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If you’re a small business owners, you wear a lot of hats:

Founder, Maker, Connector, Supervisor, and Bean Counter. You may also be a Spouse, Parent, or Caregiver.

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Healthcare practice owners wear a lot of hats!

Despite having the skills to deliver excellent services for your customers or patients, the vast majority of owners (especially healthcare practitioners) feel overwhelmed by Marketing.

Marketing is the art and a science of attracting and serving customer needs. It’s not taught in most professional schools; but when done wrong, incorrect marketing will cause your practice to fail. In fact, inadequate marketing is the #1 reason why small businesses close their doors.

What’s the Answer?

I call it Marketing Strategy.

Most marketing agencies will tell you to use tactics like web design, SEO, blogging, social media, and videos. But without a clear plan, you’re likely to waste your time and money without seeing any meaningful results.

A Marketing Strategy allows you to step back and see the big-picture view of:

  • where your business is going,
  • what you want to achieve,
  • which tactics are working, and
  • whether you are moving toward your ultimate goals.

Once you know where you are getting results, you can increase the focus on those tactics and see results almost immediately. Using a Marketing Strategy will make your efforts (and budget) a hundred times more successful.

Training & tools to create a high-profit, fulfilling, and sustainable practice niche

You can easily develop a Marketing Strategy that attracts your Ideal Patients and gets results. Choose from these options:

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Discover how to evaluate your marketing results, visualize your goals, and decide which patients to serve. We start with a free discussion, after which you can can sign up for a virtual Discovery Session, monthly 1-on-1 Coaching, In-Depth Analysis, Strategic Risk Program, or a Customized Project.

Keynotes and Workshops

As a Marketing Strategy expert and dynamic speaker, Grace can captivate any audience to rethink their perspective on marketing. She offers a wide range of speaking topics and methods including workshops, keynotes, and seminars. Find out more here.

See a full list of Grace’s services.

How Does It Work?

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Meet the Founder

Grace LaConte, LaConte Consulting, photo of Grace LaConte
Grace LaConte
Strategic Risk Expert

I believe that every healing practitioner has the potential to create a high profit and achieve their version of success.

– Grace LaConte

As the Founder of LaConte Consulting, Grace specializes in offering independent business owners the tools and expertise to evaluate their own marketing. Her unique background in healthcare management and enthusiasm for helping licensed natural health providers allow her to provide a data-driven, honest perspective to licensed healers.

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Client Feedback

“Conversations with Grace are so valuable. My office is undergoing some fairly significant changes, and it’s not always easy for patients to say they are dissatisfied. Grace took the time to find out what isn’t working, and gave me an opportunity to learn new techniques about running my practice more efficiently.”

– Lisa S., Naturopathic Doctor, Portland OR

Lynn Moses - Orchards Curves

“Grace knows her stuff! She is so wonderful to work with and has helped my staff better understand our personal strengths and how we can use them in our jobs.”

– Lynn Moses, Business Owner, Vancouver WA

Jacob Ewing - WHCA

“I have worked with Grace on behalf of the Washington Health Care Association. Grace used personal and real life examples to help drive points home. She was very open to feedback and adjusted her presentations to meet our members’ needs.”

– Jacob Ewing, Healthcare Membership Manager, Tumwater WA

Kelly Fast - Missouri Western

“I’m so grateful for Grace’s impactful insight on using strengths to shape the future at the MoHIMA Annual Meeting. Not only was she helpful during the planning process and involved in the meeting itself, she also was pivotal in helping students, establishing dialogue with our vendors, and providing guidance. I can highly recommend Grace to help take any group to the next level.”

– Kelly Fast, University Professor, Kansas City MO

David Lawson

“Grace LaConte took time to understand our purpose and values, identified and interviewed the key influencers in our organization, drew out the points of weakness, and recommended effective and achievable solutions. I would recommend Grace to anyone seeking advice and assistance with organizational communication.”

– David Lawson, Executive Pastor, Vancouver WA

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About LaConte Consulting

LaConte Consulting is a Strategic Risk firm founded by Grace LaConte and based in Vancouver, Washington. Grace is a Niche Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker, and writer who helps natural health practitioners to create a high-profit, sustainable niche practice.

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