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Your business can generate a higher level of profit, growth, and value

Value-Focused Consulting

We believe that business owners frequently miss out on getting a healthy return when they’re ready to transition out of their company.

Even with their best efforts, many owners suffer from “profit leakage” in several ways:

  • waste,
  • inefficiency,
  • overspending, and
  • missed opportunities.

We partner with owners who want to improve their profitability and make sure their business increases in value.

Boost Your Business

Do you want stable, consistent growth without working more hours? With our Profit Leakage Calculator, you can see exactly where to make adjustments… and stop spinning your wheels.

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Free Strategy Resources

Looking for tools to identify problems in your business? Topics include Definitions. Strategy Tools Made Easy, Helpful Info About MLMs, Ethical Standards, and more!

What Our Clients are Saying

Profit Leakage Evaluation

Does money seem to evaporate out of your business? Our Profit Leakage Calculator can help you identify exactly where your business is most at risk.

Who We Serve

We believe that effective consulting is all about forging a strong relationship between a Value-Focused Consultant and an Ideal Prospect. Find out who we do (and don’t) partner with.

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LaConte Consulting’s headquarters is near Loowit (Mount Saint Helens) in Washington State

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