Strategic Risk Consulting

How can you tell which barriers are keeping your organization from achieving healthy growth and higher profitability?

Many business owners wish they could see around corners, look into the future, and read the minds of their customers. Unfortunately, that’s really difficult to do from the top level of an organization.

Imagine what could happen if you knew…

LaConte Consulting supports business owners who want healthy, sustainable growth. We identify areas of risk, evaluate internal and external barriers, and provide you with a road map to manage risks intelligently.

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Grace LaConte’s 5-step cycle of Strategic Risk Intelligence


We use a proven data-driven methodology to evaluate risk in 5 areas (Governance, Operational, Competitive, Financial, and Reputational) with quantitative data evaluation and qualitative review from employee interviews, job shadowing, Healthy Feedback Loop analysis. Once we determine areas of weakness and growth opportunities, our clients receive a tailored implementation plan that aligns with their strategic goals.

Our core services include:

  • Strategic Risk Evaluation (targeted or comprehensive, with or without implementation support)
  • Virtual Chief Strategic Risk Officer (vCSRO)

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Why LaConte Consulting?

We’re not a typical consulting agency; our boutique agency is committed to finding and fixing problems that affect our clients’ ability to stay profitable.

Results from our services include:

  • Higher staff retention, engagement, and productivity
  • Increased revenue and profit margins
  • Enhanced visibility and marketing outcomes
  • Higher customer/patient satisfaction scores
  • Improved patient outcomes and quality measures
  • Reduced IT threats and fraud incidents

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Launched by consultant, writer, and podcast host Grace LaConte in 2014, LaConte Consulting specializes in identifying areas of risk, opportunities for healthy growth, and innovative ways to increase profit margins.

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Who We Serve

LaConte Consulting specializes in improving staff engagement and business culture. Our knowledge and expertise can highlight hidden threats that may be keeping your organization from being more profitable and impactful.

Here’s who we can help:


  • Your business is service-based (providing in-person or virtual services)
  • $500K to $5 million in annual revenue
  • Founded at least 3 years ago
  • 6 or more employees
  • You are experiencing a major change in staffing, management, or customer engagement
  • Your leadership team is willing to openly discuss what is going wrong and why
  • You want to hear the honest opinions of your Foundational Staff
  • You see risk management as a valuable long-term investment


  • We do not support multi-level marketing (MLM) companies or direct sales reps (including companies like Amway, Herbalife, Monat, LegalShield, Younique, etc.)
  • No pseudo-science practitioners (energy healers, mediums, or shamans)
  • No solopreneurs (companies with no employees)
  • No hobbyists (activities that are for leisure rather than for profit)
  • No companies focused on CBD, marijuana, cigarette, or alcohol sales (nothing personal, we just can’t help)
  • No quick fix (a “magic bullet” can’t reverse problems; the process requires a commitment to face your fears and blind spots)
  • No high-maintenance owners (you know who you are!)

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