Strategic Risk Consulting for Healthcare Facilities

We specialize in identifying strategic threats that stop healthcare facilities from mitigating barriers to growth and high profitability.

LaConte Consulting’s team of trained experts makes this easy. We evaluate all possible areas of risk, assess where to focus your efforts, and provide you with a roadmap to manage risk intelligently.

Our Services

Using a proven methodology, we evaluate potential threats across 5 areas of strategic risk: Governance, Operational, Competitive, Financial, and Reputational. We design a tailored implementation plan that aligns with our clients’ goals.

The three core services we offer include:

  • Targeted Strategic Risk Evaluation
  • Strategic Risk Evaluation (Phase 1) and Implementation (Phase 2)
  • Virtual Chief Strategic Risk Officer (vCSRO)

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Why LaConte Consulting?

We’re not your typical consulting agency. We focus solely on finding and fixing problems that affect your ability to stay profitable.

Our clients enjoy incredible results, such as:

  • Reduced cybersecurity attacks and fraud incidents
  • Improved patient outcomes and quality measures
  • Higher staff retention, engagement, and productivity
  • Enhanced visibility and marketing outcomes
  • Increased patient satisfaction, revenue, and profit margins

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