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What We Do

Every business owner should get to enjoy the fruit of their labor, right? Unfortunately, many don’t get the chance to do that; they watch their investment drain away from profit leakage, inefficient systems, and unprepared successors.

Wouldn’t you rather make sure you are 100% prepared for the future? We can help.


Business Consulting

We offer support to business Owners who want to:

  • Increase the valuation of their company for future salability,
  • “Pass the torch” to a new leader,
  • Prepare for a sale or acquisition,
  • Step away from the day-to-day tasks, or
  • Enter retirement with confidence that their company is in good hands.

Our Next Stage Business Positioning System gives you the confidence to decide when and how you’ll leave your company.

ConsultX increased profit

Accountant Advisory Training

Are you an Accountant, Bookkeeper, Financial Advisor, or finance professional? Do you wish that you could go beyond tax & compliance services and help your business clients to create consistent growth?

You can be the Trusted Advisor that business owners want… by identifying their profit leakage, improving their business valuation, and positioning them for the next step.

what ConsultX business consulting provides

In collaboration with ConsultX Business Consulting Solutions, ConsultX WA provides the support and training to become a Business Success Partner for your clients.

mist around Mount Saint Helens Loowit
LaConte Consulting’s headquarters is near Loowit (Mount Saint Helens) in Washington State


Grace LaConte is an experienced speaker who provides engaging talks on business problem-solving, strategic marketing, and developing risk intelligence.

Want to multiply profit, help clients, and future-proof your financial services practice?

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