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Grace LaConte, Workplace Strategist

I’m Grace LaConte, workplace communication strategist and owner of LaConte Consulting based in Vancouver, Washington. We serve business leaders whose organization struggles with:

  • high staff turnover,
  • low staff engagement,
  • dissatisfied customers, and
  • poor internal efficiencies.

Using a straightforward “Foundational Staff” approach, we provide owners with the guidance to implement strategies that turn a toxic environment into one that is healthy and vibrant.

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LaConte Consulting’s clients generate an average of 10%-40% in additional profit margins after partnering with us.

Reversing a Toxic Workplace

We specialize in analyzing the root causes that result in a work environment that has dysfunction and inefficiency. Our services include:


Workplace Strategy Consulting

Discover how to evaluate and fix your company’s potential blind spots. We start with a free discussion, after which you can can sign up for a Discovery Session or a Customized Project.

Keynotes and Workshops

As a consultant, writer, and dynamic speaker, Grace can connect with any audience by challenging old beliefs about communication and management. Her range of topics are available in workshops, keynotes, and seminars. Find out more here.

See a full list of Grace’s services.

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Client Feedback

“Conversations with Grace are so valuable. My office is undergoing some fairly significant changes, and it’s not always easy for patients to say they are dissatisfied. Grace took the time to find out what isn’t working, and gave me an opportunity to learn new techniques about running my practice more efficiently.”

– Lisa S., Naturopathic Doctor, Portland OR

Lynn Moses - Orchards Curves

“Grace knows her stuff! She is so wonderful to work with and has helped my staff better understand our personal strengths and how we can use them in our jobs.”

– Lynn Moses, Business Owner, Vancouver WA

Jacob Ewing - WHCA

“I have worked with Grace on behalf of the Washington Health Care Association. Grace used personal and real life examples to help drive points home. She was very open to feedback and adjusted her presentations to meet our members’ needs.”

– Jacob Ewing, Healthcare Membership Manager, Tumwater WA

Kelly Fast - Missouri Western

“I’m so grateful for Grace’s impactful insight on using strengths to shape the future at the MoHIMA Annual Meeting. Not only was she helpful during the planning process and involved in the meeting itself, she also was pivotal in helping students, establishing dialogue with our vendors, and providing guidance. I can highly recommend Grace to help take any group to the next level.”

– Kelly Fast, University Professor, Kansas City MO

David Lawson

“Grace LaConte took time to understand our purpose and values, identified and interviewed the key influencers in our organization, drew out the points of weakness, and recommended effective and achievable solutions. I would recommend Grace to anyone seeking advice and assistance with organizational communication.”

– David Lawson, Executive Pastor, Vancouver WA

Read more testimonials here.

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