prior to the session
  • Social media involvement before and after the event
  • Plenty of time for Q&A
  • Post-event discussions and engagement (if needed)
Grace LaConte, professional speaker
Grace (L) with leaders at a healthcare management conference

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What Makes You Different From Other Speakers?

Here are the top 5 reasons my services are different:

  1. I specialize in offer a straight-shooting, actionable, and future-focused point of view.
  2. You’ll get a refreshingly honest approach to the challenges faced by your organization.
  3. My stories and examples will relate to your audience’s needs and fears.
  4. Attendees will leave inspired and excited to apply the tools they’ve learned.
  5. I only agree to speak an event if I truly believe you (and your attendees) will receive lasting results.

Will You Customize Your Presentation For Our Group?
Absolutely. Each of my topics is meticulously crafted using extensive research of your industry and topic. I will ask you to complete an online Speaker questionnaire, which allows me to understand your goals and create a stellar presentation.

Where Will We Get the Most Value?
I’m a versatile speaker and can provide an energetic keynote to set the tone at your event, as a guide in a hands-on workshop, training program, on-stage interviewee or panel contributor, or staff training event.

How Might We Benefit From Your Presentation?
It all depends on what outcomes you want to achieve. Here are some of the benefits others have mentioned:


  • feel inspired and motivated to change their behavior
  • recognize their personal strengths
  • improve their ability to connect with their team members
  • learn how to use strategy and management tools
  • develop new skills, and deepen their knowledge of communication


  • create more authenticity and trust with customers
  • increase revenue and service quality
  • clearly define their vision and mission
  • maximize their interaction with attendees
  • hear positive feedback for months after the event

What Do Attendees Say About Grace?
Frequent adjectives I hear after events: “Visionary,” “Passionate,” “Dynamic.” Participants regularly say they enjoy my Give-It-To-Me-Straight speaking style, as well as the practical way I explain complex strategy concepts. Event organizers love how easy it is to work with me.

Attendee comments include:

“I identified with your keynote!”
“It helped me think differently about my own strengths.”
“Your presentation was well laid out and easy to follow.”

Organizers’ comments:
“Thoughtful presenter.”
“Met our needs.”
“Wonderful to work with.”
“Highly recommend!”

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Which Audiences Best Fit Grace’s Expertise?
My topics are excellent for managers, especially executive leaders of professional service industries. Audiences who will get the most benefit from my presentations include:

  • Organizations struggling with a breakdown in communication
  • Organizations undergoing a culture change or management transition
  • Professional companies including financial, banking, law firms, and healthcare clinics
  • Annual association and board of directors meetings
  • Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources departments

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