Rapidly Identify Risk and Create Healthy Growth

Cashflow is the biggest source of stress in the majority of organizations. Most companies don’t use a strategic plan; and for those that do, hidden problems can leave you vulnerable to unexpected loss.

What could happen if you knew exactly where the vulnerabilities are, and how to fix them?

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Grace LaConte
Strategic Risk Expert

As the founder of LaConte Consulting, I serve Complementary and Integrative Health practitioner-owners who are struggling with cashflow, feel trapped in their own practice, or have trouble making the right strategic decisions.

Rather than avoiding problems because you’re scared the worst will happen, we can review the most common areas where practices fail:

  • Financial apathy
  • Unclear goals
  • Passive decision-making

If you hate looking at your financials and feel stressed about asking patients for money, you’ve come to the right place.


Emphasis Areas

Strategic Consulting and Facilitation

Discover areas where your practice is is most vulnerable with a detailed analysis and expert evaluation of your strategic planning process.

Executive Coaching

If you are ready to face your blind spots and achieve dramatic professional growth, one-on-one coaching is a perfect vehicle.

Risk Intelligence Training

Customized risk responsiveness training will allow you to rapidly identify and monitor strategic risks, even when you’re not there.

Keynotes and Workshops

Grace is a dynamic professional speaker who energizes and inspires audiences on topics like strategic blind spots, risk intelligence, and organizational change.

See a full list of Grace’s services.

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About LaConte Consulting

LaConte Consulting is a Strategic Risk firm founded by Grace LaConte and based in Vancouver, Washington. Grace is a sought-after Strategic Risk Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Visionary Advisor who helps helps Complementary and Integrative Health practitioners to find and fix organizational vulnerabilities.

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